Carpet it is


To answer yesterday’s question – I choose a carpet! I think it turned out great to mix a soft carpet with all other raw and industrial materials.


And the the steal beam!!! A favorite detail we found under the old ceiling and walls. We added three spotlights on each side, and wrapped the sides with matching steal.



Unfortunately the guy who measurered the carpet, ordered to little… and now it’s vacation time for almost all companies in Sweden. So those five steps have to wait a few weeks…


A radiator cover and some other small details to fix – than it’s all done!! Woop woop!

Last day in The States


The last night spent in this bed for awhile! We are, for once, all done packing up without any stress and we still have a few hours before we have to go to the airport, I guess I’ve finally learned after thirteen years of traveling back and forth between The States and Sweden :)



It’s so HOT here today, 98F/37C (!) so I’m loading up with tons of water and an ice cold lemonade and soaking up the last hours by the pool.

And Happy Father’s day to all the dads out there! (it’s American Father’s Day today)

See you in Sweden peeps!!



Happy weekend



Lovely anemones!


Hello!! Fresh pictures from the bedroom where Oliver and I spent the morning, so cozy!! The other half of the family left the house suuuper early, around 6am, to drive to Eddie-Bo’s hockey game. He’s playing in a tournament that started yesterday. Two games and two wins so far, and 8 goals by our hockey crazy son!! I’m so proud!!

Yesterday we had a storm here and we lost power . Again. We need to buy a generator, so boooooring but well needed in this area where all power lines are having in the air!!
Today it’s a beautiful day, and I’m planning to spend the day by the pool in between the games :) Emma and Love just got here to join us!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!

From the master bedroom




Finally my new drapes are up! I think I bought them in October :) They are from Ikea, and they come in two different lengths, and none of those were perfect, so I had them tailored. I have a sewing machine myself, but I chose to be lazy in this case and pay for the job, hehe! Easy peasy.

Kram//Xx Cissi

24h in the bed


Hello from the bed! Känner mig lika hängig som den där blomman… Im feeling as poorly as that flower… I think the flu hit me yesterday. I couldn’t even watch tv. Then you know you are sick for real, haha. Compared to that I’m much better today and the tv is now on :) I’ve isolated myself in our bedroom though, I do not want the rest of the family to get sick.


We finally got rid of our cement mattress (for real worst mattress ever, my ribs were hurting when I tried to sleep on it). Now we got a lovely one from SleepNumber. Perfect for us, with a control I pick my number and hubby his, from scale 1-100, from soft to firm. Smart! Also new in here is the picture, from Saatchi Art.

I hope you a staying healthy!!
Kram//Xx Cissi

Lots of marble


There is so much I love about our American home. This marble fireplace is one of my favorites. It’s a real statement piece in our master suite, that divides the sitting area from the bedroom area. I also love how it matches the marble we have in our master bathroom, kitchen and butlers pantry. It puts it together if you know what I mean!

Oh my. I’m so tired. Last night was great and it got pretty late. And today has been a busy day with hockey and skiing. I took the boys all by myself skiing, just about 40 minutes away from home. Puh, lots of work but we had so much fun. No meltdowns, high five! They did great and I’m so proud of them. You never know, next time might be different :)

Now→ bed and an episode of Vikings!

Happy weekend



New plant, from Fleur Detroit. The green plus the warmer tone on the planter is a good complement to the colder tones in the bedroom, I think!

I took Oliver to the doctor today, but all tests were negative which is good, so hopefully the fever will go away soon.
A slow Friday night is waiting with home made Thai chicken curry and Suits. I think we have a whole season in front of us (!). I’m done with Game of Thrones, oh what an amazing show!! I want more now!

Have a wonderful weekend me sweet readers!!

Fireplace and candles


When I’m not at concerts, which is pretty often (three the last three weeks!), I’m mostly ending my evenings right here in our master suite, in front of the fireplace and lighted candles. Now it’s time for me to watch Wahlgrens Värld, a Swedish reality show that I love!

Xx//Kram Cissi

Happy weekend

1G6A0019 (1).jpg


Puh, I had to go inside for awhile to cool off, thumbs up for air condition (and pool!). It’s been so hot the last two days, 90F/32C, crazy but so nice!

The sun light in our bedroom is so beautiful in the afternoon. I’m pretty sure last time I posted a picture from here, I said I’m planning to lower the bed and new picture bla bla bla… the plans are still there :) Also on the to do list -to fix the drapes… they are too long and just collect dust.

An unexpected slow Friday night for me! I thought I was taking Eddie-Bo to hockey, but Johan did and Oliver is playing with our awesome babysitter, so here I am all by myself on the patio, with a smile, listening to a podcast with a glass of wine! Love when Johan is having good days ♥

Cheers for that and happy weekend!!

Headboard thoughts and a chair


From our room when we stayed at lovely 1 Hotel in Miami. Right now I’m thinking of our bedroom in Sweden. I want to do a headboard with clapboard/panels like this, from the floor up to the ceiling, and because there won’t be lots of space for sideboards, with shelfs on the sides like this: (from Pinterest)

Instead of horizontal paneling maybe do herringbone pattern… I can already hear my builder Jens trying to talk me out of that idea, since it will be more time consuming, hehe…

These two pictures are from Restoration Hardware’s new herringbone collection, just beautiful!!


Also. I’m in love with this chair at 1 Hotel ♥ I need to text our friend Benny who works there, to see if he can find out where it’s from…

Kram//Xx Cissi