Pool, new chaises & stim electrodes


Hello from us and this amazing weather, love it!! Oliver can’t get enough of the pool. He’s more under than over the surface :)

The two black chaises are new from CB2, and are on sale at the moment! I’ve four of the white ones on the other side of the pool, that I bought many years ago. They are comfy, easy to move, I like the design plus no worries about taking cushions in and out :)



Five seconds before this photo was taken, they were so cute together. They were laughing and Eddie-Bo in base layer and goalie mask (waiting for his hockey practice to start). But something happened here while I was grabbing the camera, haha.

Oliver’s Tuesdays are busy! Speech school, followed by speech therapy at another school, plus a brain treatment with stimulation electrodes, that will help the signals get organized faster. For new followers, he has verbal apraxia, basically means the signals from the brain to his muscles around his mouth, are not working as they should. He’s slowly getting better and better though. And they say he’ll talk great one day. Can’t wait!


A sucker (klubba) and netflix for 45 minutes, nothing to complain about! Johan is doing this treatment for his brain as well, without a sucker :) and instead of netflix he’s doing brain work out on the computer.

Pj and reading books are next for a tired Oliver! He’s still a busy little kid, but he loves going to bed, just to kiss him good night and leave him in his room, me like!

Kram//Xx Cissi


Sauna & a freezing pool

Eddie-Bo is a true mini version of his dad :) After the hockey practice this morning he asked if he could use the sauna. And when daddy jumped into the freezing cold pool, Eddie-Bo did the same!

Almost every day off during the seasons, when Johan used to play, he biked in the sauna and took ice bath! And behind that mirror is a tv, important stuff :)

Oliver joined his brother and daddy for a little bit.

I think they went back and forth six times. I like sauna, but I’m not a big fan of cold water… and I never thought Eddie-Bo was gonna do it, I was clearly wrong about that.

And when the pool is closed, he fills this tub with cold water and tons of ice… brrr



That was some pictures from our day so far! The weather in Michigan can change really quick, a few minutes after I took these pictures, it started to snow!
I’m at the moment decorating and listening to Xmas music, hubby is not a big fan of that and goes nuts, haha, but I don’t care about that.

Kram//Xx Cissi

New week

1G6A4916 (1).jpg


How beautiful are my hydrangeas?! Love!

Hello Monday and a new exciting week. Hopefully :) My offer on the house got excepted, and I’ve an inspection set up for tomorrow. If nothing weird shows up it looks like I have a new project in my hands!!

We are back home after a short but great weekend trip to Boulder, CO.

Kram//Xx Cissi


About yesterday



My favorite Elle. She always makes me laugh.  Yesterday I took her out for a girl’s lunch date.


The summer is really here and I enjoy every minute of it. We had a nice family day yesterday, we took our Bronco out for a ride, the kids love that old cool car, we stopped for ice cream, had lunch at Townhouse (I had two lunch dates :) ) and then spent the afternoon  and night by our pool with friends. Wonderful summer day!!

It’s Mother’s day in Sweden today, så ha en fin Mors dag idag alla härliga mammor!!!
Mom, I miss you a little extra today, but I’ll see you very soon! Can’t wait.

Hola Mexico


We are in Mexico! I’m so excited to be here but right now I’m actually sick. An hour after yesterday’s post it just hit me. Stomach bug or hopefully food poison with high fever. Not the best condition when you travel… I’ve been in bed since we checked into the resort.

And who knows what I packed up in my bag?? Nothing new for sure since I couldn’t take a trip to the mall as planned. That’s how it goes when you plan to do everything last minute! Now I’m just hoping that the rest of the family will stay healthy so we all can enjoy our stay!

Xx Cissi

Sunday Funday


Like many other Sunday mornings, we had brunch with friends. Or, not really morning, especially if you ask my husband… well, he was very “hangry” (hungry+angry) before he got his food. My new word of the day. We were all very full and happy when we left :)


After the brunch we had a fun pool party at our house. I really love having people over all the time. The weather was wonderful, sunny and around 33C/91F, so we were all swimming for hours. Even at 10pm it was 27C, so I decided to take a night dip.


Me, Johan, Joakim and Lisa ended the night by the fire pit.

This was a perfect Sunday. Night night!

Xx Cissi