Change of pace



After a week of full blown interior design mode at our renovation house, we decided to go to our Småland house where everything is already the way we want it, so nice! But I’m trying to make this place more low maintenance for the future… so some pieces like the lounge seating above (from danish CaneLine, 10 years old and I still love them!!) will be moved to our other house. Instead I want something lighter and easier to move around for this space!


In Småland



This is my favorite spot in our summer house in Småland! The kids are now in bed, hubby is watching football, Americans call it soccer :) and I finally have time to sit down and relax with some magazines and a glass of white wine (and blogging!).


Sofa// Ikea  Table// CaneLine (outdoor table)  Blanket// Missoni  Chairs, Big Ottoman, Picture, Lights// all from DIS Inredning  Small Ottomans// from NK  Stair// Snickarlaget




And two minutes later… really?!! The kids were almost ready for bed (I thought!!) were watching Pippi Långstrump when I was cleaning up and took some blog pictures… then they showed up like a storm. Blog vs Reality!! Haha!

Soon- sauna time!

Dreaming of summer


Oliver and Eddie-Bo ♥  from last year at our summer house in Småland, Sweden. Time flies and March is already (almost) over!






This is where we’ve spent most of our summers for the last ten years. And I’m looking forward to another amazing summer with family and friends and hopefully great weather. To be honest, you never know with Sweden… but when it’s good, it’s sooooo good!

I’m thinking of renting out this place for a couple of weeks. Is airbnb the way to go, or what?! Need to look into the options. We’ll still spend time here but we’ll also be at our new place outside Linköping, that will be magical when the renovation is done! An update on that will come another day.


Now time for me and Oliver to go outside and play in this beautiful spring weather.

Kram// Xx Cissi

Before and after





I’m super happy how the guesthouse turned out. I first had another layout for the kitchen, but my contractor thought we should save some $$ here, so we decided to keep stove and sink at the same place as before. The kitchen is still not 100% done though. I need to buy two bar stools and a shelf or two, to install between the windows. The knobs are finally up but I don’t have any picture of that. Dear Lina “my assistant” (my brother’s girlfriend) please send me pictures :) I also know the painter came right after we left to finish up.



Some favorites



IMG_4243.jpgPictures from our new Swedish guesthouse.

Waffle linen robe and matching grey towels from Granit.
The chair is from Ikea’s limited edition Viktigt, that sold out within hours in Sweden. I ended up buying mine in the States and shipping them home, that’s how much I love these chairs :)

Suddenly it happens






Tonight was the night I finally did a workout at home. I have done a few sessions during the summer, but been way too lazy…  As you can see, we have a bike and TRX band, that you can do lots of different work out with. We have lot of other stuff too so there is no reason for me not to work out. Even though I actually like going the gym.

We came back to our summer house in Småland last night. It felt like a mini vacation when we stayed in our new place. Didn’t feel like ours yet!

Outdoor shower and Netflix are next!


The weather, finally!!





Oh man what a lovely day. Finally some warm and sunny bikini weather. The kids have been swimming in the lake and we’ve been outside almost all day. My dad and his Eva have been joining us too. I love having people around me, but right now I’m enjoying a night all by myself. Oliver is sleeping, Eddie-Bo is camping again, this time with his cousins and his uncle, and Johan went in to town to watch Speedway.
I’m now gonna read my magazines, listen to some podcasts and pretend my elderberry juice is wine ;)

Oliver’s room



Kids hanger from Hang on Hangers.
Aunt Nina found this bed on a flea market for 4$!! And grandpa was kind to paint it.

We are on a very spontaneous road trip, that we planned late last night. Johan’s sister with family are coming too. Today we’ll visit Johan’s dad and tomorrow we are all going to Barnens gård (The children’s farm), a great place for families. They have a waterpark, animals, playground, tons of bouncy houses and more.

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Beautiful evening




Me and Oliver just got back home and he fell asleep within 30 seconds, totally exhausted after his uncle Hugo’s seventeen’s birthday party. Johan and Eddie-Bo took the boat to an island where they are gonna spend the night in a tent. Someone was really excited about that!!

I just had to take some picture of this beautiful evening. Now Netflix time!!

Gardening days




My two little “helpers” and who needs shoes??  

I’ve been gardening on and off for two days and it’s now looking kind of neat. I think it’s really peaceful to pick weeds.

Woop woop, tomorrow we are heading to a wedding. It’s now time for me to have a mini spa at home. Manicure, pedicure and brows need to get fixed. Unfortunately there isn’t a nail salon in every corner as in the states. And the ones I called were full booked of course. I even tried to bribe them, but still a no! Haha!

Have a wonderful weekend!!