All by myself

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For the very first time I’m alone in our house. (All my boys went camping including cousin Melker!) I’m sitting here in the kitchen listening to Ed Sheeran and just enjoying some me time. After all light summer nights I think the darker August evenings are so cozy.  Soon another two of Eddie-Bo and Oliver’s cousins are arriving. And I have to admit I’m happy to not sleep alone in the house… The music all of the sudden stopped and I heard some noise… I’m not normally afraid of being alone, but I had a mouse in the house the other the night that scared the sh.t out of me, haha!


Laundry room progress


Floor tile in the laundry room installed √


Delivery from Falerumkök √


Sneak peek from the shower to be in the master bathroom. One wall and floor tile √

Can’t wait to get this done! I’m pretty sick of building dust and running to the guesthouse to do laundry, even though I count that as my summer workout :) Always try to be positive…!

Time to put the kids to bed, then plan the rest of our two weeks in Sweden, and book flight tickets, and hopefully end the night with lovely Netflix!



New vase



New striped vase from Kähler, a great gift from friends! The other vase with dahlias is from Olsson & Jensen, that I bought at Iems in Jönköping last summer.

Oh my, just got back from Båstad and the Nyqvist wedding. Two days of partying is a lot nowadays :) It was absolutely beautiful, pictures to come!

Have a wonderful Saturday!

Kram//Xx Cissi



Summer days


Cheers for Sauvignon Blanc and lovely summer days!


Sister in law Hanna, me and Johanna last night at the dock. Missing in the picture, seventeen other people :) Full house again and I love it!!


The older cousins are taking care of the boat rides and making sure all the kids are having fun!


Eddie-Bo said last night -Mom, I think this was my best day ever :)

After all cooking yesterday we decided to take the boat (and one car) for lunch today at Rimforsa Strand, so nice!

Kram//Xx Cissi

Door love



Som ett smycke i huset! Att man kan bli så lycklig över ett par dubbeldörrar i blästrat stål. Designade av mig och gjorda av Hectors smide, och det blev precis så fint som jag föreställt mig!!

Like a jewelry for the house! I’m so happy for the iron double doors. Designed by me and made by Hector’s smide. 

Happy weekend my sweet followers!!

Exterior plans


Part of the house will have this cool brick (right now I don’t remember the brand, from Germany I think… will update when I know).


And most of it will be this brushed stucco/borstad puts.

1G6A0813 (1).jpg

I think the mix of the brick, greige stucco, black windows and dark aluminum roof/gutters will be a perfect match!


At least a million times better then this, gaaaa… A big deck and pool will also hopefully be done by next summer!


Can’t wait to be all done and get rid of all mess!!

We are now on our way to Halmstad! Gotta concentrate on the road before I get dizzy :)

Kram//Xx Cissi