Advent 1st


A tiny little Xmas tree has moved into the basement…


…with the tiniest little ornaments!

1G6A1806 (2)

I found them at Target the other day – a perfect color combo for me!

Happy Advent 1st!

First glögg of the year


Hello lovely Sunday! Our bar is one of my favorite spot in the house. While the kids are playing with lego, I’m sitting here sipping on glögg/mulled wine. We Swedes drink that for advent and xmas, so it might be a little bit early for that, but I’m slowly getting into Xmas mood! It’s rainy and foggy outside and we just got home from an away game in a freezing ice rink, so I needed something to warm me up. Sauna will help as well and after that we’ve decided to watch The Lion King!

Kram//Xx Cissi

Alla helgons dag




Today is All Saint’s day/Alla helgons dag in Sweden. A day when we light candles for the ones that are not with us on earth anymore. Me and the boys were talking about our baby angel, a special moment for us ♥ I love them so much, they are so wonderful and sweet and I’m so proud of them. We’ve been having a great day together, with hockey, flag football and lots of play and cozy time at home!




Mexican mule


My favorite drink -Mexican Mule, in my  #franzenresidence copper mug!


Mix a good tequila, ginger beer and lime (maybe some simple syrup). If you don’t love tequila like me, you can use vodka -Moscow Mule… or bourbon -Kentucky Mule.




Right now I’m alone in our bar, but in any second uncle Mats and four thirsty Swedes (I presume) will join me! Uncle Mats, our most frequent visitor, I think he’s been here fourteen times!

Cheers and have a great weekend!!

The spring is here


Hello beautiful Friday! From freezing degrees to 70F/20C just in a few days! We’re back home after a family bike ride into town, with a stop at the frozen yoghurt place, yum :)


I  brought some spring down to our basement.



A little tip, I made a side table out of this planter, just turned it up side down. Quick fix! (Old planter from Target).

Time to go outside again and enjoy this weather, before it’s time to make some tacos!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Basement & skating

This cute brass side table is from Arhaus, and I’ve had it in the wine cellar for a years. But now it got a new spot.



Fresh pictures from the basement.

We just got back home from brunch and before that we took both Eddie-Bo and Oliver skating. Oliver was not interested at all last year, but today he had fun and got better and better for every minute!
I’ve invited all our Swedish friends tomorrow for a 1st Advent party, so now I’m gonna prepare for that!

Kram//Xx Cissi




To do list


Good evening! Sitting here all by myself in front of the fireplace and enjoying some alone time. The boys are sleeping and Johan is down at the Joe. I’m a very social person, but once in a while I need an evening by myself so I can hear my own thoughts :)

There are things I want to get done before I get the key to the new renovation house.

  1. Order clothes for the kids. Fall is here and I’m not prepared at all. Need rubber boots, clothes, winter clothes etc. They are growing so fast! Almost all of Eddie-Bo’s clothes are too small.
  2. Donate a lot of old clothes and organize all closets.
  3. PHOTO ALBUMS. Been on my list like forever. For some reason I just can’t get that done. Come on me. I can do it!!
  4. Take down Oliver’s crib and get him a big boy bed.(For all Swedes that now thinks What?? How can he fit in a crib? Everything is big in America, you know!)  He’s the easiest to put down and can fall asleep anywhere at 7.30pm. He’s like Skalman (a Swedish cartoon character that eats and sleeps by the clock). Last couple of nights he’s been sleeping in Eddie-Bo’s bunk bed and all summer in Sweden he was in a regular bed. He’s ready and much better for me that he can come in to our bed every morning!
  5. Fill up the wine cellar :) It’s eco in there as you can see in the picture above!

Now I’m gonna work on No 1 on the list!

My day


IMG_5324 (1).jpg
Pictures from our basement.

Woke up next to Oliver that saw my phone, I sad no. Bad decision. He was screaming for 15 minutes, at the same time Eddie-Bo was mad at me that we couldn’t play hockey in the basement. Our mornings are normally nice! I dropped them off at school, now happy, then had morning coffee date with some houewifey neighbors :) got some work done, picked up the kids, took them to lunch, off to speech therapy with Oliver (yes, three times a week!) today at a new place, thought we could use a door close to the therapist room, but no, locked… ran around the big school building in the rain to the right entrance, got home, relaxed for two minutes, totally forgot I had an important meeting with the realtor and a contractor. When I realized that (plattan i mattan) I was driving on two wheels in the curves, didn’t get caught at least, which has happened a lot thru the years… got home again, now played a hockey game, snack time, took Eddie-Bo to hockey practice, Oliver didn’t want to go in to the arena, I forgot my wallet, Oliver wanted a ice cream so bad, but no money, three minutes later he pooped his pants, awesome. After practice we got home, showered, then we ended the night with pizza delivery. And I needed a glass of wine when the kids were down. Cheers my friends!

This was not Oliver’s best day. But I can’t complain. We all have our days… He’s normally so happy!!

Good night from a half dead me :)


Playroom in the basement

1G6A1999.jpgBasket// Target

I saw this basket a couple of month ago. Last night while we were playing in the basement I realized it would be perfect for our wood blocks (which is a gigantic jenga, but we use it most of the time to build tracks and houses), so I took a quick trip to Target.



It’s impossible to buy one thing when you go there… I also found these boxes, wood letters and animals. The stars and string lights I bought long time ago, from Target as well, but they are still in store.


Play tent (away team’s locker room if you ask Eddie-Bo) // Restoration hardware   Hopscotch rug, chair, play table, toy boxes //Land of Nod
Fire truck and Gas station// Restoration hardware
Playhouse// Land of Nod


I got rid of some broken toys and put some other toys in a box, a good idea to keep some toys out of sight and then the kids get excited to see them coming back!

Gotta go, Pilates coming up and then I need to continue to plan for the renovation!
Xx Cissi

Super bowl Sunday




Eddie-Bo and Oliver’s feet :)

I finally got my new rug (from Bo Concept) for the basement. It’s shiny and shifting in different shades of soft blue, me like!

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, not that i’m a big fan of football, but I’m a fan of all the the new commercials and the halftime show. This year with Coldplay joined by Beyonce and Bruno Mars!

Have a nice Sunday!

Xx Cissi