About yesterday


The weather – Hallelujah!!!!


Oliver got spring feelings deluxe and celebrated in shorts and barefooted. It’s not THAT warm though. But I have to say our backyard is magical. Always the warmest place, we still have ice and snow on the driveway.


A box came delivered with Oliver’s new sneakers from Zara. I’m jealous. I need new sneakers too!


IMG_0982 (1)

After a kids birthday party Lisa picked up Oliver and I ended the night with these two lovely girls, Emma and Moa.

IMG_0983 (1)

Moa knows what we like. Yum!!

IMG_0987 (1)

Copy paste – white roses are on my shopping list today!

You know what. I’m home alone and it feels nice but weird! Johan and Eddie-Bo have been gone since Thursday, they are in LA!! And Oliver is still at Lisa’s house. Must have been my first night alone in this house!

Have a great Sunday!



Pilates fan


Pilates on reformer – my favorite work out that also works best for my back. It’s super hard, fun and challenging. And best of all the variety is endless. The person who came up with these reformers is a genius!!





And here I am in pants from ByShapeMeUp , dirty Adidas hoodie and St Patrick’s Day glasses. You never know what to find in my friend Jana’s car :)

Btw, I just saw that ByShapeMeUp has a sale going on. I feel I need to order the snake pants!

Happy St Patrick’s weekend to you all!

Rough days


My heart melts for this little guy. Oh Oliver, you are my little happy pill, our happy pill. Always happy and funny. I’m so glad I get to spend so much time with him. Like today Tuesdays, he’s home all morning before his speech therapy starts 11.30 followed by afternoon pre school.


After playing with cars in flour, we opened up Oliver’s car wash.


And then he started to cook a messy soup. I can still remember how fun it was to do ‘geggamoja’ as a kid (do we have a English word for muddy/messy/sticky mix?).

I just got a text from my sweet Lina if I was ok? She said she gets worried when I don’t update the blog.
No I’m not ok. Last days have been really rough again. My poor hubby is not doing well at all. I’ve been sad and worried, but also angry with him, but more angry at the whole situation. I just feel so helpless. There are periods when everything is pretty good, but right now he’s in a dark place. It’s been over three years since he got his last concussion and he’s still dealing with post concussion syndrome. The headaches are gone, but the awful depression… I just want my husband back. I’m trying to do my best to take care of everything, but it never feels enough. I’m normally feeling strong, but right now my guard is down and I’m feeling low, and it’s so painful to see your beloved one struggles so much.

It’s hard to write about and also in respect for Johan. Sometimes I wish I could write more about it. The blog is a happy place for me, like good therapy. I’m so passioned about interior design, I like taking photos and get better at that, and I hope I give you some inspiration. I choose to post most happy things, maybe I should mix more? Or not? I don’t know. I’m just thankful you are checking in here and follow me. That means a lot to me ♥

Kram//Xx Cissi

Lovely Tuesday


Hello! This is where I’m sitting right now. New pictures on the wall are finally up! More info will come tomorrow.

Earlier today. How fun ↓


A better Tuesday morning for sure! Love our Stiga Snowracers (Swedish brand!).

1G6A4040 (1)




A fun morning for us before we had to go to speech therapy, followed by preschool for Oliver and pilates for me in the afternoon!

Kram//Xx Cissi

Party Sunday

1G6A3881 (1)

Oliver the stud on his way to his first Tea party to celebrate his girlfriend Lily’s 4th birthday!

They are too cute ♥ It was Oliver and six girls :)

1G6A3909 (1)

And moms! I love this place ‘Madhatter’ in Birmingham. Same place as we had a babyshower at awhile ago.

We are now back home and preparing for the next event – Super Bowl Sunday, and I think we are going to two parties. Don’t want to miss out, haha!

My favorite player


My amazing Eddie-Bo!! He’s been playing so good and has been scoring many goals in every game in the tournament, until today when he had triple coverage every shift (punkmarkerad av två tre spelare) I didn’t even understand that until other parents told me… I just thought he didn’t get as much done as normal… oops…


Go Bloomfield Blades!!




Oliver and Lily ♥ The love story continues -Mom, I love Lily so much!!


They had their first disagreement at last weekend’s lunch date. Lily told her mom – Oliver put ketchup in my hair but I’m still gonna marry him! Next time she saw him she told him that was not ok but I still love you! Awe!! Also. He just got invited to her birthday tea party. Oliver and all the girls. So cute!!


A proud hockey mom with an important sign. A must every game Eddie-Bo says.


Now over to something surreal and crazy that happened today. When Eddie-Bo and I left the rink we heard 5-6 gun shots!!! We got into the car and then I saw a police man aiming his gun behind his car… I called our coach that I knew was behind us to tell them to stay inside. The locked down the rink for over an hour. They finally got the gun man and everyone got home safe. Scary moment and I was shaking when we took off.

Now I’m gonna celebrate life!