Birthday prep

I can’t believe Oliver is turning FIVE years old tomorrow Sunday! I had planned for a pool birthday party today, but the weather has been terrible with rain and thunderstorm so I had to cancel that. Now I’m hoping to wake up to a more beautiful day! Anyhow I’m so excited to celebrate our wonderful, funny Oliver!!

Jackson Hole

Here we are, Marcus, me and Pirri in a snowy Jackson Hole!! What a cool place. The morning was great but after lunch it was snowing too much, and we couldn’t see anything. It’s very steep sloops here so we felt we lost control in the end, dangerous when you can’t see!! We spent the afternoon in town instead and now dinner is waiting!

Oh and I made the connection flight last night. I had 15 min in between, got off at gate D11 and next one was D9, surreal! That has never happened to me before :)

Balloon land


My plan was to post more pictures, write more, tell you about my awesome birthday boy Eddie-Bo, about my little dose of mom guilt… Because I’m sitting on a airplane again, all by myself. On his birthday. I’m on my way to meet up my friends Pirri och Macke for another ski trip!!! Omg, can’t wait!! Only two days of skiing, but still. If I’m getting there on time tonight… I’m already delayed from Detroit, with no tv, no wifi, no power in the power outlet on the plane. Not a good start. Wish me luck. Taking off right now. Bye!!

Happy Valentine’s Day



Happy Valentine’s Day my sweet followers. We have been munching on these Valentine’s ‘Semlor’. I didn’t eat any Semla yesterday on Fat Tuesday… and that’s not ok. Normally I bake my own ones, but these are from the Swedish cafe ‘Svenska’, located on Maple St in Birmingham. Yum!

Right now – Home made pizza in the making, so that will be our dinner tonight!

Kram//Xx Cissi

New pictures


As I mentioned yesterday, I have new pictures on the wall, in our master suite! I got rid of the old picture rail/tavellist and up with these two big ones instead. The prints are from Saachi Art and framed at Framebridge.

1G6A4117 (1)


And this black and white photo print by Courtney Parrie Green is a favorite, love her style. She was the one that also introduced me to Saatchi Art and Framebride, thank you!

Kram//Xx Cissi

Happy weekend


Gotta say again that I really like my candle stick holders, that I spray painted matte black for a new feeling. Also, the ceiling light was from the beginning bronze, that I years ago painted black with a tiny little brush. The lovely tablecloth is from Swedish Himla and showed up in a box today sent from my dad, among with winter boots and coats. Yes we accidentally left a whole bag in Sweden when we flew back after New Years… not the first time that’s happened either. Puh.

My head is spinning with ideas at the moment. I feel so inspired after the vacation. Time to sit down and get my thoughts down on a to do list. Are you a list person too?!

Happy weekend sweet followers!!

Ready for takeoff

1G6A2377 (1)

When Santa shows up early with new fab luggage, you gotta smile!! Plus I’m so excited to come home to our family and friends!


La familia.


Another nutcracker! I will follow up with another one tomorrow.


For real!! I’m in love ♥

We are sitting on the flight, love that feeling, it’s always so much to do before you travel. Time to enjoy a movie and hopefully get some sleep!

See you in Sweden!!