Homemade fast food


Tonight’s fast-food served on my favorite plate from West Elm- Scrambled eggs (only eggs coconut oil and salt) with burrata cheese and homegrown tomatoes (that I got from a neighbor the other day, best tomatoes evaaa! Goals for the future). On top of that a good olive oil, flake salt and fresh black peppar. We can also pretend there is some basil or arugula. Simple and delicious!

You’ll find some pictures from last night on my Instagram @cissifranzen. It’s amazing to see how Detroit has changed over the last years!

My boys


My cute boys last night, tired after a day full of play. Another week to go before school starts and back to all routines. Eddie-Bo and Oliver are my happy pills and I love them so much and I’m so thankful I get to spent so much time with them. They are most of the time super sweet, funny and easy to deal with.

1G6A0287 (1).jpg


Today is a good day again. As I said the other day, life with my husband fighting PCS and depression is not easy.  It’s up and down worse than a roller coaster, from happy and normal, to cranky and angry, to sad and crying… I don’t mention that a lot in the blog, but today I am, with hubby’s permission. I just wish he will fully recover soon.

Family is everything ♥



When aunt Nina comes by with home made cinnamon buns!! Yeah!! Thank you!

We’ve been back in our Småland house for a few days. Eddie-Bo has hockey camp in Nässjö, and it’s so much fun!
The weather is great today, we’ve been working in the garden, that I think is so relaxing. The kids just ran over to our neighbor so I think I’ll lay down in the sun for at least ten minutes :)


More from the kitchen


The kitchen from another angle, with our backup fridge that hurt my eyes sooo bad. But lets focus on everything else :) I did some shopping last summer at DisInredning, and I’m really happy how it turned out. Everything above is from there, except the ceiling lights that is from PR Home and wall light from Lampe Gras.


Ceramic table.


And this comfy sofa!


Got to go. Yesterday I found a cool console table for the kitchen that I need to pick up!