Christmas Eve 2017


Traditional treasure hunt that always starts with a note from Santa in the stocking, that after a few clues around the house, led them outside…


… and ended in the boat house! This is a thing that Johan’s family always have done, and I love it. So cute to see Eddie-Bo and Oliver working together totally excited!



Thor costumes were a big hit!!


I finally got a tree and bought some ornament at Esq in Linköping – H.C Andersson, too cute!


The rest of the day we spent at my brother’s house! Traditional Swedish julbord (smorgasbord).







And in Sweden Santa comes with the gifts!!

A lovely Christmas Eve with my family ♥


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God Jul – I wish you a very Merry Xmas!!


Gingerbread cookies for Santa and two very excited boys. Tomorrow is our big day, yeah!


We are at the moment watching Bingo Lottos Uppesittarkväll, a Swedish bingo tv show Xmas version, a tradition here! I have a few more gifts to wrap once the boys are asleep, but everything is under control and we are enjoying a cozy evening.

Once again GOD JUL – MERRY XMAS my sweet followers!!

Candles everywhere


Hi! Can’t get enough of candles this time of the year! This is from our dining room.



We have so much snow. Yesterday the schools were closed a ‘snow day’, and we ended up having a great family day. We started the day at the gym, the kids love their kids club, so while they had fun I was working out with my PT. After that we skated for an hour plus  went sledding, so much fun but man we were all tired after that and my muscles are so sore today!!

My mission for today is to finish up all Xmas shopping. I order most stuff online, but tonight I have a date with Jana including dinner and shopping at the mall!

Happy weekend to you all ♥

Glögg and Lucia


My cousin brought a lot of glögg from Sweden, yeah! These two are on my top list. Here in the States we can only buy the dark red ones without any alcohol, at Ikea or Plum Market, that I normally mix with some redwine. That’s aslo tasty, but theses two took it to another level! Warm glögg and lots of snow, amazing combo!


Normally by this time of the year we have our big Xmas tree up, but I decided that the little one in the basement is enough. And I will have my lumbar jack hubby to cut down a tree in his own forest in Sweden!


This furry blanket is actually a Xmas tree skirt (julgransmatta) and I have matchy blankets in the sofa. Old favorites from Restoration Hardware (in Sweden you can find similar ones at Newport) and I might pack up the tree skirt and one blanket for our Sweden trip… sometimes I wish I wouldn’t care so much about details like this, hehe :)


Also. Today it’s St Lucia’s day and I’ve been enjoying all Lucia posts on instagram. A tradition I miss every year. For you who don’t know, Lucia was a saint from Italy that came with candles in her hair to bright up the darkest day of the year. As a kid you dress up and sing, at every school and childcare centers etc. Click here if you want a peek! That’s what I will show my kids right know and give them some hot chocolate and ‘lusse buns’. Need to keep traditions alive!

More lights and some inspo


Another string light, this time inside of the lanterns. Perfect for both outdoors and indoors!



And how cozy with snow, love it!!


A simple wreath is hanging on the door.

In Sweden where we have double doors I might steel this idea I found at Pinterest, also love the tree in the basket!

It’s dinner time and today I’ll serve homemade chicken fingers, nom!

Update on Eddie-Bo – Fever is gone but he did a X-ray yesterday since it was not better. But today he can bend his knee again and he was back at school, puh!

Kram//Xx Cissi