Family party


From the other day when my side of the family celebrated brother Victor and Lina’s birthdays. Since it was a million degrees both outside and inside I decided to get some quick and easy food. Half of the gang were swimming when this pic was taken. Also, since it’s so dry in the nature and with lots of fires going on we are not allowed to bbq in the whole country.



We were thirsty in the heat.


And we were hiding from the sun next to our boat house. That’s another project as you can see!


Allan and Victor ♥


Mormor ♥ My amazing and cool grandma!


Ended the night with cutting my mom’s hair in the sunset. That was one of the good days this week.

Moving into our bedroom

It’s finally time to spend the first night in our bedroom suite!

The temperature now at 11.30pm has finally come down a bit, so a good night sleep is hopefully waiting. But first an episode of Peaky Blinders. I’m starting to get hooked :)

This week has been really social with lots of family and friends over, plus our amazing Lisa is here. Love it!

I hope you all are enjoying your summer. See ya.

Good morning


Morning!! It’s time to wake up and get this day started and it’s gonna be a good day!! Lisa our babysitter is coming to visit us, woop woop, so the kids are beyond excited and can’t wait to go to the airport to pick her up!

Also it’s my brother Victor’s birthday so my side of the family is coming here later today to celebrate. It’s still crazy hot, so I’m planning to for us to be outside and make a dinner that goes quick. It’s about 30C/85F degrees daytime INSIDE, too much!!! It’s the hottest summer in 260 years, for real, how crazy!! And we still don’t have awnings (markiser) or all the blinds for the house…



Time for breakfast and coffee.
Have a great day!




Fresh flowers and I’m tired


Beautiful flowers from Blooming Design in Linköping, love that place.


One bouquet for the table and the other one I put on the kitchen island. I also bought a new tall tree for that corner, but I realize I couldn’t get it in the car :) so need to figure that out (dad I might need your help!). They have 50% off of all green plants this week, just saying…




Except for this quick flower shopping trip by myself and after that a nice ice cream trip with the kiddos, we have been fighting most of the day. Gaaaaaa they drove me nuts today. I hope for a more normal and peaceful day tomorrow. Now Netflix and candy for this tired moma :)

Kram//Xx Cissi

More cement and maybe a firepit


There is still so much work to do on the outside, but here is the new cement stairs!


We’ve decided to do the circled wall in black stucco. I think it will be a good contrast to the stairs and also very matchy with the windows. And I hope that will happen soon!!


And what would you do with this area? From the beginning there was a beautiful big tree surrounded with some greens. Unfortunately we had to dig that up to repair the wall and to drain the land (dränera). It’s so sad that we are destroying garden… but one day it will be nice again, promise!
I think we’ll make a sitting area with a round fire pit in the middle… where we can throw some logs on and grill hot dogs and marshmallows. How cozy, both on a winter or summer day! But this will be a project for next year.

Bye bye Greece



Evening at the pool area at Atlantica Aegean Park.


View from our room.


Homebound- One of my Instastory pics today.

We are now back home after a wonderful, fun and relaxing week in Greece. It was a charter trip with Tui, and I have to say everything was great, easy vacay life. Even though there were lots of activities (the boys loved the soccer, water polo and kids club) it was still a quite place, the people who worked there were great, super impressed by the entrainment team, kids club was awesome, and the food!! Oh my, I miss it already, it was delicious! I did not expect that at all. We flew direct from Norrköping to Rhodes, about 3,5h flight, and Norrköping is only about 45 minutes away from our house and it’s a small airport – means quick and easy!

Yesterday’s roadtrip


Le chauffeur Jörgen.


Photo stop!


View over Lindos.


And that’s where we spent most of the day.






Lots of people in the afternoon, but it was still not loud or crazy.


After Lindos Jörgen took us to Rhodes town, we passed tons of olive trees and mountain goats.


We walked around in Old Town, very cozy and it’s surrounded by a big stone wall.


We ate ice cream.


And I bought new handmade leather sandals. Good to have a greek with me – helping dealing about the price while I was just smiling :)


Not a single group photo so far, but here is part of the gang.


Smile for dinner time at Medousa, a real greek place where Jörgen and Kirre have been to before. And that was also our last stop before we went back to the hotel.


I can’t get enough of greek food!!


Lindos beach

Today we went on a nice road trip. We spent most of the day at this beach in Lindos. I brought my big camera but without battery of course, gaaaa not the first time… But I took lots of pictures with my phone, will post more tomorrow!

Atlantica Aegean Park


What type of vacation type are you?! At home I’m always very active and have a hard time to just let things be, I’m always on the go, from morning till night. But, on vacations like this I turn into the laziest person on earth, haha. I’m reading a book and only leave the sun chair (even to the point in life that I enjoy the shade :) for lunch, swim, or play with the kids. But they even love to spend a few hours a day at the kids club so for real, I can be lazy :) But today I at least left the sun chair for a bit and took some pictures.





Every time we pass the outdoor gym we need to make a quick work out stop.



We are staying at Atlantica Aegean Park at the island Rhodes and it’s really good. It’s an all inclusive resort with ‘Bamse kids club’ and I’m impressed! The food is delicious and the entertainment team and kids club are amazing! Tonight I went wild and ordered a bottled of Sauvignon Blanc and stayed up late with my brother and Kirre, while hubby and the kiddos went to bed :)

What a day – Good night from a tipsy me, it’s time to get some rest. Tomorrow we have a car booked, even ‘lazy vacation me’ is looking forward to leave the resort for a day and explore the island!


In Greece


Vacay mode is on! We are in Greece on the island Rhodes and it’s so nice. We are here with my brother Jörgen, Kirre and nephew Melker. Kirre is actually greek, her mom lives  in Greece, so I feel I need to learn some greek before the week is over! I have at least been eating delicious gyros, tzatziki and greek salad every day :) So far we’ve been lazy and just enjoying the resort, but we are planning to rent a car so we can explore the island.

Kram//Xx Cissi