Our Swedish bedroom


A few weeks ago I got these two bedroom photos sent from my builder. This cool iron beam was found under the old walls and ceiling, a good surprise that I fell in love with. We decided to add some spotlights in it and I think it will look so cool when it’s done. And all the black windows are another love story!


Stucco (puts) on the walls. My first plan was to paint the room in a soft grey/green color, but I like them raw like this, so I decided to keep it this way for now. Need to see and touch it on site! Next on my to do list is to pick out a nice carpet. Also need to call my contractor to see how everything is going back home!

In love


Omg. This brick!! I just want to be home and see it in real life!!


And hello new black sliding door  ♥  A cool detail – the door can slide into the wall and disappear – a brilliant idea from our contractor. Thank you!



That was a few pictures from the renovation, but I want more!! Want to see the whole house. Next time :)

Happy weekend peeps!

New lovely brick


To wake up and see pictures from Sweden, yes!! I have a crush on this thin amazing brick, in greige/sandy tones ♥ I think it will be a perfect mix with the brick and stucco (puts). More pictures to come in a few days when they are done, I hope!


Along this wall we’ll have a iron stair that will take us down from the roof patio, and a glass fence will get installed on the top here.


To my contractor Jens: We need more pictures so we can see the whole house, please! :)




Productive day


For my new project I’m working on, I want a glass wall with double doors exactly like this ↑  Copy paste. Time to hire ‘Hectors smide’ again, he did our iron doors at our Swedish renovation house ↓


Otherwise this day – I’ve been planning a little bit for the summer, like signed up Eddie-Bo for hockey camp, scheduled a company to make sure all new water lines get hooked up in our Småland house. We have had our own water and sewer tank, and finally we get city water and city sewer lines. No more worries when the stupid tank will be full! So done with that :) I scheduled our cleaning companies, we will rent out the Småland house to three different German families, and so I want to make sure every thing is set!


The kitchen in Småland.


And living room.

I also planned our bar area in our pool house at our renovation house. I picked out a new fabric for our sofa here in US. And also took a trip to Dr Gray Chiropractic and Wellness Center to treat my back. You can see some pictures from there on My Stories on Instagram @cissifranzen.

Now dinner time and later Eddie-Bo and I will go to an event at his school!

Some days I get nothing done (ok honestly very rare… hahaha) but today has been a really productive one, without any stress though!

Kram//Xx Cissi






Garage and roof top


The garage, size suuuuuper big! Coolest garage ever. I think. Black doors and windows are next to install and after that the exterior is pretty much done. Love the industrial look with the concrete walls and the aluminum roof, same roof as the main house!


Spa to the left, pool house to the right. Not too bad, not too bad…


And this brick will cover the rest of the walls.


Takbjälkar på plats! Joist/tie beams (correct english words?) are up! This add on will be our ‘pool house’ with a roof top.


Hello new sliding doors, and good bye to the windows. How dreamy will it be to open up those doors from the kitchen and get out here and enjoy the lake view, drinking coffee. Or rose wine. Or white wine. Or red :) You get it. Gaaaaaa!! Can’t wait!! When I picture this the weather is just perfect… so from now on Sweden, you better deliver amazing summers!!

Summer 2018 I’m ready for you!



Renovation update

IMG_2886 (1)

Right now in Sweden! I’m in love with this add on ♥ It was a balcony before, and we decided to lengthen our living room and make space for a spiral stairway.

Jensa our builder is so good – First of all he is really talented, plus he has great taste. It’s often I say ‘you make that decision’, because it’s not easy being so far away from the renovation. He’s also honest and smart, he tells us no sometimes when he thinks it’s too pricy and not worth spending the money. For this part for example, he first asked a company who builds ‘glass houses’ like this, but they wanted a shit load of money… so he told us ‘I’m building the frame myself and install the windows and have the roof company wrap it in aluminum (that matches the new roof). Said and done!

IMG_2887 (1)

A door will be installed up there that will take us out to our roof top/patio, that is next on the list.


A room with a view!

Kram//Xx Cissi

A great plan B




Plan A was to keep the old railing, but it accidentally ended up in the dumpster… but the old brackets/beslagen were left on the wall, so I decided to still use those in my plan B -Black leather wrapped railing with a handmade metal ending! So happy plan A was ruined :)

That was some more details from our Swedish renovation!

Kram//Xx Cissi

Before and after


From our Swedish home! I love this area with the original fireplace even though it went thru a big facelift and we got great storage with doors and handles that match the kitchen. And very special to me -my grandma’s chair that I got reupholstered (omklädd).

Now over to before:


Hard to see in the picture but the ceiling was very low. Did I keep anything? Yes I did! The tile floor and the inside of the fireplace.


Work in progress.


Details -Brass candle holder and candles from HilkeInDesign and vase from Iems in Jönköping.


I’m so happy we could open up the ceiling, expose the beam (that now is stained/betsadand add spotlights!


Hope you like to see some before and after pics!

Kram//Xx Cissi

New rug



New lovely vintage rug – from DIS Inredning. Another thing I bought in Stockholm!

Next to add to the guest room, is a super cool and old headboard and frame, in raw steel, that we had before we moved to the States. Den som spar han har! I think the mix of the raw steel, dark blue walls, the old wood box, the velvet bedspread and other fabrics will be a great mix!
Side story, when I told Johan we need to pick that headboard up from our storage (in his home town in a house Uncle Mats owns)… he told me – Uncle Mats sold that house long time ago… but all stuff was still there, gotta love small towns :)

Time to enjoy the lovely winter weather! We are back to schools and routines and I kind of like that, even though it’s always fun having the kids home!

Kram//Xx Cissi

Always fresh flowers



More pics from our Swedish home. On the big kitchen island a beautiful crispy bouquet from BloomingDesign in Linköping, my new favorite flower shop in my home town!

The boys woke up 4am this morning so this day is a long one, not easy with the time difference! Eddie-Bo had an away game in the morning otherwise we have just been home. Right now they are in the bath tub, with a red bath bomb… I’m afraid my two blondies will end up with pick hair!!

Kram//Xx Cissi