Our new laundry room


My last days in Sweden was really busy and I realized on the airplane that I forgot to take photos of our new laundry room. Since Johan was still there, I hired him to do the job!


He didn’t clean and made it perfect blog friendly though ;) Lots of building dust and dirt, and this was before the electrician was there to do his job. But anyway I’m so happy about the result!! Shelfs, a rod and lights are still left to install.


Beautiful custom cabinets – Falerumkök (Painted in Beckers Tjäle) Handels- Buster and punch (same as in the kitchen) Faucet – Tapwell  Tile – from Megakakel Linköping (klinker alltså, fast det ser ut som trä).

I’m addicted to Game of Thrones. Time for two (maybe three) more episodes before bedtime!

A peek from the guesthouse


Zig zag sheets// From Esq in Linköping   Striped pillow case// Mille Notti 
Cement table// Jysk   Vase// Esq   Candle stick// Tove Adman (a favorite I’ve had for many years)  Wall color// Beckers Sundborn (NCS3810-R97B, NCS same in all countries)  Carpet// XL Bygg, don’t know what brand or color though…


It’s Friday night and I’ve been having a slow day. Me and the kids went to the gym. I dropped off the kids at their Kids club, they love being there. My plan to do a work out turned in to a 90 minute massage instead at the spa. J had a cancellation so I guess that it was meant to be. I always go to J or Mark, both are great! It was well needed and I felt I was worth that.
After the gym we spent a few hours by our pool with some friends.

More pictures from Sweden will come. I feel that the blog didn’t get so much love during the summer as I planned. Also I didn’t get as much done as I planned either. Well well…

Have a great weekend!



Guesthouse progress




Right now! I sent my mom to take some photos :)IMG_1319.JPG
All old yellow wood color will be painted in bright white. New floors will be installed as well. It’s vinyl floor right now. I’ve ordered a light grey carpet for the two bedrooms upstairs and a wood floor for the living room and kitchen.

IMG_1309.jpgBedroom 1. Painted in Beckers Sundborn
NCS3810-R97B. NCS is the same in all countries, thumbs up for that!


Bedroom 2. Painted in Beckers Mossa
NCS 4106-G49Y

Also bedroom 2. The pictures are a little bit dark. But it’s a “dirty green/grey” tone. Can’t wait to see it in real!!

Livingroom. Painted in Beckers Havstulpan.
NCS S2000 N

IMG_1324-3.JPGOld kitchen is out and new Ikea kitchen will be installed in a few weeks.

And that’s what I’m gonna plan right now. Ikea’s kitchen planner program is easy to work with as long as you remember your user name and password. I totally screwed that up on my previous reno… so typical me! Haha. You learn by your mistakes, right?!

Xx Cissi