Brighter days coming up


Lovely sun rays peeking thru the windows. And tonight it’s time for daytime saving, dags för sommartid, so nice to get lighter evenings! I have to say March is my least favorite month of the year. I love the winter, but when March comes I’m so done! Can’t wait to get warmer days and to skip all winer clothes. Soon. So soon!

Today has been a busy family day, filled with hockey (again!). First practice in the morning and after that we got the opportunity to skate at Little Caesars Arena, so we invited Eddie-Bo’s team with families, and we all had so much fun!

Now – cozy evening in the sofa with a few episode of Homeland! Love that show.

Kram//Xx Cissi


Swedish magazines


Swedish interior magazines on top of my rug from Swedish Layered. Two things I like a lot!

It’s 8pm and the kids just fell asleep, and I will now dive into these magazines in front of the fireplace. Even though I follow many lovely interior design accounts on instagram, I still prefer to sit down with a magazine. So thank you Pirri for bringing these to me. Yep, Swedish magazines are always on my wish list when people come to visit!

Kram//Xx Cissi

Birthday prep


You’ll decorate the kitchen and living room the night before my birthday like you always do, right?! Awe, my lovely Eddie-Bo. Of course I will!! That made me so happy, that means he cares and appreciate my traditions. He mentioned the banner and ballons, cute! Also on his wish list was hot chocolate and salty peanuts served in bed. The peanuts will be a new thing :)


Also tradition, to wrap gifts way too late in the night… seems impossible to do things like that days ahead :)  Can’t wait to go up and sing for him and celebrate, to give him a new Stiga rod/table hockey (the old one is so used and broken…) a hockey hoodie, Larkin jersey and a signed Larkin stick, his favorite player at the moment. Oh my, I think these are perfect gifts for our hockey crazy son!

Oh I just love birthdays!!

New wall color

Woop woop, new color in Eddie-Bo’s new room! It’s Sherwin Williams 9164 Illusive Green, a warm and calm grey/green color. I choose an eggshell finish because it’s a kids room. I prefer an even more matte finish than that, but this way it will be more resistant for scratches and stains. Also to think about when picking colors, that same color in two rooms can look totally different depending on the lights from the windows. Even what light bulb you are using is making a difference in the tone. Just so you know!

Now I just want his bed and desk to arrive so he can move in here! Those were suppose to be delivered two weeks ago, hmm. My plan was to surprise him with a new room for his birthday, but with two days left I’m pretty sure that will not happen. Oh well. I found some goodies today that I know will make him happy!

We are back home


Home in Michigan again after a wonderful ski trip. (I’m still planning to post a few more pictures from Aspen…). The fridge is filled up and fresh flowers came with me from the market earlier today. Of course!


From this angle the kitchen looks fab. Behind the camera is another story :) Oliver has his toys everywhere and we are unpacking our bags, doing laundry and trying to get organized again.


Right now I’m fixing my hair. I had to go and get rid of my dirty blonde roots mixed with a few grey ones, oh yeah I’m naturally blond (with some grey nowadays)!

Later today my friends Pirri and Marcus are coming to visit us from Sweden!!! Can’t wait to see them!!

I wish you a great weekend!
Kram//Xx Cissi