Hello Sweden

Hej från Sverige! Det blev en sista minuten resa bokad. Eller egentligen har planen alltid varit att åka hem nån gång i oktober, men min planering är inte alltid på topp ska ni veta. Och vart tog september vägen egentligen??

Hello from Sweden! A last minute trip, even tho my plan was always to go home sometime in October. But I have to admit my planning is not always on point. Plus, where did September go??

Så här såg det ut sent igår kväll när väskorna var packade och klara. Efter detta blev det puss- och kramkalas med älskade familjen. Tycker inte om att vara borta från barnen, men vet att dom kommer ha det toppen ändå. Jag hade en märklig känsla av att nåt fattades under hela resan. Att resa helt själv, med endast en väska plus handbagage är ju ändå ovanligt för mig. Resan gick iaf hur smidigt som helst. Jag reste ut 23.00 så det var nästan tomt på flygplatsen. En NyQuil Zzz på det och 7h senare vaknade jag upp i Amsterdam :)

Nu ser jag fram emot sex intensiva dagar här i Sverige. Ni får hänga med här på bloggen!

The pictures are from last night when I was all packed up and ready to go. After that I had to kiss and hug my lovely family. I don’t like leaving the kids, but I know they are in good hands and will have a great time without me. But I had a weird feeling that something was missing during the whole trip. To travel all by myself, with only one bag and hand luggage are very unusual for me. The trip went great, I had a red eye and the airport was almost empty. I took a NyQuil Zzz and 7h later I woke up in Amsterdam :)

Now I’m looking forward to six intense and fun days in Sweden. I will keep you updated here on the blog!

Kram//Xx Cissi

Extraordinary Sunday



Peppen är total här denna Söndag. Ikväll byts myskittet ut mot, ja vet inte vad än, men nån härlig outfit iaf. För ikväll ska vi se MAROON 5 (igen!)!!! Och jag är ett STORT fan av dom. Så konsert och middag innan med en massa härliga vänner kan ju bara bli fantastiskt!! I högtalarna spelas nu bara Maroon 5 låtar, och jag typ skriker med och dansar runt medan mannen min skakar på huvudet, hehe. Tog bara en lite paus för att berätta om världens bästa söndag för er!

Bilderna är från vårat matrum. Istället för lampa kör jag en blandning på olika ljus här. Mysigt, och ljus kan man ju inte få för mycket av denna årstid. Ha d, jag ska sjunga vidare nu!

I’m so pumped up to the max today. Tonight I’ll swith my cozy sweat pants to, yep I don’t know what yet, but some nice outfit! Because Maroon 5 is in town tonight, and I’m a BIG fan! So concert and a fab dinner with lovely friends can’t go wrong. I’m at the moment dancing around and singing way to loud to all their songs, while my hubby shakes his head, hehe. I just took a short break to tell you about the best Sunday!

The pictures are from our dining room. A mix of different candles gives a cozy feeling. And you can’t get too many candles this time of the year. Ok, have a great day I need to get back to my singing again!

Our sporty weekend


Word. Plus some Flag Football :) Eddie-Bo is playing in a hockey tournament this weekend, so four games for him, plus Oliver’s hockey practice and game. And Flag football for him as well. Puh.


At the first game Friday night. Eddie-Bo still loves taking selfies with me, hehe.


Oliver is running for a touch down!!


My favorite Elle and I supporting Oliver and his best buddie Beau (Elle’s brother) at flag football. And it’s finally a bit cooler here so I can wear some fall clothes, yeah!!


We picked up Chinese food at Pf Changs. No time for cooking.




And more hockey for Eddie-Bo now wearing no 25!

Got to go. Now to another hockey game and after that we have a Bowling Birthday party. Busy and fun weekend – all about the kiddos!!

Mini vacay

A lovely 24h mini vacay with my girls Challe and Glitzy at Steam Hotel in Västerås, Sweden. What an amazing hotel, perfect for an interior design nerd like me. More pictures to come, I’m sitting in the car right now on the way back home.

Xx Cissi

Moving into our bedroom

It’s finally time to spend the first night in our bedroom suite!

The temperature now at 11.30pm has finally come down a bit, so a good night sleep is hopefully waiting. But first an episode of Peaky Blinders. I’m starting to get hooked :)

This week has been really social with lots of family and friends over, plus our amazing Lisa is here. Love it!

I hope you all are enjoying your summer. See ya.

Yesterday’s roadtrip


Le chauffeur Jörgen.


Photo stop!


View over Lindos.


And that’s where we spent most of the day.






Lots of people in the afternoon, but it was still not loud or crazy.


After Lindos Jörgen took us to Rhodes town, we passed tons of olive trees and mountain goats.


We walked around in Old Town, very cozy and it’s surrounded by a big stone wall.


We ate ice cream.


And I bought new handmade leather sandals. Good to have a greek with me – helping dealing about the price while I was just smiling :)


Not a single group photo so far, but here is part of the gang.


Smile for dinner time at Medousa, a real greek place where Jörgen and Kirre have been to before. And that was also our last stop before we went back to the hotel.


I can’t get enough of greek food!!


Lindos beach

Today we went on a nice road trip. We spent most of the day at this beach in Lindos. I brought my big camera but without battery of course, gaaaa not the first time… But I took lots of pictures with my phone, will post more tomorrow!

Magical evenings


Our view from the house is so magical and the evenings are so peaceful.

The past days I’ve have been busy with lovely friends and packing up and getting ready for our trip to Greece!!! We are leaving tomorrow and I’m so excited. It’s just a 3h flight from Sweden, so easy peasy. Last time we went to Greece I came home with a ring on my finger – that was ten years ago!

I’ve some friends that will stay in our house while we are gone and some workers will be here as well. And earlier I FaceTimed with babysitter Lisa that had a great time by our pool in Usa! So our houses stay busy as usual :)


This is where we stayed on our Stockholm trip – Haymarket! Loved it and I feel that I need to share some photos!! I always gets so inspired when Im staying at nice hotels.

Cool, huh?!

I just have to say Sweden is really delivering an amazing summer (so far!). It’s sunny and hot and I enjoy every second of it! I’m at the moment watching the sunset on our patio, and it’s lovely!!

Also, I have so much to show you from our house, hopefully I get some time to take photos tomorrow.

And finally. Happy 4th of July to all Americans!

Kram//Xx Cissi

Sweden won!!!!


GO SWEDEN!!!!! We won the game and are now ready for the quarterfinal, so cool! We were lucky and got invited to a suite in Tele2 Arena in Stockholm, thanks Pirre!!


It was a loud and happy crowd and it was sold out. We Swedes really love our football, some people call it soccer :)


Sports crazy Eddie-Bo is taking it all in.


Cousin love!! It was thanks to baby Allan we ended up in Stockholm this time, his parents had Eminem tickets, so he needed to hang with someone during the concert!

Now we are back home from our short (2,5 days) but sweet Stockholm trip! More pictures to come tomorrow.