Gifts – on point


Spoiled with gifts from our guests!! Jenny is a fan of my blog and knows what I like :) Magazines ♥


And love love love this candle holder – from HilkeInDesign.


And a book with amazing interior designer Mija Kinning.

Thank you!!

Now – time to make home made pizza’s. And in a few minutes five more people arrive!!

Kram//Xx Cissi

Guest bathroom


Sitting here thinking if I’ve ever showed you our guest bathroom?! It’s one of two :) We have a big house, and thru the years we have been having LOTS of guests, like now! Two families arrived yesterday and it’s Johan’s childhood friends, and I was not even home to welcome them, how rude! It was just that detail that Johan told me a week ago that they were coming, so I’d already bought NBA tickets for the family, hehe. (More about that later, we had so much fun!).


New fresh towels from Crate & Barrel.


And a matching rug.


I always think it’s a good idea to have a shower head and handle bar, for the days when you don’t want to wash your hair.


We started the day with brunch at Bistro Joe’s, followed by Eddie-Bo’s practice. And now we are back home and all the hockey crazy boys are now playing hockey at our sport court while we moms pretend it’s warm in the sun. It’s freezing.

Have a great Sunday!! I was planning to take the girls to see Pink tonight, but she cancelled the show due to the flu… too bad!!

New sunglasses


New RayBan’s – my latest add-on to my sunglass collection!

More Mexico pics will come, but the blog is not my priority at the moment. I just want to enjoy the time here.

Have a great day!
Kram//Xx Cissi

New in


Today’s Ikea tips – Fox light and green blanket.

Oliver said ‘wow’ when he saw the cute light, that will be perfect in his room. And green, I’m obsessed. Can’t wait to hang my new dark green curtains in our bedroom…

It’s Thanksgiving week and Eddie-Bo only has two half days in school, perfect when cousin Melker is here! Today we’ll spend our afternoon at Legoland Discovery Center, fun!

Kram//Xx Cissi

New towels


Some new lovely thick towels just moved into our master bathroom, from Restoration Hardware.





I’m sitting here with a big smile, thinking back at last night’s dinner. Lidstrom’s and Holmstrom’s, our friends and old mentors, are back visting Detroit. I was laughing so much that my jaw was hurting :) I miss having them around!

Now time for flag football for Oliver and after that we might drive to Ohio to watch Eddie-Bo play hockey. We’ll miss the first game, but might make it to the second one! He was so excited when he took off earlier today.

Enjoy your Saturday!


Birthday gift


Nike Air Force 1- new cool men’s basketball shoes. I don’t play basketball and I’m not a man… but who cares, love the shoes! A birthday gift from hubby. And tonight my friend Jana has planned a belayed birthday dinner for me :) So time for me to get ready for a fun night out!

Shape me up





Photos: Courtney Parrie Green

This is my favorite workout outfit at the moment, from ByShapeMeUp. The sports bra is from Lululemon.

I have to say I have workout abstinens at the moment. Same story every summer. I’m daily active, but no time for the gym, that I normally go to a few times every week. And due to my back issues I can’t run. That’s otherwise the easiest and a good workout you can do everywhere! Oh well. It is what it is! Gym and routines, see you in late August :)

Kram//Xx Cissi








Hubby’s best concussion shopping, this -72 Ford Bronco!


New sunnies from Italia Independent. Johnny my hairstylist, I need you next week!! Here you see the truth, some dirty blonde mixed with a little bit of grey are hiding under my dark hair :)



The old school manual gearbox and heavy steering made sure I got my Saturday’s workout in. I was tired after my six block cruising!

Now shower time, need to wash off the scent of oil, rubber and exhaust, and then use lots of dry shampoo to cover my roots! (The one from Bumble and Bumble with color is great for that, just so you know.)