The porch is decorated






The porch – decorated by me and the boys. Ok, mostly by me… but they are into this!! And today they got to pick out their costumes. Halloween, it’s lots of fun, especially when you have kids.

Talking about fun. This blog → DamnGirlGetYourShitTogether  makes me laugh a lot and at the same giving me some great tips and info! She’s a girl from Detroit, an amazing writer (I wish I had that in me!) and damn funny!! Check it out!

Kram//Xx Cissi

Happy weekend



New plant, from Fleur Detroit. The green plus the warmer tone on the planter is a good complement to the colder tones in the bedroom, I think!

I took Oliver to the doctor today, but all tests were negative which is good, so hopefully the fever will go away soon.
A slow Friday night is waiting with home made Thai chicken curry and Suits. I think we have a whole season in front of us (!). I’m done with Game of Thrones, oh what an amazing show!! I want more now!

Have a wonderful weekend me sweet readers!!

Welcome to us

1G6A0215 (1)

When you build a house, you have a million of decisions to make. I remember I was going back and forth about the glass in the side windows here. I ended up with frosted, because lots of people are walking by on the sidewalk every day. Plus if someone ring the bell, I can choose to look at our security system (ok, have actually never happened…) or I can go to the window in the office or the dining room to check who it is if I want to!


The kids are running in and out, playing with the neighbors and I’m outside getting rid of some broken toys, cleaning the pool from all leaves and putting all floaties away. My favorite Mingo the Flamingo is dead… And oh, talking about dead… I put my hand in the pool to lift up the basket that collects leaves and I looked down and had a dead mouse in my hand. PANIC ATTACK!! For real gross…

Except from that we’re having a great Sunday :) Still warm and nice, even though I’m looking forward to colder crispy air!

Kram//Xx Cissi