Birthday gift


Nike Air Force 1- new cool men’s basketball shoes. I don’t play basketball and I’m not a man… but who cares, love the shoes! A birthday gift from hubby. And tonight my friend Jana has planned a belayed birthday dinner for me :) So time for me to get ready for a fun night out!

Shape me up





Photos: Courtney Parrie Green

This is my favorite workout outfit at the moment, from ByShapeMeUp. The sports bra is from Lululemon.

I have to say I have workout abstinens at the moment. Same story every summer. I’m daily active, but no time for the gym, that I normally go to a few times every week. And due to my back issues I can’t run. That’s otherwise the easiest and a good workout you can do everywhere! Oh well. It is what it is! Gym and routines, see you in late August :)

Kram//Xx Cissi








Hubby’s best concussion shopping, this -72 Ford Bronco!


New sunnies from Italia Independent. Johnny my hairstylist, I need you next week!! Here you see the truth, some dirty blonde mixed with a little bit of grey are hiding under my dark hair :)



The old school manual gearbox and heavy steering made sure I got my Saturday’s workout in. I was tired after my six block cruising!

Now shower time, need to wash off the scent of oil, rubber and exhaust, and then use lots of dry shampoo to cover my roots! (The one from Bumble and Bumble with color is great for that, just so you know.)



Vacation life at home


Fun in the sun! New in -plastic glass from Target. Well needed after a few crashed ones a couple of weeks ago… (Thanks Devon for the great gift. They come in a package of four.)


I just served my mom a Margarita by the pool. We are living vacation life at home at the moment. A better Tuesday!



Happy weekend

1G6A2493 (1).jpg

A giant copper mug, yes please! Since I love Mexican mules served in copper mugs I had to add this big one to my collection. From Pier1, in case you feel you need one too!

Well, no Mexican mules for me tonight. I’m having a cozy movie night with the kids at the moment. We started the morning with a school field trip to Detroit Zoo, then lunch at The Pancake House (I love pancakes!) after that, home for a bit and then I took them skating. Oliver finally wants to skate, and I promised him he could do that today, and I thought Johan was gonna be home… but he’s at a bachelor party :) It’s important to keep your words, so I brought my skates… not as talented as the dad, but we had so much fun! And of course I forgot both camera and phone. Eddie-Bo said -It’s ok mom, you don’t have to take photos of everything :) Oh it’s been a great day. Love hanging out with my boys ♥

Happy weekend my friends!!

White x 3



In love!! Today I got this cool oversized picture delivered to my house by the photographer herself Courtney Parrie Green, website here.

So at the moment I’m just sitting here with a cup of coffee and enjoying the picture!


1G6A2486 5.jpg

I was first thinking of a black frame, but so happy I decided to do the white. The handprints on the wall is from the artist Oliver Franzen… he stuck his finger in my scented candle and decided make some art on the wall!!


Old white jeans from Frame and white nails, polish- Essies Marshmallow.

Got to to! Tonight we are going downtown to see The Chainsmokers!! Woop woop!!

Btw. I ended up watching Lion last night. What a great and touching movie. I was exhausted after all crying,  but really a fantastic movie!!


New favorite pajamas



Eddie-Bo and Oliver, always in matching pyjamas!




Easter bunny came with super cute pajamas from Swedish Åhlens. Love the colors and pattern, also extra plus for organic cotton!

It’s a warm sunny day here, ok not crazy warm, but around 68F/20C and our backyard is fenced in and it heats up really good in the sun. The kids are swimming in our pool at the moment, and I’m working as a pool guard. Some friends are coming over soon to join us, a good Sunday!

Have a great day!

Ikea lover


Oh my, I just totally love this shelf (Faltersbo) from Ikea!! I wanted to use it for my renovation house, but it didn’t fit size wise. But, it will be perfect for my Swedish guesthouse! (Lina assistant, löp och köp!)

I wish I had some fresh pictures of the guesthouse, without fingerprints on the fridge and with the knobs installed :) However, don’t you think the Falsterbo shelf would be perfect on the wall to the left?!


And maybe one between the windows…


Also, on my shopping list for this house -Barstools! Btw, the chairs above are also favorites from a Ikea. I sent my dad to get these for me, it was a limited edition, but poor thing came like 15 minutes too late, they sold out like in an hour and I was so sad… but I ended up buying them in Detroit and sent them home, haha, crazy!


I really like that we did a ‘waterfall’ countertop here, even though we could have done a full depth instead of a more narrow. I planned this kitchen last year from the States. Not always the easiest to have the Atlantic in between, hehe!

More Ikea love. I bought these two shelfs (Vittsjö) today:



My car is at the moment full of stuff from today’s trip to Ikea. Perfect for the staging!

Now, from Swedish Ikea to a Swedish reality show, Parnevik’s! (Jesper Parnevik, the golfer, has a reality show and their family is just AMAZING!!) Always makes me smile!

Kram// Xx Cissi

New nightstands!


New in, zink nightstands from Restoration Hardware!! I’m in love :) I just sent two pictures for framing, that I think will look amazing here on the wall. Also, still need to get rid of the boxspring to lower the bed…


These details, love!!

1G6A1333 (1)

I heard Aloe Vera plants are good for your sleep. And look closer to the picture, it’s Johan 7 years old, in Redwings gloves :)


Oliver’s school was cancelled today, so we are home playing at the moment, cozy!! Later I’m invited for a tour of Little Ceasars Arena, Detroit’s brand new fabulous home arena for hockey and basketball, that is suppose to be done in the fall. Will be cool to see such a big construction site!

Later babes!
Kram//Xx Cissi