New coffee table book


Kan man bli kär i en ‘coffee table book’? Jag tror det, dog lite när jag hittade denna snygga Alexander McQueen-bok.

Can you fall in love with a coffee table book? I think so, I died a bit when I found this beautiful Alexander McQueen book.

Den skiftar från hans ansikte till dödskallen. Har ni sett hans dokumentär? Jag har inte det än, men ska bli nån kväll.

It goes from his face to the skull when you move the book. Have you seen the documentary about him? I’ve yet, but will do soon some evening.


Den fick hamna här lite på sniskan på tv-bänken.

I put it here in an angle on the tv bench.


Denna bok gav mig ett sånt där starkt ha-begär när jag letade snygga böcker till en klient, typiskt :) Ett kul jobb jag fick förra veckan, att fixa det sista piffet i ett vardagsrum och matrum.

This book gave me a strong ‘must have’, when I was looking for coffe table books for a client, oops :) I got a fun little job to help decorate the last details in a living room and dining room. Me like!

New cool ride


Senaste tillskottet i familjen Franzen, en snabb och cool el-cykel!

The latest (update – not last as i first wrote, hehe) addition to the Franzen family, a fast and cool electric bike!


Med plats för lite sött sällskap eller massa packning. Side note. Nu är det ju vår, och det pendlar i temperaturen, så hur ska man klä sig egentligen? Ja ni ser barnens mix, en i vinterjacka och utan strumpor, och en i bara tröja men ändå varma vantar :) Oh well.

The bike has room for cute company or some bags. Side note. Now when spring is here, and the temperature is up and down, what are you suppose to wear? Well look at the kids, one in winter coat but without socks, and the other one without coat but at least warm mittens :) Oh well.


Frän va! Märket är Tern för den som vill veta.

Cool huh! The brand is Tern if you want to know.

New lovely coat

1G6A8983 2.jpg

Här står jag alldeles avslappnat, hehe, trött men med en skön känsla i kroppen efter akupunktur, kopping och naprapatbesök. Behandlingar som jag gillar och får gjort hos Gray Chiropractic & Wellness Center. Jag försöker att ta hand om min kropp och känsliga rygg, och förutom behandlingar är jag helt frälst på pilates på reformers. Planerar att göra comeback på spinning-cykeln också!

Detta blev ju ett sidospår. Ville egentligen bara visa min nya härliga kappa från Anine Bing. Blev helt kär i den när jag såg den på hennes instagram, och insåg att en kamelfärgad kappa saknades i min garderob. Har en liknade oversize-kappa i marinblå som jag använt sååå mycket senaste åren.

Here I am casually hanging on my porch, hehe, feeling good but tired after a treatment of acupuncture, cupping and adjustment. Treatments that I really like, and I go to Gray Chiropractic & Wellness Center. I’m trying to take care of my body and sensitive back, and except for treatments I’m really into pilates on reformers. I’m also planning to make a comeback on the cycle classes.

That turned into a side note. I just wanted to show you my new coat from Anine Bing. Totally fell in love when I saw it on her instagram, and I realized that a camel coat was missing in my closet :) I have a similar oversize navy blue coat that I’ve used sooo much during the last years.

Kram//Xx Cissi

Finally a fanny pack


Yay or nay?? My brother Victor puked in his mouth I think when I sent him a picture, maybe it was just the color, haha… he’s not a fan of shine metallic things, but I LOVE IT!!
Finally I’m a owner of a fanny pack (magväska alltså)!! I guess it’s about thirty years since I had one :) I’ve been saying for years, especially on vacations and at amusement parks that I really need one. The ‘cool’ way to wear it now is cross body, but I like it like this too!


I found my  fanny pack (brand- EPTM) at Caruso Caruso in Birmingham, about $60 I think. And the pants are another new favorite bargain – from Zara.

Johan asked the other day if the bag is stuck to me? And yes it is :)

Here’s are a few pictures from a week ago, when the fanny pack made it to it’s first dinner and concert. A really fun night! And I’m glad Johan came with us, which is not always the case. He’s been feeling pretty good lately ♥

Gifts – on point


Spoiled with gifts from our guests!! Jenny is a fan of my blog and knows what I like :) Magazines ♥


And love love love this candle holder – from HilkeInDesign.


And a book with amazing interior designer Mija Kinning.

Thank you!!

Now – time to make home made pizza’s. And in a few minutes five more people arrive!!

Kram//Xx Cissi

Guest bathroom


Sitting here thinking if I’ve ever showed you our guest bathroom?! It’s one of two :) We have a big house, and thru the years we have been having LOTS of guests, like now! Two families arrived yesterday and it’s Johan’s childhood friends, and I was not even home to welcome them, how rude! It was just that detail that Johan told me a week ago that they were coming, so I’d already bought NBA tickets for the family, hehe. (More about that later, we had so much fun!).


New fresh towels from Crate & Barrel.


And a matching rug.


I always think it’s a good idea to have a shower head and handle bar, for the days when you don’t want to wash your hair.


We started the day with brunch at Bistro Joe’s, followed by Eddie-Bo’s practice. And now we are back home and all the hockey crazy boys are now playing hockey at our sport court while we moms pretend it’s warm in the sun. It’s freezing.

Have a great Sunday!! I was planning to take the girls to see Pink tonight, but she cancelled the show due to the flu… too bad!!

New in


Today’s Ikea tips – Fox light and green blanket.

Oliver said ‘wow’ when he saw the cute light, that will be perfect in his room. And green, I’m obsessed. Can’t wait to hang my new dark green curtains in our bedroom…

It’s Thanksgiving week and Eddie-Bo only has two half days in school, perfect when cousin Melker is here! Today we’ll spend our afternoon at Legoland Discovery Center, fun!

Kram//Xx Cissi

New towels


Some new lovely thick towels just moved into our master bathroom, from Restoration Hardware.





I’m sitting here with a big smile, thinking back at last night’s dinner. Lidstrom’s and Holmstrom’s, our friends and old mentors, are back visting Detroit. I was laughing so much that my jaw was hurting :) I miss having them around!

Now time for flag football for Oliver and after that we might drive to Ohio to watch Eddie-Bo play hockey. We’ll miss the first game, but might make it to the second one! He was so excited when he took off earlier today.

Enjoy your Saturday!