A sport nerd’s room


Här bor Eddie-Bo Franzen 7 år gammal (blir åtta i februari, hjälp!). Han älskar sport, att läsa, räkna och lära sig en massa nytt. Så rummet speglar hans intressen till fullo och han älskar att hänga här inne. Barnen bytte rum i våras och dom är båda så nöjda. Jag med!

Here lives Eddie-Bo Franzen 7 years old (turns 8 in February, what!) He loves sports, to read, math and to learn new stuff. So his room reflects all his interests and he loves to hang out there. The kids changed rooms in the spring and they are both happy with that. And me too!




Hans pappa var länge hans störst idol, men nu är det Dylan Larkin som gäller, och hans egna  nummerbyte i år från 93 till 25 är efter Darren McCarty. Han kan det mesta om hockey och älskar att titta på hockey på youtube, gamla som nya klipp!

His dad was his biggest idol for a long time, but now it’s Dylan Larkin, and his own number change this season from 93 to 25 is after Darren McCarty. He knows a lot about hockey and he loves watching clips on youtube, old and new ones!





Nya böcker och egen väckarklocka från tomten!

New books and his own alarm clock from Santa!


Nya hockeylakan stod på hans önskelista och då blev ju jag som inredningstokig lite extra glad ↓

He also had new hockey sheets on his wish list and that made his ‘interior design lover mom’ very happy ↓


Det är söndag och vi chillar för fullt, så välbehövligt. Eddie-Bo är sjuk tyvärr i feber och missade sin match idag. Men Oliver spelade imorse. Annars tvättar jag lakan och handdukar för fullt, och det känns som det aldrig tar slut!

It’s Sunday and we are just chilling today, so well needed! Eddie-Bo is sick with fever and missed his hockey game today. But Oliver played his game in the morning. Otherwise I’m just washing tons of sheets and towels, and it seems to never end!

Kram//Xx Cissi

New wall color

Woop woop, new color in Eddie-Bo’s new room! It’s Sherwin Williams 9164 Illusive Green, a warm and calm grey/green color. I choose an eggshell finish because it’s a kids room. I prefer an even more matte finish than that, but this way it will be more resistant for scratches and stains. Also to think about when picking colors, that same color in two rooms can look totally different depending on the lights from the windows. Even what light bulb you are using is making a difference in the tone. Just so you know!

Now I just want his bed and desk to arrive so he can move in here! Those were suppose to be delivered two weeks ago, hmm. My plan was to surprise him with a new room for his birthday, but with two days left I’m pretty sure that will not happen. Oh well. I found some goodies today that I know will make him happy!

Mood board Eddie-Bo’s room

Untitled design-2

My mood board for Eddie-Bo’s new bedroom!

I’m keeping the big, blue rug from Restoration Hardware, but will paint the room in a grey/green color.
From Land of Nod – bed, desk +desk shelf, the E and penholder. From Ikea – shelf, pillows and desk chair. From Union -trash bin and alarm clock.

I feel all these things work for a teenager too, plus it’s easy to add any accent color to this calm grey/blue/green palate, if you would like to.

I’m also planning to add a few new lights and some sport things. Of course :) Can’t believe he’s turning 7 years old in a few weeks. SEVEN! And he wants his own alarm clock, stop growing kid ♥

I’m so excited to get this room done! I hope I get the desk and bed next week. Waiting is not my thing. At all.

Oliver’s room




The crib (that we haven’t used in awhile) is finally gone and Oliver now got a big boy bed (from Ikea) in his room. He was so proud and fell asleep fast. He’s full of energy all day long but luckily he loves to go to bed. Eddie-Bo was also excited to see his old bed again and jumped in and said “take a picture of me for the blog” :)
I’m thinking of maybe painting the room, even though I still like this light grey/blue color, but I’m always up for a change… but first I will start looking for some new pictures for the walls!

Before we changed the beds, I organized Oliver’s closet, and then I couldn’t stop… since we needed to get this big boy bed out of the storage I also started to organize in there… and now I have tons of stuff for donation!

Kram//Xx Cissi

Playroom in the basement

1G6A1999.jpgBasket// Target

I saw this basket a couple of month ago. Last night while we were playing in the basement I realized it would be perfect for our wood blocks (which is a gigantic jenga, but we use it most of the time to build tracks and houses), so I took a quick trip to Target.



It’s impossible to buy one thing when you go there… I also found these boxes, wood letters and animals. The stars and string lights I bought long time ago, from Target as well, but they are still in store.


Play tent (away team’s locker room if you ask Eddie-Bo) // Restoration hardware   Hopscotch rug, chair, play table, toy boxes //Land of Nod
Fire truck and Gas station// Restoration hardware
Playhouse// Land of Nod


I got rid of some broken toys and put some other toys in a box, a good idea to keep some toys out of sight and then the kids get excited to see them coming back!

Gotta go, Pilates coming up and then I need to continue to plan for the renovation!
Xx Cissi

Sunday funday





While the kids were playing and messed up Oliver’s room I got some time to organize Eddie-Bo’s room.

Hello, how are you? I’m good. Surprisingly good actually, since I went to bed pretty late last night and got up early to catch Eddie-Bo’s hockey game. All worth it, I love watching Eddie-Bo play and last night was a blast with amazing food at Selden Standard with great friends!

Xx Cissi

New in




New lovely hangers from Hang on.

Do you remember my post about my mother in law’s wonderful project in Bangkok to help poor women? I really love these hangers and all the money goes to a good cause.

I can’t believe how fast Eddie-Bo and Oliver are growing! Almost all their pants and pj’s are too small. Online shopping coming up. Zara.com and Babyshop.com are two of my favorite sites for kids clothes.

Have a good day!

Xx Cissi

Oliver’s room





Now when I’m in this “organize mood” I need more baskets, boxes and also a new shelf for the kids play area in the basement. I like these baskets in Oliver’s room a lot.
Also, need to get rid of some toys!!

How cute isn’t that papier mache elephant?! I love animal heads. Eddie-Bo has three matching bigger ones in his room. Unfortunately he doesn’t love them as much as I do. A little scary at night time he says, poor thing!
Oliver is turning three in May and I think he’s ready for a big boy bed.
Not gonna happen today but soon-ish :)

Now, time to serve my wonderful guests some coffee!

Xx Cissi

New lights


I bought these lights on a cord long time ago from Crate and Barrel, and my plan was to hang them outside on the porch.
Well, that never happened, but now they are hanging in Eddie-Bo’s room instead. Very cosy!


He loves his Stiga hockey game!
And this kitchen is also well used.

Xx Cissi