Friday sparkly kitchen


Hello there! Raise your hand if you like to clean like me!! Sorry but for real, I think it’s relaxing and very satisfying. At least when I can listen to music and the kids are either not at home or are playing and are happy, like right now :) That can change fast though!


Everyone is home today, Oliver just had speech therapy in the morning, Eddie-Bo is feverish and has lots of pain in his knee, he’s limping and can’t bend it so well. I took him to our friend and chiropractor Marc, that explained feverish kids can get like a virus on the joints, that is painful. You always learn something new every day! Eddie-Bo got a treatment and got taped like a pro athlete. Hubby is exhausted and is napping at the moment… can his head just get healthy soon!!! That was today’s update on the family.

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If you’ve seen my previous post, this black candle holder also got a makeover with the spray paint. And thumbs up for my blooming amaryllis – in a pot from Target and the bowl is from West Elm.


This is the spray paint I used, bought it at Home Depot for less then $4. Next on my spray list is a big vase.


Time for me to prepare afternoon snack and then play some board games with the boys. Later our babysitter is coming, and I hope hubby feels better so he can join for dinner with some friends!

Happy weekend!!

Amaryllis season and mattress thoughts



I couldn’t resist buying these dark red amaryllis when they screamed – pick me!! The Xmas feelings are definitely here and from now on I will slowly start to decorate for the holidays. It’s early, but why not make November more cozy?! Some of my neighbors already have their Xmas outdoor lights going and I’m so jealous…

So, I need your help. We really need a new mattress for our bed, so boring, but so important! Hit me, what should we get?! I think we need a split one with a king size top mattress. Me and my hubby are not exactly the same weight class, he’s a belly sleeper, I’m not. I’m not kidding when I say this will be our fifth mattress in 12 years… it needs to be right this time!!

Kram//Xx Cissi