My hubby

Photo: Jimmy Wixström

First thing I did this morning was to check the news and I red the great article on Aftonbladet about Johan’s and my life after his concussion. My favorite Swedish journalist Per Bjurman was here a couple of days ago, and it was not the easiest to talk about the situation, even though it’s slowly getting better and better.

The amazing photographer Jimmy Wixström (love his rough photo above!) asked me if I could take some new photos of Johan, well that didn’t happen in time… however I think I got some great ones today at The Joe. But I have to get Johan’s approval first! Not his favorite thing to be in front of my camera (or even worse if I ask him to take photos of me, haha). I also got some cool shoots of the kids, will show you tomorrow!

I have to say it’s been an emotional day, that article followed by the Swedish attack… ♥