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When you build a house, you have a million of decisions to make. I remember I was going back and forth about the glass in the side windows here. I ended up with frosted, because lots of people are walking by on the sidewalk every day. Plus if someone ring the bell, I can choose to look at our security system (ok, have actually never happened…) or I can go to the window in the office or the dining room to check who it is if I want to!


The kids are running in and out, playing with the neighbors and I’m outside getting rid of some broken toys, cleaning the pool from all leaves and putting all floaties away. My favorite Mingo the Flamingo is dead… And oh, talking about dead… I put my hand in the pool to lift up the basket that collects leaves and I looked down and had a dead mouse in my hand. PANIC ATTACK!! For real gross…

Except from that we’re having a great Sunday :) Still warm and nice, even though I’m looking forward to colder crispy air!

Kram//Xx Cissi

New towels


Some new lovely thick towels just moved into our master bathroom, from Restoration Hardware.





I’m sitting here with a big smile, thinking back at last night’s dinner. Lidstrom’s and Holmstrom’s, our friends and old mentors, are back visting Detroit. I was laughing so much that my jaw was hurting :) I miss having them around!

Now time for flag football for Oliver and after that we might drive to Ohio to watch Eddie-Bo play hockey. We’ll miss the first game, but might make it to the second one! He was so excited when he took off earlier today.

Enjoy your Saturday!


Eddie-Bo at the opening night


Eddie-Bo one lucky little guy, got to play in the intermission last night at the Redwing’s  opening night at the Little Caesar Arena!!



Oliver in the stands cheering for his brother.


Luke the goalie was interviewed, so cute!


Oliver always on the go, here on the way to our new big family room!


I kept the boys home with me today, since it got really late last night. Cozy special day with my favorite boys!

Happy weekend!!