Our backyard


Our lovely backyard that we use a lot! This time of the year is just magical. Well except for when we got home from the tournament the hot tub and pool was full of mulch (bark) due to the heavy rain earlier that day. But mostly we can relax, play and entertain out here!


Peaceful evening at our house.


I think I enjoy this even more right now, since I now most of our Swedish garden will be a mess this summer. But we will figure it out and plan what needs to be done.

And I love to see all beautiful summer pictures from Sweden, the weather has been warm and nice in May! Please keep it that way all summer!!

Now time for a little family adventure. Will tell you more another day!
Kram//Xx Cissi


Weekend plans




Normally every Friday morning the kids and I walk or bike to Eddie-Bo’s school and I drop them off at 8.44am. Oliver sees one of his speech therapist their Friday mornings. And yes, the first bell rings 8.44 and the second one 8.49 :) After that the doors close and you have to go thru the office and the students get a tardy (förseningsanmärkning)!. That happened ones for Eddie-Bo and he didn’t like that AT ALL… so after that he wants to leave early. Perfect!

But today is not a normal Friday. Eddie-Bo has another hockey tournament coming up. We are now on our way to Sarnia in Canada, it’s about two hours from our house. He’s very excited and not sad at all to trade a school day for hockey :) Their first game starts at lunch time today.

I hope you’ll have a wonderful weekend!! I will!

Summer day


These past summer days have been magical! We have spent a lot of time by the pool, but not only being lazy, we’ve been working in the yard, bought some new plants, cleaning the furniture etc. We mixed up the heat with a cold ice arena for a bit too. So lovely to have mom and Janne here!


Later in the afternoon RV Landscaping came by to help me with the rest in the yard, now everything is on point! Our Lisa was also here, and Jana and the kids. Full house, just the way I like it.

Snack time and new glasses


Emma and Love came by the other day for a playdate! In between all play we had a little snack break by the pool.



We were munching on raspberries, mango, crackers and drank elderflower drink (flädersaft!). My favorite summer drink for sure, the kiddos likes it too! Here in the US you’ll find it at Ikea, where I also got these greenish glasses from! I have the same ones in Sweden :)


That was a fun day and I’m so thankful to have so many wonderful friends in my life ♥

And today my mom and Janne (finally) got here after a looong trip from Sweden, 24h delayed, that is no fun. But I’m so glad they are here now!

Kram//Xx Cissi



Happy weekend



Lovely anemones!


Hello!! Fresh pictures from the bedroom where Oliver and I spent the morning, so cozy!! The other half of the family left the house suuuper early, around 6am, to drive to Eddie-Bo’s hockey game. He’s playing in a tournament that started yesterday. Two games and two wins so far, and 8 goals by our hockey crazy son!! I’m so proud!!

Yesterday we had a storm here and we lost power . Again. We need to buy a generator, so boooooring but well needed in this area where all power lines are having in the air!!
Today it’s a beautiful day, and I’m planning to spend the day by the pool in between the games :) Emma and Love just got here to join us!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!

Great for your sunglasses


I’m a big fan of sunglasses and this box is perfect to store them in. It’s easy to see your sunnies and I love the design of this luxury box – from OYOBox. If you use this → link you get 15% off of your purchase, valid till June 1st! Only in USA.


I have my white box in my mud hall closet, and hubby has two black ones in his closet upstairs.



Oops, some left overs from a sticker in the corner. A tip to easy get rid of stickers, heat them up with a hair blower, that melts the glue and they just come off easy peasy.

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 9.43.27 AM
Picture from OYOBox’s website.

April 30th is Valborgsmässoafton in Sweden (other countries too maybe??). A holiday where we are welcoming the spring. Most people go to their local big fireplace and listens to a choir. A cosy tradition I miss. It’s also a big party day :) I texted my younger brother (that now is a dad and was home with a sick infant) to remind him how drunk we’ve been on that exact day thru the years, haha… and I also remember how tired and hungover my older brother, cousins and I always were on my aunt’s birthday party on May 1st every year, haha! Poor aunty Gunilla!! However, I hope you guys had a wonderful Valborg, with some days off from work. We had a fantastic day here yesterday, so hot all of the sudden and we had our first pool party of the year at our house! Not the last though :)

Kram//Xx Cissi


Bye bye winter


An organized mud hall!! It was time to get rid of all winter clothes today. Even though we just used them two days ago… But now it’s warmer and it looks like we are done with cold weather, finally!!

While I’ve been doing this I ‘ve been listening to Swedish hip hop artist Petter. Super loud! A podcast or good music is a must when you are cleaning. Eddie-Bo is into hip hip right now, so I had to introduce Petter to him,  I had forgotten how good he is, favorite song right now →  click

On the bench I have two boxes -one for Oliver and one for Eddie-Bo. I try to do my best to teach them to put their things in there and hang up their jackets… means most of the times I have to send them back to do that, but one day I hope it will be stuck in their heads :)


So, you need to be a little bit organized when you organize :) Have different piles -I always store clothes and shoes in clear plastic boxes, makes it easy to find whatever you are looking for. You need one donation pile, mine is in the blue ikea bag (best bags ever!) In the other bag I put ‘in between sizes things’ Eddie-Bo’s things that are still too big for Oliver, that I will add in another box upstairs, perfect to take a look in once in awhile since they are growing all the time. I made another pile for baby cousin Allan, with special more expensive stuff that I think his parents will like. And one trash pile.


As you can see I keep some winter stuff here, like our ski boots, since we have space for it. I have a speck of OCD, I love to use the same hangers. For you who doesn’t care about things like this, please don’t hate me :)


On the other side of the closet we have all hubby’s jackets and my longer coats and this smart shoe rack from Ikea. Our closets are custom made, and I told my carpenter you need to work this piece in. If you use a Ikea closet, you just attach the sliding bracket on the closet walls.

The best feeling after you accomplished a thing like this. You know it gives you energy, right? If you believe in feng shui. I’m not an expert on that but if you are Swedish and wants to learn more about that make sure to check out the blog Simplicity!

Now- enjoy the sun!

Not so lazy day after all


Hello from the kitchen island, that I use a lot! I kind of miss a big bouquet of fresh flowers here, but I cut off a piece of my big monstera, better than nothing!


If you are building or renovating and thinking of marble or silestone/quarts (kvartskomposit) I would go with the later option. We have real marble and it’s very sensitive, you can see a lot of matte stains.


Since we had no plans today, we decided to join Emma and Henrik for a trip to Greenfield Village, and today it was a ‘Day out with Thomas the train’. So a train ride, a ride in an old T Ford, fun playground and more filled our day. I thought we were done after that but Eddie-Bo really wanted to go to Henry Ford Museum as well, that is at the same place, so we did. He especially wanted to see the old kitchens, furnitures and airplanes again :)

Now we are back home and I’m so tired!! No energy to cook dinner so I’ll use UberEats, if you don’t know what that is – it’s an app where you can order dinner from different restaurants and they deliver to your door. The app is connected to your card, so you don’t even have to get your wallet, just order the food! Love all services you can get :)

Fridays with Oliver


I know I’m his mom, but for real… HOW STINKING CUTE!!!! Can’t believe he’s turning five in a few weeks. He’s so happy and funny all the time and I love hanging with him.


No school on Fridays for Oliver, but on his schedule we have speech therapy, gymnastics and a trip to Novi for electrodes on his brain, that helps stimulate his speech signals. And I have to say his speech are getting better and better for every week. I’m so proud of him, he works hard and always with a smile! His friend Axel told him the other day -You used to speak another languages, but now I understand you!! ♥ (Oliver has Apraxia of speech)


He got fingerprint soap in a birthday goodie bag awhile ago, fun!



Have a great weekend! I’m looking forward to celebrate my friend Emma’s birthday tonight. Otherwise we have a pretty lazy weekend ahead of us. Of course with some sport activities!
Kram//Xx Cissi

Monday evening in our house


Here I am in the sunset with a cup of coffee and a gross computer screen (oops!) enjoying another warm evening in our backyard.


Oliver got the premier swim 2018 √



While Eddie-Bo spent some time on the sports court, like always!

I just love this time of the year!!

Update. Can’t believe that just a week ago we had no power and it was freezing both outside and inside the house!

Kram// Xx Cissi