Pilates fan


Pilates on reformer – my favorite work out that also works best for my back. It’s super hard, fun and challenging. And best of all the variety is endless. The person who came up with these reformers is a genius!!





And here I am in pants from ByShapeMeUp , dirty Adidas hoodie and St Patrick’s Day glasses. You never know what to find in my friend Jana’s car :)

Btw, I just saw that ByShapeMeUp has a sale going on. I feel I need to order the snake pants!

Happy St Patrick’s weekend to you all!

Shape Me Up


Hello my lovely followers! This is one of my favorite workout outfits from ByShapeMeUp. With the promo code franzen you get 20% off at checkout, wanna shop? Click → here. And they ship worldwide, just saying!!


Photo: Courtney Parrie Green

Happy shopping!!




Shape me up





Photos: Courtney Parrie Green

This is my favorite workout outfit at the moment, from ByShapeMeUp. The sports bra is from Lululemon.

I have to say I have workout abstinens at the moment. Same story every summer. I’m daily active, but no time for the gym, that I normally go to a few times every week. And due to my back issues I can’t run. That’s otherwise the easiest and a good workout you can do everywhere! Oh well. It is what it is! Gym and routines, see you in late August :)

Kram//Xx Cissi





Palm trees!!


Strike a pose!



New in// Miami tights and top from ByShapeMeUp. The palm tree print, how cool!! Until I see some real palm trees again, I’m happy to use these :)

Time for a coffee in the sun, before I need to run some errands. Also I need to stop by the renovation house to see what’s going on there. An update will come tomorrow!
Kram//Xx Cissi



Suddenly it happens






Tonight was the night I finally did a workout at home. I have done a few sessions during the summer, but been way too lazy…  As you can see, we have a bike and TRX band, that you can do lots of different work out with. We have lot of other stuff too so there is no reason for me not to work out. Even though I actually like going the gym.

We came back to our summer house in Småland last night. It felt like a mini vacation when we stayed in our new place. Didn’t feel like ours yet!

Outdoor shower and Netflix are next!


Fun week

Hello!! Pictures from yesterday and today :)



Shooting, yeah! It was at first a little bit scary, but so much fun. We Swedes are not so used to guns in general. Felt surreal to just walk in, get a gun, and start shooting after a super quick review how to use the guns. Bam bam.



We had a session with my awesome trainer Matt. Result, sore. Here I’m wearing my favorite top from Shape me up, Glitzy is the owner and designer of the brand!


And on today’s schedule was Pilates. Glitzy almost died, it was her first Pilates ever but she did very good. Result, more sore :) We both love to work out though (and eat!).



After the work out it was time for adjustments and cryo therapy here. Thank you Marc, you are awesome!

And thank you Glitzy for a great week, I miss you already!! She is now on her way back home to Sweden. Before I drove her to the airport we went downtown Detroit for dinner at my favorite restaurant Selden Standard. We’ve been eating so much good food this week.

We also made a stop in downtown to take some cool pictures.




Tomorrow I need to focus on our renovation house in Sweden. Lots of decisions to make asap. Love it!!

Xx Cissi

Gift inspo


My online shopping the other night was a success, yeah! In the next days the door bell will ring a lot, and boom there will be boxes delivered right to the door. Gotta love the service in the States!
In Sweden we need to pick up our boxes at the post office…

Between all Swedish fika and eating Xmas candy I do work out :) Today I was wearing one of my favorite outfits from Shape me up. One of my Swedish best friend’s own brand. I’m so proud of her! You’ll find her blog here.


Lots of shadows in this picture, but I wanted to show you the front of the pants!

Another favorite is this water bottle from  S’well. Comes in many different styles, it keeps your drink cold for 24h and hot for 12h. I’m trying to use less plastic. This bottle is so easy to clean, compared to many glass bottles. Thumbs up for that!


Also love my new spinning shoes from Shimano


Maybe this could be a little inspiration for your holiday shopping or just gifts for yourself!

Xx Cissi

Shape me up

H A P P Y  W E E K E N D


New favorites By Shape me up. I also bought another kit that I’ll show you another day.
It’s my Swedish awesome friend Charlotte “Glitzy”s brand. Thanks to her I started my blog. She has been blogging for years check it out.

Pilates. I never thought I was going to like it. I love it!! Normally I like “old school weights/machines in the gym, but I’ve back issues so it’s a lot of stuff I can’t do. Pilates mixed with the gym and cycle classes will be my weekly rutines.

A la “Mr Grey style” beds  :)



I hope you will have a great weekend!


Xx Cissi