The cement stair


We have a cement stair!


It’s still really empty, but i enjoy every step we are taking further away from the mess! We are planning to add a balcony over the entrance with two raw steal pillars and a black iron railing, wall scones/lights are still missing, and some more outdoor furnitures. Also planters and more greens will make a huge difference.




Magical evenings


Our view from the house is so magical and the evenings are so peaceful.

The past days I’ve have been busy with lovely friends and packing up and getting ready for our trip to Greece!!! We are leaving tomorrow and I’m so excited. It’s just a 3h flight from Sweden, so easy peasy. Last time we went to Greece I came home with a ring on my finger – that was ten years ago!

I’ve some friends that will stay in our house while we are gone and some workers will be here as well. And earlier I FaceTimed with babysitter Lisa that had a great time by our pool in Usa! So our houses stay busy as usual :)

Carpet it is


To answer yesterday’s question – I choose a carpet! I think it turned out great to mix a soft carpet with all other raw and industrial materials.


And the the steal beam!!! A favorite detail we found under the old ceiling and walls. We added three spotlights on each side, and wrapped the sides with matching steal.



Unfortunately the guy who measurered the carpet, ordered to little… and now it’s vacation time for almost all companies in Sweden. So those five steps have to wait a few weeks…


A radiator cover and some other small details to fix – than it’s all done!! Woop woop!

Before and almost after



And after. Ok it’s not totally complete but welcome to our new master suite! Johan came up with the brilliant idea to get rid of the door opening you can see on the first picture, and down those few steps is now our master bathroom. And the bedroom was a kitchen before :) Need to find that old picture, I know I have it – so a before and after of that will come!


Floor guy in action. Any guess what flooring I choose?!


To be continued!





Hi, it’ Saturday morning here and we are having a countdown to Sweden’s quarter final that starts at 4pm, like most Swedes!! I heard on the news that many people are changing their schedules today so they can watch the game, like a wedding change their time, other sports are changing their game time etc. Pretty awesome and that shows how big it is, and how proud and happy we are about our football team!! I wish them their best today.

The picture above is from one of our bathrooms. For you who have followed me for a bit have seen it before. When I designed this bathroom, I decided to pick up a lot of colors and material from the kitchen – so the walls, vanity, faucet and hardware are totally matching. I think it holds it together and that’s a tip if you are building or renovating. It might also make your planning a bit easier, because there are so many decisions to make on the road.

The kitchen and sports court



Good morning! There is so much I love about this house and the kitchen is number one on my top list.

It’s another sunny day and a busy house. The workers woke me up 6.30 am (say what!!), they needed to move our cars to make space for the cement truck – sports court in the making ↓ And that will probably be number one on the boys top list!



That was today’s rapport from me. Have a great day!!

Before and after


Do you enjoy before and after pictures? Can’t believe it’s the same house. We are not all done yet, but look at the transformation so far!! Only sad part is that we have ruined the garden that was really nice when we bought the house.

And after!



It’s full action in the house. The great painters are here (yes!!), two cement stairs are in the making on the front of the house, the tile guys are working on the patio floor. I got blinds and drapes installed yesterday, and dad came to help assemble a sofa bed, and the boats are now in the water. Love it all!! I have so much to show you. What do you want to see first?!

The sliding door


Here’s a peek of the sliding doors in the kitchen from the inside. They are designed so we can open them all the way, so both parts disappear inside the wall. Or I think so, because I coudn’t figure it out how today :)

I was hoping to see the painter this week, but he’s a no show – he’s suppose to paint the white wall in the same beige lime paint (kalkfärg) to match the other walls. But I’m at least getting my new drapes installed today! And blinds for the bedrooms, woohoo! Update will come!

Renovation update


Right now from our new patio! We need to make a decision on a railing. We will probably do a glass railing, maybe the same ones we have at our other Swedish house, that you can pull up – that is really good on windy days… but you block a bit of the view with those… well, need to make a decision soon!


The patio floor will be done in the next days I think. And the painters are coming back this week to finish up their job on the inside!
I also need to pick out outdoor lightning and awnings (markiser). We are slowly getting there, and I’m so happy with the result of everything!!

Our Swedish bedroom


A few weeks ago I got these two bedroom photos sent from my builder. This cool iron beam was found under the old walls and ceiling, a good surprise that I fell in love with. We decided to add some spotlights in it and I think it will look so cool when it’s done. And all the black windows are another love story!


Stucco (puts) on the walls. My first plan was to paint the room in a soft grey/green color, but I like them raw like this, so I decided to keep it this way for now. Need to see and touch it on site! Next on my to do list is to pick out a nice carpet. Also need to call my contractor to see how everything is going back home!