The wall


I’m in love with this wall! They also serve magical sweet potato fries here. Don’t miss to visit Four Season in Jackson Hole, if you’ll be there!

Trying to get my energy back. I feel I need to do something productive, I think I’ll go over the kids closets while listening to a podcast. ‘Livet på Läktaren’, with Maja and Sanna is a favorite at the moment. They are living with soccer players, very entertaining to listen to and lots of things I can relate to, hehe. They are about thirteen years younger than me and its bringing back memories from when we first moved over to Detroit!

Later tonight we’ll have some friends over for dinner, perfect with some support and love! I’m planning to cook Chicken Thai Curry, nom nom.

Kram//Xx Cissi

Rough days


My heart melts for this little guy. Oh Oliver, you are my little happy pill, our happy pill. Always happy and funny. I’m so glad I get to spend so much time with him. Like today Tuesdays, he’s home all morning before his speech therapy starts 11.30 followed by afternoon pre school.


After playing with cars in flour, we opened up Oliver’s car wash.


And then he started to cook a messy soup. I can still remember how fun it was to do ‘geggamoja’ as a kid (do we have a English word for muddy/messy/sticky mix?).

I just got a text from my sweet Lina if I was ok? She said she gets worried when I don’t update the blog.
No I’m not ok. Last days have been really rough again. My poor hubby is not doing well at all. I’ve been sad and worried, but also angry with him, but more angry at the whole situation. I just feel so helpless. There are periods when everything is pretty good, but right now he’s in a dark place. It’s been over three years since he got his last concussion and he’s still dealing with post concussion syndrome. The headaches are gone, but the awful depression… I just want my husband back. I’m trying to do my best to take care of everything, but it never feels enough. I’m normally feeling strong, but right now my guard is down and I’m feeling low, and it’s so painful to see your beloved one struggles so much.

It’s hard to write about and also in respect for Johan. Sometimes I wish I could write more about it. The blog is a happy place for me, like good therapy. I’m so passioned about interior design, I like taking photos and get better at that, and I hope I give you some inspiration. I choose to post most happy things, maybe I should mix more? Or not? I don’t know. I’m just thankful you are checking in here and follow me. That means a lot to me ♥

Kram//Xx Cissi

When in Jackson Hole

Hotel Jackson, super nice hotel!

And the town is beautiful and cozy.

Amazing skiing!! Can’t get enough. I just love it!!

So much fun with these two!! It hit me yesterday that we’ve been friends for twenty years!!! From that on everything turned in to our 20 years anniversary celebration :) Never a dull moment when we get together!

Cheers for us!!

Cheers again! Mmm Mexican mule after all skiing.

Marcus – is he a model for Bud Light, Hestra or Johan Lindeberg 2019?!

Piiiiirrriii!! And I’m Ciiiiirriii!! Always there for me! He says he’s my bitch :)

And this. Heli Skiing!!!! So cool!! Unfortunately this was the day before I got there. And we were supposed to do it together yesterday. But it got canceled due to the weather. Wtf!! My best ski memory is when I went Heli skiing in Telluride years ago. Oh my, best experience ever!!!!

The view of the Rocky Mountain. We are now on our way back home to Michigan.

Side note. All these pictures are taken with my new IPhone X, I’m impressed. Well done Apple.

Now I’m looking forward to get home to my boys!

Kram//Xx Cissi

Jackson Hole

Here we are, Marcus, me and Pirri in a snowy Jackson Hole!! What a cool place. The morning was great but after lunch it was snowing too much, and we couldn’t see anything. It’s very steep sloops here so we felt we lost control in the end, dangerous when you can’t see!! We spent the afternoon in town instead and now dinner is waiting!

Oh and I made the connection flight last night. I had 15 min in between, got off at gate D11 and next one was D9, surreal! That has never happened to me before :)

Balloon land


My plan was to post more pictures, write more, tell you about my awesome birthday boy Eddie-Bo, about my little dose of mom guilt… Because I’m sitting on a airplane again, all by myself. On his birthday. I’m on my way to meet up my friends Pirri och Macke for another ski trip!!! Omg, can’t wait!! Only two days of skiing, but still. If I’m getting there on time tonight… I’m already delayed from Detroit, with no tv, no wifi, no power in the power outlet on the plane. Not a good start. Wish me luck. Taking off right now. Bye!!

Birthday prep


You’ll decorate the kitchen and living room the night before my birthday like you always do, right?! Awe, my lovely Eddie-Bo. Of course I will!! That made me so happy, that means he cares and appreciate my traditions. He mentioned the banner and ballons, cute! Also on his wish list was hot chocolate and salty peanuts served in bed. The peanuts will be a new thing :)


Also tradition, to wrap gifts way too late in the night… seems impossible to do things like that days ahead :)  Can’t wait to go up and sing for him and celebrate, to give him a new Stiga rod/table hockey (the old one is so used and broken…) a hockey hoodie, Larkin jersey and a signed Larkin stick, his favorite player at the moment. Oh my, I think these are perfect gifts for our hockey crazy son!

Oh I just love birthdays!!