Sweden’s National Day

Hamburgö, Sweden



Beautiful Sweden! Happy National Day!! I hope all my fellow Swedes are enjoying this holiday, most people have a day off!

These pictures are from the amazing west coast. The kids just talked about this place and want to go back and climb the rocks. I’m not saying no to that!

We are going out for dinner and concert tonight, to see Dave Matthew’s Band. So fun, except for my terrible neck pain… I hope a few drinks and good company will help me relax :)

More from Orlando


Volcano Bay at closing time. A super cool water park with many fun slides. We closed that place two times, and we learned that the afternoons and evenings were the best time to be there. In the mornings, not so much fun. The capacity is 6500 (!!!) and even with prepaid tickets it took us an hour to get in, and it was so crazy and I remember I was thinking at that time I’m never ever getting back here! But this turned out to be my favorite park. I love rides and speed and I’m turning into a kid at places like this :)


Sven cracks me up all the time – ‘Take a picture of me when I eat a banana in the cabana’   :)


And this is Islands of Adventure. Same here, fun but too many people. We had fast passes to all parks, which was great, but it was still a lot of waiting for all rides.



Lite så ↑  Three parks in three days on Spring break/Påsklov was a lot. But between school and all boys hockey schedules, that was the only week that worked out for us.

Side note. I have for months been telling Oliver that we are going to Disney World to meet Mickey Mouse… well that didn’t happen! I didn’t know there are so many different parks in Orlando. Sorry Oliver, maybe another time we’ll go to Magic Kingdom.

We came back home yesterday and today we’ll enjoy a slow Sunday at home with no plans.
Kram// Xx Cissi

Relaxing Friday


Hello lovely Friday!! Well these pictures are from Monday night, but I’m back in the same chair again :) Absolutely fantastic to lay down and relax after three crazy and wild day at three different theme parks here in Orlando.


First thing I did when we got here was to do a mani and pedi, can’t stand when my nails are broken and chipped. Real problems you know. Also, that thing on the phone, love it. I used to drop my phone all the time, and nope not anymore, so smart!


Our house we’ve rented thru Airbnb. Most houses here have these nets around the pools and patios, I guess to keep out bugs and other animals, me like.


Oh my. I’m turning into my mom. She always takes photos of sunsets.

Have a wonderful weekend peeps!!
Kram// Xx Cissi


Universal Studios


Yesterday we left a freezing Michigan and a few hours later we landed in a hot Orlando, Florida. Today we’ve been to Universal Studios with a million other people, but what a cool place. Lots of fun for everyone, especially all the rides. The Transformer 4D ride were our favorite, and I’m glad the kids are fearless and want to try everything. The Simpson ride tho were too much for me and I got a little low after that one… but some sweets, water, coffee and a painkiller got me back on track!


Throw back Thursday


Oh my, this picture makes me laugh so much!! Tbt from a day in Mexico when I was a little bit (or a lot) tipsy before we headed out for dinner. I did wear a skirt over this at the dinner :) I still have more pictures from that trip that I’ve been planning to post. Well another day I guess!

Now back to work on a new house project!

Kram//Xx Cissi


When in Jackson Hole

Hotel Jackson, super nice hotel!

And the town is beautiful and cozy.

Amazing skiing!! Can’t get enough. I just love it!!

So much fun with these two!! It hit me yesterday that we’ve been friends for twenty years!!! From that on everything turned in to our 20 years anniversary celebration :) Never a dull moment when we get together!

Cheers for us!!

Cheers again! Mmm Mexican mule after all skiing.

Marcus – is he a model for Bud Light, Hestra or Johan Lindeberg 2019?!

Piiiiirrriii!! And I’m Ciiiiirriii!! Always there for me! He says he’s my bitch :)

And this. Heli Skiing!!!! So cool!! Unfortunately this was the day before I got there. And we were supposed to do it together yesterday. But it got canceled due to the weather. Wtf!! My best ski memory is when I went Heli skiing in Telluride years ago. Oh my, best experience ever!!!!

The view of the Rocky Mountain. We are now on our way back home to Michigan.

Side note. All these pictures are taken with my new IPhone X, I’m impressed. Well done Apple.

Now I’m looking forward to get home to my boys!

Kram//Xx Cissi

Our Aspen trip


IMG_5843 (1)



Thank you Aspen for an amazing and fun family trip! Well poor Oliver was sick almost the whole time which was sad… But at least he had a really fun afternoon, our last day, including tubing, roller coaster and 30 min skiing before the lifts closed!

Kram//Xx Cissi

Did you know…


The look of a bag of chips on high altitude :) Hög höjd alltså!


And the air is really dry, so a humidifier is a must when you are sleeping! Also, fun fact about my roll-on deodorant. The ball flew out like an eye popping out of its socket, like 7 feet/2m :)

Aspen is about 8000 feet/2400m above sea level and and the mountain we ski on is about 11 000 feet/3400m, you have to drink lots of water to avoid headache. Altitude sickness is pretty common.

More pictures from the trip will come. Time to get ready for our last day, skiing and tubing are on today’s schedule.

Kram//Xx Cissi


Hello from Aspen

Hello from a snowy and very cold Aspen! More precise Snowmass, which is one of the Aspen mountains. These are the only pictures I’ve taken outdoors so far. And that’s because I want to minimize the risk to lose any fingers. -18C/0.4F in the village earlier today, and that means it’s about a million negative degrees on the top :) However, lots of fresh snow, unfortunately wind packed, not the perfect powder, but still so fun!! Ok. I was miserable after my first two runs, I did not look good at all… but before lunch I was flying down! After that we picked up Eddie-Bo from his ski school and then we skied together in the afternoon.


So while we were very active, poor Oliver had to stay at the hotel with a high fever. No not alone, our best babysitter Lisa is with us! His favorite ♥

I’m back on track completely today. I skied for a few hours yesterday, but was exhausted. We didn’t get much sleep the first night either. We checked into the hotel at 1am local time, 3am our time (in the middle of the night) after a delayed flight. When we connected in Salt Lake City we had 17 minutes to the next flight, of course from another terminal… I  took the lead and ran for my life with a warm coat and bag, still a little bit sick… after came Eddie-Bo, Johan holding Oliver, Lisa limping with a bad knee all stressed out. Finally at the gate they told us something was wrong with our plane… for real!! If we just would have known… after awhile we got a new plane at a new gate, and spent an hour on the plane before we took off… one of those days. Oh well we made it!!


I bought this book at the airport, I’ve heard both the book and the movie are really good! Reading and early bed time it is. Need that.

Kram//Xx Cissi

Colorful for once


Yep, I need more color in my life!! I was so happy when I found this old kimono (from Natori) in my not so colorful closet!



A windy day at the beach!

We are now back home in Michigan. I had no idea the flight was schedule for today, I thought we were going home yesterday… so a confused me had to call school and let them know that Eddie-Bo will miss another day and cancel other things I had scheduled. So typical me!!

I’m almost done unpacking and it’s soon time for Vikings, my new favorite show. What took me so long??