Laundry room progress


Floor tile in the laundry room installed √


Delivery from Falerumkök √


Sneak peek from the shower to be in the master bathroom. One wall and floor tile √

Can’t wait to get this done! I’m pretty sick of building dust and running to the guesthouse to do laundry, even though I count that as my summer workout :) Always try to be positive…!

Time to put the kids to bed, then plan the rest of our two weeks in Sweden, and book flight tickets, and hopefully end the night with lovely Netflix!



Door love



Som ett smycke i huset! Att man kan bli så lycklig över ett par dubbeldörrar i blästrat stål. Designade av mig och gjorda av Hectors smide, och det blev precis så fint som jag föreställt mig!!

Like a jewelry for the house! I’m so happy for the iron double doors. Designed by me and made by Hector’s smide. 

Happy weekend my sweet followers!!

Exterior plans


Part of the house will have this cool brick (right now I don’t remember the brand, from Germany I think… will update when I know).


And most of it will be this brushed stucco/borstad puts.

1G6A0813 (1).jpg

I think the mix of the brick, greige stucco, black windows and dark aluminum roof/gutters will be a perfect match!


At least a million times better then this, gaaaa… A big deck and pool will also hopefully be done by next summer!


Can’t wait to be all done and get rid of all mess!!

We are now on our way to Halmstad! Gotta concentrate on the road before I get dizzy :)

Kram//Xx Cissi




Two looks from the weekend


Friday fun. At least for fifteen minutes if you ask Eddie-Bo. Then he said ‘this is no fun for a child’ :) I lasted for 1,5h before I got some blisters. Note to self -use gloves next time you go banans with a hammer!
We ended the Friday night with a spontaneous dinner with the Bengtsson family, instead of taking the car we took the boat, how nice!



My ‘berries’ Jessica and Sofia, two wonderful friends, that last night hosted a great summer party! Blurry pictures -blurry night!

And I think the Swedish weather reads my blog. Since I complained about it the other day, it has been amazing!! A little bit chilly night time though, but whatever. Beautiful days, love it!!

Bathroom before and after

Before, not really my style :)


We decided to use a smaller window and add a shower in here.

After: (I forgot my good camera in the Småland house… oh well…)


Cabinet// Falerumskök   Cement top// Made of Jens our builder   Sink// Villeroy&Boch  Marble floor// Kolmårdsmarmor  Hexagon tile// Megakakel i Linköping   Light// LampeGras  Faucet// Tapwell   Handles// BusterAndPunch Mirror// hmm could be from Esq in Linköping…





It’s not a big bathroom, so these glass doors works great. The shower is from Tapwell. The drain (from Unidrain) is missing a piece of the marble, it will almost be invisible when that piece is installed.



Details! I use a Mateus coffee cup as a vase. I love the bubble design, but it feels like the bubbles are poking your lip when you are drinking from it :). The towel is an old favorite from Missoni. Hooks from ‘Granit’ I think, and the zebra is from Jonathan Adler.


Two of the walls are painted with lime paint/kalkfärg -Jotun vallmofrö (NCS S4502-Y), a warm greige color. The walls are also sealed because it’s a bathroom.



Couldn’t be happier about the result!! And did you see the lovely view from here on my Instagram @cissifranzen?

One thing I like to do when I design and plan, is to repeat some colors, and details in more then one room. For example this bathroom and the kitchen has the same paint colors, handles, faucet and even the wall light is the same. And the green marble floor we also have in the foyer. I think it gives a calm feeling, and also it helps a lot when you pick out all the new stuff. That’s not the easiest, there is so much beautiful things to choose from!!


The new kitchen is almost done



We are slowly moving in to the main house. It’s not styled, not all done, still very empty, but we are getting there! I’m beyond happy about our new kitchen! (And I feel it deserves better pictures, but I was in a rush).

What a productive day. Started with a meeting with our contractor. After that I went into town (Linkoping) by myself, and in two hours I bought pots, pans, coffee maker, knifes and other things you can’t live without in a kitchen! I found showers for a bathroom and a faucet for the laundry, I picked up carpet samples, did some speed shopping at my favorite interior design store Esq, and picked out tile for a bathroom. I knew what I was looking for, and it happened to be right inside the door. That decision took me about 10 seconds, haha, they told me that was a record :)

In the afternoon we left our new house and drove to our other house in Smaland. It feels so nice and relaxing to be here where everything is done! The kids were also happy to see their toys and Eddie-Bo ran from the car to the sports court and started to play street hockey!

While the kids played my amazing mother in law came over, and gave me reflexology, how nice?! And it was well needed for my achy feet, I haven’t been still since… Miami I think :)