A few sad days


Hej Tisdag. Börjar bli lite pigg igen efter ett par ledsna dagar med noll energi. Bråk med min man tog musten ur mig, men nu är det bättre igen. Livet med PTSD. Han mår i det stora hela mycket bättre, men vissa dagar går han fortfarande in i väggen. Och jag är alltid den som blir beskylld för att vara just den väggen så klart. Dax att boka parterapeut igen tror jag! Och min hemma-terapi är ju att fota och blogga, idag från vår hall som jag gillar skarpt.

Hello Tuesday. I’m starting to feel better again after a few sad days. A fight with my husband took all my energy. PTSD life as we know by now. His overall health is much better, but every now and then really bad days happen. It’s time to book our therapist again! And my ‘at home therapy’ is to take photos and blog, today from our hallway that I like a lot.





Hoppas du har en bra dag!
I hope you are having a great day!

Kram//Xx Cissi

Back to school


Mammahjärtat skriker ♥ Hur mycket kan man älska sina barn egentligen?! Hursom, vår finaste Eddie-Bo började idag första klass. Så taggad för att börja skolan igen. Och jag med. Efter en lång sommar är vi alla mer än redo att komma tillbaka till våra rutiner. Samma skola som förra året då han gick i Kindergarten, men med ny lärare och fyra klasser har nu blivit tre. Så lite nytt iaf.

My mom heart ♥ How much can you love your kids?! Today our amazing Eddie-Bo started first grade! He was so excited. And me too. After a long summer vacation we are all ready to come back to routines again. Same school as last year, but with a new teacher and four classes are now three!


Men hur jobbig kan en mamma va med sin kamera??! Typ så jobbig.

How annoying can a mom be with her camera? So annoying!!



Sidenote. Nyklippta buxbom. Jag gillar. Måste ut och klippa ner rosorna. Dom har jag aldrig gillat.

Sidenote. Newly cut boxwood. Me like. It’s time to cut down the roses too. I have never really liked those.


En vecka till innan skolstart för coolaste Oliver, som har klätt sig alldeles själv. Dessa fotbollskläder, inte mina favvisar :) Och med tatueringar på hela armarna, haha. Det hade Eddie-Bo tyvärr oxå efter ett kul poolparty igår… oh well. Det var därför han fick ta på sig en hoodie imorse när kameran åkte fram, trots värmen.

One more week of summer vacation for coolest Oliver, that dressed himself. I can’t stand all these soccer jerseys :) And with the arms full of tattoos, haha. That was unfortunately the same for Eddie-Bo, that they got at a fun poolparty yesterday. Oh well. That’s why he had to wear a hoodie this morning during camera time :)



These two!! Oliver ♥ Lily. They are still going strong!

Orchard Lake Country Club







Sunday Funday! Pojkarna och jag kom precis hem efter en härlig dag på Orchard Lake Country Club. Vi har turen att många vänner är medlemmar på några olika klubbar, så alltid kul att bli inbjuden, gratis är gott ;) Vädret är fortfarande supervarmt och steamy, så alldeles perfekt att spendera dagen just här. Såg att Sverige oxå bjudit på ännu en sommardag!
Åh, nu tycker jag det är dax för mannen min att komma hem. Det va skönt i en vecka, men nu saknar jag honom. Fyra dagar till, sen så!

Sunday Funday! The boys and I just got back home from a lovely day at Orchard lake Country Club. I’m lucky to have friends that are members at a few different clubs :) Perfect to spend the day here because it’s still very hot and steamy. 

I start to feel my hubby can come back home now. It was ok for a week, but now I miss him!! Four more days and he’ll be back!!

Nässjö Hockey Camp


Happiness to play in the zamboni snow!


Hey bro, I will throw some snow on you ok?!



We found new friends from Gislaved.

Important to check the flex :)


What a fun week. It’s been busy with early mornings and long days, 8am-3pm Mon-Fri, and on day 6 it was finally game time! Eddie-Bo really enjoyed the camp, but he’s shy in new environments and he didn’t know anyone. We decided to be there to support him every day and I’m super proud of him!!


After the camp we packed up and left this house. In the rain. I know I wished for rain, but bad timing when I had to walk back and forth between the house and car a hundred times :)


Until next time Småland.

Kram//Xx Cissi


Another lovely summer week


Oliver refused to be in the picture, and was hiding behind the camera. Anyhow, our best Lisa in the world is flying back tomorrow. It’s been so nice to have her visiting, the kids adore her and me too!


We have been swimming a LOT.


Been taking many boat rides.


And fishing!

And all these summer evenings on our dock, that never gets old!!

We also made a few trips close to us, and now I can’t find my phone with those pictures. Of course. To be continued :)


Family party


From the other day when my side of the family celebrated brother Victor and Lina’s birthdays. Since it was a million degrees both outside and inside I decided to get some quick and easy food. Half of the gang were swimming when this pic was taken. Also, since it’s so dry in the nature and with lots of fires going on we are not allowed to bbq in the whole country.



We were thirsty in the heat.


And we were hiding from the sun next to our boat house. That’s another project as you can see!


Allan and Victor ♥


Mormor ♥ My amazing and cool grandma!


Ended the night with cutting my mom’s hair in the sunset. That was one of the good days this week.

Atlantica Aegean Park


What type of vacation type are you?! At home I’m always very active and have a hard time to just let things be, I’m always on the go, from morning till night. But, on vacations like this I turn into the laziest person on earth, haha. I’m reading a book and only leave the sun chair (even to the point in life that I enjoy the shade :) for lunch, swim, or play with the kids. But they even love to spend a few hours a day at the kids club so for real, I can be lazy :) But today I at least left the sun chair for a bit and took some pictures.





Every time we pass the outdoor gym we need to make a quick work out stop.



We are staying at Atlantica Aegean Park at the island Rhodes and it’s really good. It’s an all inclusive resort with ‘Bamse kids club’ and I’m impressed! The food is delicious and the entertainment team and kids club are amazing! Tonight I went wild and ordered a bottled of Sauvignon Blanc and stayed up late with my brother and Kirre, while hubby and the kiddos went to bed :)

What a day – Good night from a tipsy me, it’s time to get some rest. Tomorrow we have a car booked, even ‘lazy vacation me’ is looking forward to leave the resort for a day and explore the island!


In Greece


Vacay mode is on! We are in Greece on the island Rhodes and it’s so nice. We are here with my brother Jörgen, Kirre and nephew Melker. Kirre is actually greek, her mom lives  in Greece, so I feel I need to learn some greek before the week is over! I have at least been eating delicious gyros, tzatziki and greek salad every day :) So far we’ve been lazy and just enjoying the resort, but we are planning to rent a car so we can explore the island.

Kram//Xx Cissi

My brothers


1G6A7687 2

My amazing brothers and I ♥ I’m very close to both of them, even though mom spread us out :) Jörgen is five years older than me, and I’m thirteen years older than Victor!! Victor has another dad than me and Jörgen, and I’m super close to both my dad and stepdad. One big happy family ;)

That was some short family info!
Kram//Xx Cissi

Summer vacation


Sommarlov!! Summer Vacation!!


Yesterday was Eddie-Bo’s last day of kindergarten! I was so emotional, he’s been having the best teacher ever, Ms Keller and we’ll miss her!! But summer vacation means more time to do sports during the days, thumbs up for that for our sport crazy son!


Oliver was done with all his school, speech therapy and summer camp two days ago. I’m so proud of both of them. They have been working hard and learned so much this past year. Olivers speech has improved a LOT, and Eddie-Bo reads and surprises me every week of things he knows.



My heart melts for these two and I’m so thankful I got to spend so much time with them.


A few gifts were waiting for them at home and after that we went to lunch at Luxe, a favorite spot in Birmingham.


Later in the afternoon we had a summer party at our house with The Helm’s, Ericsson’s and Gray’s.


That lasted a long time! The kids thought night swimming was really cool :)


And to make this day even more special, Oliver ended up with a sleepover at Lisa’s house and Eddie-Bo went home with his friends Lucas and Beau. Weird to wake up all by our self, that was a first I think in this house.
Oh yesterday was such a great day, I hope the kids will remember this in the future.

Now, I’m looking forward to our Sweden trip. We are leaving tomorrow night, so I need to keep packing up and prepare for that. But a massage and dinner out are also on today’s schedule!

Kram//Xx Cissi