Garden inspo

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As you know I’m very passionate about interior design, and love to pick out everything that comes with that. But, when it comes to plan a yard my head can’t get that straight! However I found these all lovely pictures at Pinterest today! I’m trying to get some inspiration for our renovation house in Sweden. It’s a big job and we’ve hired a landscape architect to help us. The problem right now, I want it done as soon as possible, but at the same time I don’t want to rush anything and than regret what I picked… I feel we need to be home and pick out all the material… that means we have to live in dirt for a while in the summer, before they can start the project. Probably worth waiting for though… or?!

New years thoughts


It’s only a few more days until New Years Eve! Inspiration pictures from Pinterest.


I just realized we don’t have so many things for a beautiful table setting here in our Swedish home… but I do have a lovely kitchen! On my shopping list: table clothes, linen napkins, new plates and of course fresh flowers, very important. Also, need to come up with a delicious meny!

Xmas Eve 2016:



New Years Eve 2015:

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Kram//Xx Cissi



Garden inspo


Some garden inspiration from Pinterest! Future me will plant more herbs and food. Kind of hard to do that now, since we are living both in Us and Sweden.

I’m at the moment resting from the sun in our cabana, doing some planning for Olivers birthday party and some renovation planning for our Swedish house!

Crushing on round mirrors

From Omni Hotel in Nashville. How cool is this wall?! Also, their brunch is to die for…

I’ve been crushing on round mirrors for a long time. Here are some more pictures from Pinterest.



In the summer I bought two big round mirrors for our renovation house in Sweden. One is actually for a big wall in the kitchen. I feel you can have mirrors anywhere! I’m also planning to get another round mirror for the powder room at my renovation here in the States. One of many things I’ve on my to do list!

It’s our last night here in Aspen. More pictures will come from this lovely trip. I’m a big ski fan, and it has been so nice to be here!!

Kram// Xx Cissi

About the renovation


Unknown-18.jpegNext summer the house will be white stucco with black windows!Our bedrooms

Unknown-7.jpegJotun Sjögräs

Unknown-6.jpegJotun Minty breeze

Unknown-8.jpegJotun Deco blue.


The floor color will be more like this soon :)
And new black beautiful windows will be installed after the summer


In less than a month we are going home to Sweden and I can’t wait to see the house in real. It seems like phase one of the renovation is kind of on time, which includes the inside of the guesthouse, three bedrooms, kitchen, living room and one bathroom in the main house.


To die for

beautiful door design ideas india (9).jpg




Good evening!

I was just looking for some inspiration for doors, and found all these lovely pictures at Pinterest. In our renovation house in Sweden, I’m planning to have some beautiful double doors between the kitchen and living room.
I love open concept, but it’s also kind of nice to be able to close off sometimes.

Xx Cissi

Wall lights





Good evening friends!!
I just found this lovely kitchen at Pinterest, my favorite site for inspiration.
Now I need to email my builder and let him now that I want some wall lights in our new kitchen.
Also that i want to use a piece of the countertop as backsplash. Like in the picture above, but a little higher. Yep, that’s a great idea!

Xx Cissi