Full house


Guest house

My text conversation with my brother’s girlfriend Lina (that I love) -Long time no see (4days ago…), how are you? Me-good! Full house, Joakim, Lisa, Monster and Emelie and all the kids, mom and Melker and Pirri were here today. Lina-Tomorrow? Me- Will have fika with grandma, Hasse and Bea with family in the morning, plus Jörgen and Kirre are sleeping here tonight, then into town to run some errands, then meet up with Mia and Gustav, nothing planned for the evening, so come over! Lina- Omg your schedule guys!!! We will come, and Victor wants to start planning the deck for the guesthouse! Me-Perfect!!

Yep that’s our summer schedule almost every day, haha. But we love it and we want to catch up with everyone!

Me, Lisa and Emelie, ok, not the best picture of us, but we are the best combo!!


I’m so lucky to have so many amazing friends!!! Two of them, Lisa and Emelie, oh my, love them so much. The two years they lived in Detroit, we pretty much hung out all the time, like one big happy family! They came into my life when I was pregnant with Oliver, and the last three months of the pregnancy I couldn’t walk at all, because of awful back pain (I broke my sacrum, sciatica nerv, two herniated discs plus hip and pelvic pain…) and Eddie-Bo was only 2 years old. Lisa and Emelie came over every day to help me with cooking food, grocery shopping and to play with Eddie-Bo and keep me happy and sane! Forever thankful for that!!


Jonas the “Monster” just signed for Linköping HC, the hockeyteam in my hometown. And Joakim is playing for Örebro, not too far away from us. I’m so happy we are close on the map again!!


Lucy, Nellie and Oliver, three cutie pies!!


Awe, Eddie-Bo with baby Hugo, that share the same birthday!


When everyone left after a fun day, we played some ‘Fia med knuff’. Cousin Melker is having a sleepover here tonight, so cosy. Cousin love!!

It’s 1 in the middle of the night… Terrible jetlag and now full moon, wtf…haha… plus I’m waiting for my older brother to call me. I gonna pick them up from a wedding close by. Sleep will happen another time!

I have so much to show you from the house, but I’ve been too busy. Hopefully I get some pictures taken tomorrow.

Kram//Xx Cissi






Mom, Janne, my two brothers Victor and Jörgen, Lina and Kirre all came over tonight to celebrate mom’s birthday, in our new kitchen in the main house. First time we used it, yeah!

Puh, it’s past midnight (in Sweden) and I’m so tired after a busy day of packing up all bags, cleaning out the guesthouse (where we stay at the moment), and I started to decorate the new kitchen, unpacked many shopping bags I’ve been collecting the last two summers :), but I can’t sleep of course, hi jetlag! It’s 6 hours time different… The kids so far have been doing great, and they were amazing on the flight back home.

Ok, time to make another attempt to sleep!!



Sommarlov//Summer vaction!!

Yesterday was Eddie-Bo’s last day of preschool and he’s now ready for kindergarten in September! He did a young five program this year and it’s been great for him. He’s very smart and can already read really good, but he needed to grow more socially, and he really did that!!


And Oliver with his apraxia, is also on summer vacation now. Even though we need to work on his speech every day all!! He’s working so hard and it’s getting better and better. He’s still the happiest boy I know. So awesome!!

A mini summer present. The popular fidget spinner was a hit!!



Now it’s time for me to get ready for a bachelorette party!! Wish you a great Saturday!