Swedish bathroom renovation

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Cabinets// Falerumskök   Concrete sink// Betong Design  Faucet// Brizo  (The faucets were shipped from Us. The shipping and custom clearance porto+tullavgift were crazy expensive, so not to recommend… but man I love them!!)

I wish I had better pictures from our bathroom, but these were last minute pics before I left Sweden. I’m at the moment searching for bathroom lights, which is not the easiest. Two wall lights will come out of the mirror that will cover the wall above the sink.
Ok, can we talk about the sink. It turned out exactly how I wanted it, Betong Design made an excellent job, thank you! And the piece is so heavy that it was a five man job to get it into the house!

Our new laundry room


My last days in Sweden was really busy and I realized on the airplane that I forgot to take photos of our new laundry room. Since Johan was still there, I hired him to do the job!


He didn’t clean and made it perfect blog friendly though ;) Lots of building dust and dirt, and this was before the electrician was there to do his job. But anyway I’m so happy about the result!! Shelfs, a rod and lights are still left to install.


Beautiful custom cabinets – Falerumkök (Painted in Beckers Tjäle) Handels- Buster and punch (same as in the kitchen) Faucet – Tapwell  Tile – from Megakakel Linköping (klinker alltså, fast det ser ut som trä).

I’m addicted to Game of Thrones. Time for two (maybe three) more episodes before bedtime!

Renovation progress


When your contractor send you pictures of our Swedish renovation house, yeah!! New aluminum roof √ Love it! Prep for exterior lights are next in the process, and my job tonight before I close my blue eyes will be to decide where I want all lights… (Very important, but might be my least favorite thing to plan).

Just need to talk about the weather. I still can’t believe it’s been 29C/85F, so wonderful. So we had another day filled with swimming plus two hockey practices for Eddie-Bo.
Right now I’m watching the Emmy Awards, and feeling a little extra proud that Swedish Alexander Skarsgard won best limited series supporting actor in Big Little Lies. A great show by the way. A tip if you haven’t watched it already! Update. Big Little Lies ended up with many awards, well deserved!

Ok, now I need to focus on the light planning!!

Kram//Xx Cissi

Details from Oliver’s room


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Big blue velvet pillow from Dirty Linen – It was love at the first sight when I found it last summer!


Mirror and the cute cat – from Newport.


Oliver’s favorite, the solar system- I found this one at Esq in Linköping. Google and you’ll find many retailers. Picture – Mrs Mighetto.


Another cute picture from Mrs Mighetto. Fyi, they launch brand new prints today!


Table// Ikea   Rug// Åhlens   Ottoman// EM

That was some pictures from Oliver’s Swedish room.

I wish you a fantastic weekend! We (read Eddie-Bo) have lots of hockey on our schedule, but in between all practices we will enjoy the amazing warm weather. It’s suppose to be around 80F/28C!! How nice!!

Friday feelings



Pictures from our Swedish guesthouse. There are still a few things missing here, like pictures and a rug (i had one but I moved that to the main house!) I just talked my contractor and they are working on our new roof right now, yeah!

Friday feelings babes! I started the day with cryo therapy, massage and an adjustment, everything at Gray’s chiropractic and Wellness center, so I feel energized, straight and happy :) Also, my hubby is coming back home late tonight after being gone for eight days! I’ve missed him and my camera that he took :)

Happy weekend!!

About this wall


This wall with the big black window and the custom built shelf, oh I love it! After a few e-mails back and force in the spring, (between me in the States and our kitchen company Falerumkök in Sweden), the shelf turned out exactly how I wanted it. Once again they did a great job! The shelf is the same color as the kitchen, and soon the baseboard (golvlisten) will be too.


These nice coffee table books are from Newport.


And this porcelain (or is it pottery?!) head is from Esq in Linköping.


All three candleholders – also from Newport. (The circle ones – the brand Klong).

Before we traveled back to the States we packed up all these things in boxes, I know there is more building dust to come… Oh can’t wait to get this house all done!!

Now time for Game of Thrones. I’m only at the second season and I start to get hooked. Last week I finished Gypsy on Netflix, and then realized there will be no season two, bummer… but Game of Thrones are seven seasons so here we go!

Happy weekend!