Our lovely summer house


I had a plan to take fresh pictures of the summer house in Småland (in Björköby to be more specific. That’s close to Johan’s hometown and we built this house 2006, my first bigger project). But our plans got changed and we left earlier than planned so there was no time for me and the camera! However it looks the same as last year. So here comes some pics from the archive.



Details from our small bedroom. The headboard is made by Johan and I many many years ago, and the mirror is made by an old friend, probably 15 years old. The table light is a mix of two lights, I like to mix brass and chrome and another favorite detail is the porcelain bowl that I bought on one of our trips to Thailand.


This house is also by a lake and right here the ‘building size rules’ are very strict. We made the bedroom as small as possible and saved some space by using drapes instead of closet doors, sliding doors would have worked but I like the soft feeling you get from the drapes. Behind the drapes are two simple closets with drawers in the middle, and on each side there are two rods for hangers.

I feel you if you are confused by all our houses. I am too sometimes. And the kids. They always ask – What house are we going to?! For new followers – Hello and welcome! I’m trying to use my categories so this house I call ‘Summer house Sweden’, and the the other one ‘Swedish lake house’, hmm I might have been drunk when I came up with that… and the third one is USA home!

Now – time to kill a crazy annoying fly before I fall asleep.


Small and cozy living room


Eddie-Bo and Oliver were too cute right here, snuggled and talked about the show they were watching, so I had to grab the camera to get some sibling photos. Next second they were gone though playing basketball outside.


Nothing new here at all except for the dark purple gladiolus. I really like this tiny space with a lot of furniture, a cozy place to hang out. If I would spend more time here right now I would maybe add some mustard/yellow pillows. But I won’t, tomorrow we have a German family coming to rent our house for a week. I learned German in school about twenty years ago, so I need to dig up some German from the brain… Wilkommen! Hallo ish heiße Cissi. Yep that’s a good start :)

Productive day


For my new project I’m working on, I want a glass wall with double doors exactly like this ↑  Copy paste. Time to hire ‘Hectors smide’ again, he did our iron doors at our Swedish renovation house ↓


Otherwise this day – I’ve been planning a little bit for the summer, like signed up Eddie-Bo for hockey camp, scheduled a company to make sure all new water lines get hooked up in our Småland house. We have had our own water and sewer tank, and finally we get city water and city sewer lines. No more worries when the stupid tank will be full! So done with that :) I scheduled our cleaning companies, we will rent out the Småland house to three different German families, and so I want to make sure every thing is set!


The kitchen in Småland.


And living room.

I also planned our bar area in our pool house at our renovation house. I picked out a new fabric for our sofa here in US. And also took a trip to Dr Gray Chiropractic and Wellness Center to treat my back. You can see some pictures from there on My Stories on Instagram @cissifranzen.

Now dinner time and later Eddie-Bo and I will go to an event at his school!

Some days I get nothing done (ok honestly very rare… hahaha) but today has been a really productive one, without any stress though!

Kram//Xx Cissi






My relaxing place


My summer’s most relaxing place. Not much to do except some garden work. I still love to renovate and plan for that,  but to live in it -Not my thing at all!! Hopefully next summer our new place will be done. I’ve said it before, all this building dust and our undone exterior are driving me nuts!




Yesterday we left this house and I say – until next time Småland!

Today we are having a well needed family day. I will take the boys to a theater in the afternoon, ‘Lasse Majas Detektivbyrå’. Our summers are always busy with catching up with our lovely friends and family (plus it’s been a lot with the renovation).  I think we are all a little bit drained at the moment and we are looking forward to fly back to the States in a week.

I wish you a great Sunday!
Kram//Xx Cissi

Back in Småland





A quick hello from the kitchen in Småland. On the shelfs lots of favorites from Mateus that I started to collect about six years ago. And this is my first kitchen I designed ten years ago, still love it!


Cozy night at the loft


This picture was taken two years ago, but it looks the same today. Eddie-Bo and I slept on the little loft in our guesthouse last night. The kids love to climb on the ladder to get up here, a cozy place! And yes I bonked my head once :)

Today we went back to our renovation house. I just felt when I opened the door that I can’t wait to get it all done. I’m so sick of all building dust, no fun! I hope to wake up in a better mood.

A slow night with Netflix is now waiting!

From the bedroom



Old favorite that I bought in Thailand many years ago!
Flower from the garden.



We are back in our small house in Småland. I think the size of our bedroom here is the same as my walk in closet in the States :) However I love this bedroom. One detail I really like is the white custom made curtains. We decided to use that instead of closet doors to save space, and it also makes the room cozy. If only my better half could close them every time… hehe…

Johan and Eddie-Bo went to the island Öland today. Oliver and I stayed here, and we’ve been having a wonderful day with farmor/mom in law and aunt Nina. We visited a farm (heaven for Oliver!) and stopped for lunch and fika!

Oliver is now sleeping and I’m waiting for the hamburgers to get ready. Victor and Lina just got here and we are going to play cards tonight, love it!

I hope you are having a great weekend!!

Summer feelings

1G6A0061 (1)

This place is special to me. It’s our very first house that we built about ten year ago. (You only see the guesthouse in the picture). The last days I’ve been gardening a lot, which I love. It’s so green and beautiful, love this time of the year.

Yesterday I brought the kids to their cousin August’s last day of school (skolavslutning!) for 1st-6th grade, it was in a church and they were all singing so good. It brought back sweet memories from my childhood. That feeling on that day, knowing you had the whole summer off, was the best!!




Beautiful evening





1G6A0033Sunset 10.09pm!

Eddie-Bo and hubby decided to go camping tonight on an island. Oliver and I joined for a boat ride. Love being on the lake, camping not so much :)

Earlier today we went to aunt Hanna and Sven! The boys were excited to play with their cousins, plus they have a basement. Two things Eddie-Bo said yesterday he misses! Cousins, basement and camping, what a day!

Now Netflix time, ‘Orange is the new black’ it is!



Change of pace



After a week of full blown interior design mode at our renovation house, we decided to go to our Småland house where everything is already the way we want it, so nice! But I’m trying to make this place more low maintenance for the future… so some pieces like the lounge seating above (from danish CaneLine, 10 years old and I still love them!!) will be moved to our other house. Instead I want something lighter and easier to move around for this space!