Winter in Detroit


Winter feelings deluxe in downtown Detroit!



My brother and nephew at Townhouse ♥



The GM building and Marriott. That’s the hotel we stayed at for five weeks when we first came to Detroit over twelve years ago. Back then you couldn’t walk outside here at all. It was a rough start for me, I didn’t know anyone and Johan was gone most of the time.


It’s wonderful to see how Detroit has change the last years. And for a Xmas lover as me this was perfect!

Next time I need to bring my boys. They are both sick and had to stay home. Poor things, and especially bad timing when their cousin is visiting!

Thanksgiving 2017






Thank you Jana and Marc for hosting a great Thanksgiving!! Lots of yummy food and lovely people. Their family has become our ‘American family’ and we’ve been celebrating Thanksgiving and Xmas together for three years in a row now. A tradition we’ll break since we are going home to Sweden over Xmas and our American family is a little bit sad about it, as Marc said -How rude!! Haha!!


Home of the Redwings


Fun afternoon at Little Caesars Arena. We skated at their practice rink and checked out their new locker room. Very exciting for some hockey crazy people!


My brother Jörgen and cousin Melker! Melker was lucky to run into his favorite Redwing Jimmy Howard. Goalie meets goalie, happiness!



Oh Oliver, it took girlfriend Lily to get him to skate for 1,5h hour. Otherwise he’s always done after 20 minutes :)

1G6A1445 (1)

♥ ♥


Eddie-Bo invited Samuel and Ryan from his class. Half day in school and then this, what a day!

Ryan and Lily’s mom Lynne is a former figure skater, here teaching Johan some moves, very entertaining!

1G6A1492 (1)

Again daddy, again!


Happy boy! I just love watching Eddie-Bo on the ice, there is nothing else he loves more, except for me maybe… :)

Kram//Xx Cissi

About last night




Amazing LADY GAGA!!! I’ve seen her three times, and every concert has been awesome. She is so talented, I love her music and she’s great on the stage. There is a documentary about her on Netflix, very raw and touching story. You should see it.

Also yesterday, Eddie-Bo had a day off from school and I took him to the movies. We saw Thor. That was NOT a kids movie… wow… I thought it was really good, but not for a 6 year old, it’s rated at 13, I didn’t know and I really thought it was a kids movie… oops. In the middle of the movie I decided we to leave, but then I couldn’t find my phone… so we stayed… Mom failure. Next movie for me will be Bad Moms, haha!


Halloween 2017






1G6A0882 (1)

Pictures from our Halloween 2017! We’ve been having a really fun day, with Halloween party at both Eddie-Bo’s and Oliver’s school, followed by party at our house that ended with Trick or Treat, of course! My neighbor Julie’s house on the picture above is a favorite, and the boys call it the Halloween house all year round, because they think it’s so cool!

Time to Zzz after a busy day!


Sunday Funday

1G6A0533 (1)

1G6A0539 (1)


Batman in action between his hockey game and practice! Both boys love to dress up and and I think it’s so cute. It’s another beautiful day, warm and nice and with the leaves changing colors, oh I love fall!!

I also love food :) I have some yummy left overs from last night’s dinner, pasta with ribeye and mushrooms… nom!

Xx//Kram Cissi