Last day in The States


The last night spent in this bed for awhile! We are, for once, all done packing up without any stress and we still have a few hours before we have to go to the airport, I guess I’ve finally learned after thirteen years of traveling back and forth between The States and Sweden :)



It’s so HOT here today, 98F/37C (!) so I’m loading up with tons of water and an ice cold lemonade and soaking up the last hours by the pool.

And Happy Father’s day to all the dads out there! (it’s American Father’s Day today)

See you in Sweden peeps!!



Patio life


Hello from the patio, now finally with a rug! I could have gone a size bigger, I think it looks best when it covers all the chairs, but I was afraid it would be a stumble hazard where we walk all the time… and when I found this one at Ikea I decided to go for it! It gave the patio a much more cozy feeling.




Table and Hurricane// Restoration Hardware   Green vase// West Elm   Gold planter// Plum Market and the green leaves are leftovers from the peonies in the living room. Always a good idea to put leftover leaves in a smaller vase instead of throw them away.


A detail I really like on the table.


I just took up the ‘palm’ in the grey planter from the basement – it was not so happy down in the dark so hopefully it will enjoy the patio life as much as I do! Also, I like to move things around to get a new feeling.
Next project here – hang up string lights in the ceiling, that I bought three years ago… We use this space a lot this time if the year, day and night time, and the light we have now are way too bright. I want a softer light and that you will get from string lights!

Time to end this lazy Sunday with the final episode of Homeland, love that show!


Peonies and rose wine kind of day


My garden peonies are blooming, me love!!! I also love that I finally got rid of the old coffee table. It was thirteen years old with too many scratches plus destroyed from a leaky vase. I decided to move down this black table from our bedroom… so now it’s empty in the bedroom…


Table// Bo Concept   Rug// Layered   Candle sticks// CB2  Vase// Restoration Hardware  Blankets// Hermes and Missoni  Sofa// Italmoda (also really old and need a facelift, I’m waiting for a new cover to arrive!)




The most beautiful flower in the world – I think!

You know what?! Someone told me it’s National Rose wine day (thanks Jana for the info, hehe) So time to pour up a glass of chilled rose wine :)
Cheers to you all!!

Palm tree



Lina, Allan and I took a trip to Detroit today. I took lots of pictures but for some reason it’s not uploading, technical problems, not my favorite :)

So in the meantime – from the patio! This palm tree (that has another name I guess) is from Ikea and it’s an indoor plant, but it’s living life on the patio :) I should only have palms or other plants that need low maintenance. In the lawn and in the beds (rabatterna) we have a sprinkler system, which is great! Because it’s no fun to spend money on flowers and plants that are just dying in the heat, right?!

This might be a good tip for a lazy gardener, that I need to try:


Pronunciation struggle




My peonies! My favorite flower for many reasons. Nope, I still can’t say peonies (with my Swedish accent) without starting to laugh, haha!

Every year my penis I mean peonies, have started to bloom right after we left for Sweden. This year we’ll be here a little bit longer, so hopefully I won’t miss their prime time!!


Relaxing days


Hi, can’t believe it’s the last day of May. I hope we can say in the future that May 2018 was the time when our life turned to the better again!!
Right now we are just enjoying the time being home. It’s super hot outside, so the best places to be is by the pool or indoors.


Summer, magazines and coffee, oh yeah!  I also snuggle a lot with my five months old nephew Allan that is here visiting with his amazing Mom Lina. My brother couldn’t come this time. Lina used to live with us for two summers, helping us chasing Oliver when he was totally wild and gone all the time :) I love how close we all are!!

I hope you have great day!
Kram//Xx Cissi


Our backyard


Our lovely backyard that we use a lot! This time of the year is just magical. Well except for when we got home from the tournament the hot tub and pool was full of mulch (bark) due to the heavy rain earlier that day. But mostly we can relax, play and entertain out here!


Peaceful evening at our house.


I think I enjoy this even more right now, since I now most of our Swedish garden will be a mess this summer. But we will figure it out and plan what needs to be done.

And I love to see all beautiful summer pictures from Sweden, the weather has been warm and nice in May! Please keep it that way all summer!!

Now time for a little family adventure. Will tell you more another day!
Kram//Xx Cissi


Weekend plans




Normally every Friday morning the kids and I walk or bike to Eddie-Bo’s school and I drop them off at 8.44am. Oliver sees one of his speech therapist their Friday mornings. And yes, the first bell rings 8.44 and the second one 8.49 :) After that the doors close and you have to go thru the office and the students get a tardy (förseningsanmärkning)!. That happened ones for Eddie-Bo and he didn’t like that AT ALL… so after that he wants to leave early. Perfect!

But today is not a normal Friday. Eddie-Bo has another hockey tournament coming up. We are now on our way to Sarnia in Canada, it’s about two hours from our house. He’s very excited and not sad at all to trade a school day for hockey :) Their first game starts at lunch time today.

I hope you’ll have a wonderful weekend!! I will!

Summer day


These past summer days have been magical! We have spent a lot of time by the pool, but not only being lazy, we’ve been working in the yard, bought some new plants, cleaning the furniture etc. We mixed up the heat with a cold ice arena for a bit too. So lovely to have mom and Janne here!


Later in the afternoon RV Landscaping came by to help me with the rest in the yard, now everything is on point! Our Lisa was also here, and Jana and the kids. Full house, just the way I like it.

Snack time and new glasses


Emma and Love came by the other day for a playdate! In between all play we had a little snack break by the pool.



We were munching on raspberries, mango, crackers and drank elderflower drink (flädersaft!). My favorite summer drink for sure, the kiddos likes it too! Here in the US you’ll find it at Ikea, where I also got these greenish glasses from! I have the same ones in Sweden :)


That was a fun day and I’m so thankful to have so many wonderful friends in my life ♥

And today my mom and Janne (finally) got here after a looong trip from Sweden, 24h delayed, that is no fun. But I’m so glad they are here now!

Kram//Xx Cissi