Spa mode






Idag har jag verkligen tagit hand om mig själv. Först bokade jag en massage, ingen avslappnande direkt, utan en riktig hård och djup massage, men det var vad jag behövde. Fick tom andas som om jag födde barn, hehe. Men det hjälpte verkligen och ryggen känns bättre nu. Efter det fixade jag naglarna och fötterna. När jag kom hem bestämde jag mig för att stanna ‘in the spa mode’, så jag tände ljus, satte på soundtracket av A Star Is Born (går på repeat här, får inte nog!!), skrubbade kroppen och hoppade i badet. Så härligt!!
Är du bra på att ta hand om dig själv? Jag tar ju massage ofta, men det är ett måste för att jag ska må bra. Och tränar så klart. Naglarna gör jag ca var tredje vecka, men annars är jag lite dålig på att ta behandlingar. Ska nog ta och boka in en ansiktsbehandling, känner mig lite höstgrå i ansiktet!

Today I really treated myself. First I took a massage, not a relaxing one, but a really good deep tissue massage, just what I needed. I even had to breath like I was giving birth, hehe. But my back feels better now! After that I did a pedicure and manicure. When I came home I decided to stay in the spa mode, so I lit some candles and put on the soundtrack of A Star Is Born (can’t get enough of that album). I body scrubbed and ended with a bath. That was all pretty NICE and I feel recharged.
Are you good of taking care of yourself? I take massage often, need that for my back. And I work out of course. I aslo do my nails every third week. Otherwise I’m pretty lazy when it comes to treatments. Note to self – book a facial, I feel grey and not so glowy at the moment! 





Hi, it’ Saturday morning here and we are having a countdown to Sweden’s quarter final that starts at 4pm, like most Swedes!! I heard on the news that many people are changing their schedules today so they can watch the game, like a wedding change their time, other sports are changing their game time etc. Pretty awesome and that shows how big it is, and how proud and happy we are about our football team!! I wish them their best today.

The picture above is from one of our bathrooms. For you who have followed me for a bit have seen it before. When I designed this bathroom, I decided to pick up a lot of colors and material from the kitchen – so the walls, vanity, faucet and hardware are totally matching. I think it holds it together and that’s a tip if you are building or renovating. It might also make your planning a bit easier, because there are so many decisions to make on the road.

Our master bathroom


There are so many things I love about our house, our master bathroom is for sure one of them. I started to design this over six years ago when we built the house, and I could do the exact same bathroom over again!
Custom build vanity// Braam kitchen

1G6A5863 (1)


I keep my favorite jewelries in a box from West Elm.


Wall faucets// Axor Hansgrohe


Tile and marble// Ciot


Shower head and shower pieces// Axor Hansgrohe



Bathtub, faucets and all shower pieces are all from Advanced plumbing.

Update- Brandywine has built our amazing home!! Just saying if you are looking for a great builder in Birmingham area!

Now time to bring the kiddos for lunch and enjoy the afternoon outside. Later tonight some girlfriends and I are going to see Maks & Val show, from Dancing with the stars! I’m so excited, love dancing!! I have a dream to one day learn Argentine tango…

Cute oldie and my status



This old man and the girls makes me smile!! How cute!! This is an ad that came with Saks Fifth Avenue in the mail years ago. I had forgotten I had saved it, but now it’s framed in an old Ikea frame and bright up my bathroom wall. So that’s todays tip – cut out cool pictures from magazines and frame them!


Lets talk about sick me now! Yesterday I missed a Swedish afternoon at Emma’s house, we were supposed to watch Mello (a Swedish song contest) and eat Swedish chocolate pudding, my favorite! I was so bummed… but guess who came over with chocolate pudding to poor me :) So thoughtful, thank you again sweetest Emma ♥

Today’s status. Oh faaaawk…. I’m better, but I’m still not feeling amazing and we are leaving for Aspen tonight!! I’m trying to pack up and rest in between. I get dizzy when I stand up, but get bored when I’m laying down. So I’m glad I can spend some time to update the blog at least :)

See you in Aspen peeps!! Hopefully from the slopes.

Bathroom before and after


This bathroom is almost complete!! On the to do list -a bigger mirror, handles, molding around the door and some more painting. I’m beyond happy about the result!!





Here – before pictures:


It’s kind of an award space as you can see, you can’t be too tall, but I fell in love with the beams and saw the potential. There where pipes under the ledge, and I remember the day my contractor called me with good news, that they where able to get rid of those and get new ones under the floor. That made a huge difference. I will give you some more details another day!

Bathroom before and after

Before, not really my style :)


We decided to use a smaller window and add a shower in here.

After: (I forgot my good camera in the Småland house… oh well…)


Cabinet// Falerumskök   Cement top// Made of Jens our builder   Sink// Villeroy&Boch  Marble floor// Kolmårdsmarmor  Hexagon tile// Megakakel i Linköping   Light// LampeGras  Faucet// Tapwell   Handles// BusterAndPunch Mirror// hmm could be from Esq in Linköping…





It’s not a big bathroom, so these glass doors works great. The shower is from Tapwell. The drain (from Unidrain) is missing a piece of the marble, it will almost be invisible when that piece is installed.



Details! I use a Mateus coffee cup as a vase. I love the bubble design, but it feels like the bubbles are poking your lip when you are drinking from it :). The towel is an old favorite from Missoni. Hooks from ‘Granit’ I think, and the zebra is from Jonathan Adler.


Two of the walls are painted with lime paint/kalkfärg -Jotun vallmofrö (NCS S4502-Y), a warm greige color. The walls are also sealed because it’s a bathroom.



Couldn’t be happier about the result!! And did you see the lovely view from here on my Instagram @cissifranzen?

One thing I like to do when I design and plan, is to repeat some colors, and details in more then one room. For example this bathroom and the kitchen has the same paint colors, handles, faucet and even the wall light is the same. And the green marble floor we also have in the foyer. I think it gives a calm feeling, and also it helps a lot when you pick out all the new stuff. That’s not the easiest, there is so much beautiful things to choose from!!


Powder room – Before & After


Vanity// Fairmont Acacia   Faucet// Grohe  (both from Advanced Plumbing)   Mirror// Unison    Towel// Missoni     Floor tile// Home Depot    Walls and trim// Bright White   Light Bulb// Ikea   Wall light// hmm some online store, but two other light I ordered came with two dents plus a very long delivery time, so I don’t want to recommend that company anyway!



Soap// Lothantique (I buy them at Mills)   Old coffee cup// Anthropology -A perfect fit for the little cactus!



Mini plate// West Elm

And this was the powder room before the renovation:



I got some bad news Sunday morning, my buyer pulled the offer… So the house is back on the market. I thought everything was good and all set, but nope they change their mind. I’m most upset that we missed two Sundays that we could have had open house.

Well I’m sure a new lucky buyer will come soon!



Bathroom Mood board

bathroom moodboard jpeg


Mood board for our Swedish Master bathroom! I just talked to my contractor and we both think it’s time for me to come home for a few days to pick out LOTS of stuff. So, a flight ticket needs to be booked!

But first, I’m heading over to my renovation here to finish up the last details. The camera is coming with me, it’s time to show you the result. A meeting with my realtor is scheduled for tomorrow and hopefully the house will be on the market before the weekend!! I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it… :)

Kram// Xx Cissi









Oliver, that little man :) He enjoys our big bathtub! Talking about bathtubs… I need to find one for our house in Sweden, pronto! The plumber is there working this week and he needs to know! I’m looking for a similar one.

For some reason I couldn’t sleep good last night and I’m so tired, I was suppose to be at a fun event tonight, but I had to cancel, plus I need to find a tub and get some other work done!

Ok, bathtub searching it is!!