About Monday & The Voice

For sure not a regular Monday! Woke up after a FEW hours of sleep, in LA. Due to the snow storm in Detroit on Sunday, our flight got delayed over 6h!! We checked into the hotel 3.30am west coast time, 6.30 in the morning our time, gaaa.

Picture bomb. More quantity than quality though…

IMG_0425 (1).jpg

For new followers, me and my friend Emma got four tickets to the tv show The Voice, after a bid war on a charity event :) As you can see we got to sit in the coaches chairs, pretty awesome!

Adam Levine, Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys and Blake Shelton’s chairs!

The squad. Ashley, Kelle, me and Emma.

Carson Daly, the host!

Performance from my favorite Adam Levine, and the finalist Josh Gallagher. After this they told me no photos… oops!!

We were on the vip list and were treated really well, and we hoped and thought we were gonna say a quick hello to the finalists and coaches after the show… but that didn’t happen. But it was so much fun to be there!

After the show we had a fab dinner at Catch, a hot spot restaurant in West Hollywood. I’ve been to the one in New York as well, both cool atmosphere, great design and delicious seafood. Tommy Lee and Kristin Callavari (from The Hills) were there, always fun to see some famous people!


I had to ask how often people stepped into the water  -Once an hour they said! And yes, one guy just did that when we left, and he kept walking like nothing just happened, the funniest ever :) My type of humor!

After Catch, we went back to the hotel for more drinks at The Polo lounge, but first a picture with Mr Nutcracker. The security guard didn’t think that was as fun as we thought, haha, oops again…

The squad got bigger after the Voice. The girl in the pink though, I don’t know where she came from!
IMG_0518 (1).jpg
All done and totally exhausted, but this day will be a memory for life!

I have some more photos from my shopping day yesterday, but I’ll save that for another day.

I’m back home in snowy Michigan and my bed is now waiting for me!!

Kram//Xx Cissi



Grey Ghost




The hat, cute! From The Hat Shop in New York.
Detroit downtown. New vs old mixed with street art.
Of twenty photos, not one turned out “normal” . Love us!

This was from a night a couple of weeks ago when we finally went to Grey Ghost in downtown Detroit. They are super busy and you need to make a reservation days/weeks ahead. And I do understand why they are so popular. The food was amazing, I might have had the best steak ever plus a lot of other yummy meals. We always order A LOT from the menu and share, the best way to eat!

Tonight, another fun night with these favorites, Johan, Jana and Marc, is waiting! Time to get ready.

Have a great weekend my friends!! Cheers!



A few pictures from my birthday

Eddie-Bo woke up first of all and ran into our bedroom and gave me this card he had picked out and written all by himself ♥ After that Johan and the boys made me breakfast and gave me all these lovely presents!! Thank you!!

My friend Evelina and her family came over for cake, which Johan and the boys baked the night before when I went to the movies. Eddie-Bo said I was not allowed to make my own cake :)

Ended the night with a fab dinner with these lovely people at 220 in Birmingham.

I had a Mexican mule or three, my favorite drink. Cheers!



I also had a coffee date with my neighbor Denise in the morning. I really had a great day. Thank you all for making my day so special, I’m like a kid when it comes to my birthday, hehe, love it. And, ADELE and BEYONCE tickets were some of my amazing gifts I got. I’m a spoiled little b..tch :)

The Dutch in Miami



IMG_2603Love the industrial lights.




No, we are not back in Miami. I wish though. This Michigan May weather is not as warm and sunny as usual. I’m at the moment dreaming about The Dutch, a restaurant located in the hotel W South Beach, where we stayed a couple a weeks ago. Great food all day long!

We went out last night, had sushi at Ronin in Royal Oak, so yummy. Today I’m just gonna enjoy a family day at home with no plans at all.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Rainy day

1G6A2651 1G6A2656
IMG_2574 IMG_2576

It was a sunny and beautiful morning and while the family enjoyed a few hours by the pool, I tried Soul cycle (more about that another day) before the thunderstorm started. And it’s still raining!! We stayed in our cabana for awhile, and after that me and the kids went straight to bed and rented a movie. That way no one can touch the iPad and change movie, right?! It was so nice snuggling with the kids in bed day time, and I might have been falling asleep for a little bit.
Tonight we picked up some gyros and kabobs at the amazing place Sultan, a favorite that I can’t miss when I’m Miami. Just a five minute walk from The W. I also make sure to check out the store Atrium that is next doors to Sultan.

Now Netflix time. What a lazy day, but wonderful!!

Take me back


I’m dreaming about Tupelo, a really great restaurant in Park City, Utah.
Amazing food and design. We had lunch here same day we left, but if we go back we’ll for sure make a dinner reservation.

IMG_2604 (1).jpg
The best Salmon Benedict ever!!


Second floor

Xx Cissi

Townhouse Detroit

500 Woodward Ave. Detroit, MI 48226

Yeah for Townhouse Detroit. Great atmosphere, food and design.
This is one of many newer restaurants in downtown Detroit. Love to see the change of this city.








So this is where me, my friends Jana and Marc went last night.

The food was delicious until me and Jana took our very last piece of sushi. We were about to DIE, literally. It had a piece of ghost chili on it, which we didn’t know… We had nothing else to eat after that, our mouths, lips, throats were on FIRE. We panicked and chugged water and ate some strangers fries (that was the only food close to us) gross I know, but seriously… worst feeling ever. It hurt for hours!! Haha!! I wish we had that incidence on video. I had to google ghost chili, and I can just agree. It says:

Heat  Exceptionally hot

Sunday Funday


Like many other Sunday mornings, we had brunch with friends. Or, not really morning, especially if you ask my husband… well, he was very “hangry” (hungry+angry) before he got his food. My new word of the day. We were all very full and happy when we left :)


After the brunch we had a fun pool party at our house. I really love having people over all the time. The weather was wonderful, sunny and around 33C/91F, so we were all swimming for hours. Even at 10pm it was 27C, so I decided to take a night dip.


Me, Johan, Joakim and Lisa ended the night by the fire pit.

This was a perfect Sunday. Night night!

Xx Cissi

Storan Linköping 


How are you today?

Lunch or dinner at Storan in Linköping?  Yes, please. Amazing place!! Same owner as the restaurant 1854. He knows what he’s doing that man. And no, I’m not sponsored. Not yet :)


Linköping has a special place in my heart. It’s my home town (I grew up in Björsäter and Åtvidaberg, 30 min outside). I went to school, worked and met Johan in Linköping. We lived in an apartment there for 5 years before we moved to the states. And our new house in Sweden is just about 30min outside the town.

Now it’s time for birthday cakeMy sweet grandma is turning 83. Happy Birthday Mormor!!

Last night in Sweden… We have an early flight to catch tomorrow morning!

Xx Cissi