Holiday clean up

As much as I love decorating for Xmas, as much I love getting rid of it. And that’s what I’ve been doing today. Bye Xmas 2016!

Always good to have hockey sticks in the house. Today Mikael Samuelsson’s old stick came in handy when I couldn’t reach to get the string light down :)



1G6A7936 (1).jpg

The boys were happy to get back to school today and also excited to be home playing with all their toys! Our Thursday’s schedule is a little crazy, since Eddie-Bo is in school 9.15-1.15 and Oliver has speech therapy 9.30 and then school 12.30-3. You can call me Le Chauffeur, I also had to drop off lunch for Eddie-Bo. The fridge were very empty after a week away!

Now a little late night work. Need to pick out some paint colors and also go over the final layout for the kitchen, that I’m planning to order tomorrow.

Kram//Xx Cissi


Our dining room at Xmas Eve





Our dining room right before our guests arrived on Xmas Eve. A candle in that hurricane above (from Restoration Hardware) is missing and also the schnapps glass were in the dishwasher at this moment, to get rid of a year’s dust :) Love my new grey table cloth (from Hemtex), thank you Lina and Victor!!

Hello from the air!! A perfect time to finally get some work done and also say hello to you, love wifi on the flights! We are on the way to Salt Lake City, final destination is Aspen, Colorado. I’m looking forward to ski and have fun with my family.

See you in Aspen!


More from Christmas Eve



As our family tradition, the morning started with Santa’s treasure map (skattkarta), four clues, this year lead to a big police car! No pictures from that, that went too fast :) Then we had breakfast and opened the other gifts. We Swedes normally wait with all the gifts till Santa comes in the afternoon. But we decided to do “the American way”, but all the kids got a few gifts when Santa showed up.

Swedish Christmas smorgardsbord, yum!!


And glögg! Unfortunately we can only get the non-alcohol version at Ikea, so we mix it with some red wine. Not as good though!


How cute!! Our youngest guest Leon, with mom Evelina ♥

Today, Christmas Day, we’ve spent at our friends Jana and Marc’s house. Another great day with amazing food and company! We crash all their holidays, feels like our American family! And to my lovely family back home, I miss you guys!!

Tomorrow we have no plans, and I’m looking forward to just be home and relax. I love Xmas but it has been so busy lately with all preparations, traveling, plus me and Oliver got sick, that totally ruined my schedule. I said to hubby today -I think I hit the Xmas wall :) So a relaxing day is just what I need right now!

Merry X-mas everybody

Santa came to visit us!

Ho ho ho! Well that was the best picture I got. Love that Santa wears UGGs!



Extra big smile when your gift matches the interior :)

We’ve had a wonderful Christmas Eve. I’ll check in tomorrow with some more pictures! I now hope to have some sweet dreams. Not a nightmare like last night… I dreamt that all needles came off the Xmas tree and I panicked!! I was so happy to see the tree still green and beautiful in the morning!!

Night night!

Random pictures from today

Vörtbröd, check! A Swedish bread we eat this time of the year. I used Santa Marias Vörtbröd mix and followed that recipe.

Me today. I basically live in leather pants and knits at the moment. Or pajamas.

Sweater from Intermix. Love the cut and the long sleeves. (On sale right now!).


Nails, check! Color- Essies Wicked. Fingerless gloves, also from Intermix.

That was my look today when I drove around town, a day when everything went quick, believe it or not!! I did a visit to the mall, then to downtown Birmingham (All gifts, check!) off to the bank, then grocery shopping, and a back adjustment. All that within 3h!! Awesome day, check!

Later, Eddie-Bo and me played pik-a-stik!

Found this mini snowman in the freezer. Lisa, out babysitter is THE BEST!! Always comes up with fun ideas. Today they played with snow inside, haha!!

I kind of gave up on my outdoor lights this year. I got a breakdown when I was all done and plugged in the cords and half of my string lights were dead. So we have a few lights at least, plus I enjoy my neighbor’s lights. Great neighbor’s, check!

It’s now bedtime for the boys. Then I’m gonna wrap the gifts and end the night with a movie, maybe The Holiday, my Xmas favorite movie!!

See you tomorrow,
Kram// Xx Cissi

Advent 4th




When you first think, I’ll skip decorating here and then end up with a lot!! Almost all my Santas in one place. And that copper string light (don’t know from where) have batteries, so no cord, me like!

Is it correct to say Advent 4th, or 4th Advent?! However, it’s only one more week until Xmas!! And I think everything is under control… All Xmas cards got done today (next year I will cut down on that, I send about 120 cards, crazy!!). I need a few more gifts, and then I want to make some more Xmas candy, desserts and food of course!

I’m feeling much better today, so we all went to Eddie-Bo’s game in the morning, followed by brunch, almost like a Sunday routine for us! Then we spent all afternoon outside, in the beautiful sunny winter weather!

Kram//Xx Cissi