Happy Friday





Hello from me and my shiny master bathroom! The cleaning ladies just left and I love when the whole house is organized and cleaned! I organize and the cleaning ladies, shocker, they do the cleaning :)
Another thing I love is pilates, started the day with that before a few hours of work. Next on today’s schedule is a kids hockey birthday party!

Have a wonderful weekend my friends!!
Kram//Xx Cissi

Bathroom tile


Thanks again Lina for keeping us updated with pictures!
Bathroom progress! I like what I see. Cant wait to see it when it’s complete. I decided to do two walls with this hexagon tile. The other two walls will be painted with lime paint.

I stay up way too late every night. Always been a night person. I’m at the moment watching The Voice :) I have a lot of catching up to do before we’ll travel to Los Angeles to watch it live. I don’t know when it will be, but I think Adam (Levine) will text me and let me know, hehe (in my dreams!).

10 min (12.30am) later and I’m finally in bed. We got a new mattress delivered today, that Johan bought… it feels like I’m laying on cement… I loved our Tempurpedic and he hated it!! We agree on most things, but not when it comes to bed mattresses. This is mattress number four in 10 years. Puh.. I hope I get used to it.

Night night!!


New bathroom floor


I was just watching the Presidential Debate, that didn’t make me excited but this floor sure does!  Hillary is far from perfect, but Trump is scaring me, both as a human and a former hairdresser :)

Enough about politics and back to my new bathroom floor. My brother and Lina just sent me this picture.
This specific green marble is Kolmårdsmarmor, (comes from the Swedish city Kolmården, not far away from our house). Part of the hallway floor already had this marble when we bought the house, so I decided to match the hallway and the bathroom. Lina’s words -The most beautiful floor I ever seen, the picture doesn’t even make it justice!

This floor with two walls of grey lime paint (kalkfärg) and two with greige hexagon tile, oh man, can’t wait!





Hello!! Already Friday again? Time flies. I’m still waiting for the warmer weather to come. It’s snow outside… not much, but still. So done with that!!
Today is the last day of spring break for the kids, two weeks total. Plus we were in Aspen the week before the break and to be honest I didn’t know the Spring break was for two weeks, oops… I know the boys will be excited for school again on Monday morning!

Now time to play hockey in the basement!

I’ll check in later to show you about yesterday’s charity work. It was a very touching day.


I wish you a fantastic weekend!!

Xx Cissi


For sale






$599 000 and it’s all yours!! More info here.

3724 Darlington Rd N
Bloomfield Twp, MI 48301

My renovation house got done in December, which is the worst time of the year to list a house, so it’s still on the market. Now when spring is here I hope I’ll find a happy buyer!!

Xx Cissi

Bathroom details



Some details from our Master bathroom.

A real photographer is coming to the house to take pictures of the master bathroom and the basement for a magazine. Very excited about that, I will tell you more another day!

Now I need to snuggle with my favorite boys in the whole world before I have to go to the airport!

 Xx Cissi

New in


I’m always up for a change in the house. This time just some new fresh hand soap, scented candle and a tray for our powder room. The French Oak is a favorite. For you that have followed me for a while, this is the same candle that Oliver scooped out all the wax and put it in his hair. It took me a week to get rid of that smell and I never thought I would like it again. But I was wrong. Now it gives me a smile every time a wash my hands :)

New in  Gold tray/ Target  Candle & Hand soap/ Restoration Hardware

IMG_0225 (1).jpg



Love this picture. A close up from our lake under the dock in Sweden a beautiful winter day many years ago. Photographer/Hubby <3

I wish you all a great weekend.


Xx Cissi

For Sale!!

Yes, finally my renovation house is on the market, list price $599 000.

F O R  S A L E

3724 North Darlington Rd, 48301 Bloomfield twp, MI







Kitchen & Dining room



DSC_1636 (2)DSC_1716DSC_1714

Living room



Master bedroom




Master bathroom




Common bathroom



Bedroom 1


Bedroom 2





DSC_1754 (1)

I’m so in love with this house :)

December is the worst month to list a house… it’s just to cross my fingers and hope for the best :) It’s been lots of fun and I’m super happy with the result of the house. It’s just been taking way to long time to get it done. Three months turned into seven. And time is money. I have learned a lot from this project and will bring my experience with me to my next project!

If you are interested in the house click here.

Xx Cissi

Winter is here

H E L L O  S A T U R D A Y

And welcome snow, what a cozy day!


We started the day with Eddie-Bo’s hockey game. Oliver just wanted to be outside in the snow.
He thought it was the coolest thing ever :)
We also took a trip to Swea’s Christmas fair.

After that we had our massage therapist coming to our house. The best. I let Miriam soak in a hot bubble bath after the massage.
She thought she had checked into a spa, and I said that’s included when you stay in our guest suite :)


The kids love the snow and have been outside for hours today, so happy!!

I also decorated a little bit more. I’m now ready to go all in. I want more. Tomorrow I might buy a X-mas tree. Big one. Big.

Xx Cissi

Renovation update

H E L L O   F R I D A Y

How are you doing??

This bathroom is now waiting for the plumber and for shower walls.

I have been painting all day. I finished up this bathroom, the hallway, some door frames, baseboards, two windows, a closet and the mud hall.

Before we started the renovation, there was just a tiny closet and no space at all here and one of two stairways down to the basement. I wish I could say it was my idea to close the stairway and also take part of the garage to make this space larger, but it was my stepdad’s idea (thank you Lage!!) Turned out great! This is the entry from the garage. 

Mud hall

After all painting I had AW (after work) with myself. I really needed some wine today :)

Looking forward to next week, all paint is done on the first floor so now it’s time to install lights and doorknobs and finish up everything. Yeah! Me and painter Jimmie will continue in the basement. One day it will be done. I think, I mean that’s the plan… gaaa it’s going so slow!! And I don’t like slow.


I wish you all a great weekend :)

Xx Cissi