June 1st



Hello June!! Can’t believe it, what happened to May?!

Peony, my favorite flower! I was so happy when I found blooming peonies (a word I can’t pronounce right… it sounds like I say penis… haha) at my renovation house.

Favorit blomman! Jag blev så glad igår när jag hittade blommande pioner i trädgården vid mitt renoveringshus! En pion -one peony. Två pioner -two peonies, ja det lyckas jag aldrig uttala rätt… säger typ penis, haha!!


From our house. The sun doesn’t come to this place until the afternoon and they normally start blooming after we leave for Sweden… so sad!

Så här ser det ut i trädgården hemma. Solen når inte hit förrens eftermiddagen, och dessa rackare blommar alltid några dagar efter vi åkt hem till Sverige. Så sorgligt!! Jag pratar och hejar på dom varje dag nu!

Time for me to say good night after a busy housewify day! Started the morning with Eddie-Bo’s visitation at Kindergarten (he was so excited!). Then we went to the mall, got some stuff for the kids, plus I had to find something red to wear for Saturday’s bachelorette party, didn’t go so well, panic mood. Lisa, my babysitter came to the mall and took the kids home, and I got some shopping done at least, then pilates, nail and hair appointment :) Sounds so good, but I have to say I felt stressed all day, until now! I’m productive at evenings, so I started to pack up some bags for Sweden. We are leaving Monday!

Midnatt hos mig (God morgon hos er!) så dax att krypa ner i sängen, efter en busy day!! Först var jag med Eddie-Bo på besök på Kindergarten, som han börjar till hösten!! Efter det for vi till mallet för lite shopping till barnen, sen letade jag febrilt efter nåt rött att ha på mig till en möhippa på lördag, gick inte bra alls, panik! Lisa min bästa barnvakt mötte upp mig och tog hem barnen, så lite presenter hanns iaf med. Sen vidare till pilates, nagel och frisörbesök :) Önskar jag hade njutit av allt detta, men kände mig mest stressad, tills nu. Kvällar är min grej alltså. Fick tom några väskor packade, Sverige väntar på Måndag!

Kram//Xx Cissi




Happy to be home


After a fantastic weekend trip it is as fantastic to be home again! To come home to two excited boys last night, and to wake up with them in the morning, awe, I mean how much can you love your kids!!


New picture from Saatchiart.com and framed at Framebridge.com. The candle holder from Swedish Klong is a favorite.

My smile this morning turned into teary eyes when I heard about the attack in Manchester. I just can’t understand all evilness in our world. How can anyone do such a thing to innocent people… so tragic.
Also, last night I finished watching 13 Reasons why. It’s about a high school girl, Hanna Baker, that takes her own life, and she leaves audiotapes where she explains the 13 reasons why. It was a very touching serie. I hope many people will watch it, to learn how your behavior effects people.




Be nice to each other ok ♥
Kram// Xx Cissi


Oliver’s 4th Birthday



Can’t believe this amazing little man is 4 years old! Happiest boy I know and always full of energy :) All gifts were -Wow! No way! Haha, so excited for everything in his life!!


After the gifts, he saw this bouncy house we had rented for the day. Another -No way!!





Chef John from Joe Louis grilled tasty ribs, chicken and burgers/sliders. Yum.

1G6A9140 (1)

Blaze cake from The Home Bakery in Rochester, I just did the decoration on the top :) Oliver was in heaven, even though he was confused, there was no candle to blow out… Oops. I forgot to add that :)


Messy table, but lots of yummy sweets!





All kids were swimming and used the bouncy house all day/evening long!

1G6A9214 (1)

We were about 20 adults and 16 kids and we all had so much fun. We started 2pm and the last people left at 11pm! Note to self. Don’t come home from a vacation 9 in the evening the night before a big party, hehe. It was a little bit stressful, but everything turned out so good!! And most important, Oliver had a wonderful 4th birthday!! We love you Oliver, you are awesome!!

We are back home

1G6A8475 (1).jpg

Home sweet home! And extra sweet because my mom and her Janne are here!! Haven’t seen them since August. They arrived last night to our empty house, so today I just felt i wanted to go home asap.

My lazy relaxing week switched to busy busy as soon as we got home. I unpacked the bags, did some laundry, started to decorate with ballons and banner and also started to bake around 11pm, so typical me!! But, May 13th is Oliver’s birthday and I’m looking forward to sing in the morning for our amazing 4 year old boy!

Night night, time to get some good sleep (that stupid full moon has really been messing with me the last two nights!)