Happy weekend

1G6A0019 (1).jpg


Puh, I had to go inside for awhile to cool off, thumbs up for air condition (and pool!). It’s been so hot the last two days, 90F/32C, crazy but so nice!

The sun light in our bedroom is so beautiful in the afternoon. I’m pretty sure last time I posted a picture from here, I said I’m planning to lower the bed and new picture bla bla bla… the plans are still there :) Also on the to do list -to fix the drapes… they are too long and just collect dust.

An unexpected slow Friday night for me! I thought I was taking Eddie-Bo to hockey, but Johan did and Oliver is playing with our awesome babysitter, so here I am all by myself on the patio, with a smile, listening to a podcast with a glass of wine! Love when Johan is having good days ♥

Cheers for that and happy weekend!!

Headboard thoughts and a chair


From our room when we stayed at lovely 1 Hotel in Miami. Right now I’m thinking of our bedroom in Sweden. I want to do a headboard with clapboard/panels like this, from the floor up to the ceiling, and because there won’t be lots of space for sideboards, with shelfs on the sides like this: (from Pinterest)

Instead of horizontal paneling maybe do herringbone pattern… I can already hear my builder Jens trying to talk me out of that idea, since it will be more time consuming, hehe…

These two pictures are from Restoration Hardware’s new herringbone collection, just beautiful!!


Also. I’m in love with this chair at 1 Hotel ♥ I need to text our friend Benny who works there, to see if he can find out where it’s from…

Kram//Xx Cissi

From the bedroom



Old favorite that I bought in Thailand many years ago!
Flower from the garden.



We are back in our small house in Småland. I think the size of our bedroom here is the same as my walk in closet in the States :) However I love this bedroom. One detail I really like is the white custom made curtains. We decided to use that instead of closet doors to save space, and it also makes the room cozy. If only my better half could close them every time… hehe…

Johan and Eddie-Bo went to the island Öland today. Oliver and I stayed here, and we’ve been having a wonderful day with farmor/mom in law and aunt Nina. We visited a farm (heaven for Oliver!) and stopped for lunch and fika!

Oliver is now sleeping and I’m waiting for the hamburgers to get ready. Victor and Lina just got here and we are going to play cards tonight, love it!

I hope you are having a great weekend!!

Finally we have a bedroom!



This will be our future guest room, but while our master bedroom is still under construction, we’ll be using this room!


Old favorite sheets from Mille Notti. I miss our American king size pillows though… everything is bigger in America :) Need to check that out.


Found this floor light at Ikea (ARÖD). The one and only light so far in here :)


Also from Ikea, TURBO clothing rack and and SKUBB organizer. A great tip if you don’t have time or lots of money to spend on a closet. The organizer might not be a beauty, but I really really like the rack! I put another two racks in the closet behind the door.



Velvet bedspread from Linum.

Such a relief to get a bed and all our clothes organized!! I don’t have a cleaning lady here yet, (anyone that needs a job?!) so I will keep it simple, since it’s still so much to do in the house. A headboard, a green plant, pictures, mirror and a chair or some kind of nightstand will be added later on!

And today was the first day I got a few minutes over to take some pictures, yeah!!

Kram//Xx Cissi


New nightstands!


New in, zink nightstands from Restoration Hardware!! I’m in love :) I just sent two pictures for framing, that I think will look amazing here on the wall. Also, still need to get rid of the boxspring to lower the bed…


These details, love!!

1G6A1333 (1)

I heard Aloe Vera plants are good for your sleep. And look closer to the picture, it’s Johan 7 years old, in Redwings gloves :)


Oliver’s school was cancelled today, so we are home playing at the moment, cozy!! Later I’m invited for a tour of Little Ceasars Arena, Detroit’s brand new fabulous home arena for hockey and basketball, that is suppose to be done in the fall. Will be cool to see such a big construction site!

Later babes!
Kram//Xx Cissi

Our Master bedroom


Hello from another sunny (ice cold) day here, and we are still in pajamas, yep it’s already 1.30pm :) I love our crazy big master suite, but I want a little more modern touch now. You almost need a ladder (stege) to get up to our bed. I’m planning to get rid of the springboxes in the bottom, to lower the bed… but than the dressers will be too high… so I’m selling the two dressers from Restoration Hardware for $700/each (new price was about $1800), let me know if you are interested!


Bed frame, ceiling light, linnen sheets, dressers// Restoration Hardware   Rug// Hagopian   Vase// Crate & Barrel    Drapes// Swedish Hemtex    Table lights// Some store in Toronto   Blanket// Bo Concept



The marble fire place is a favorite that divides the bedroom from the sitting area. I’m at the moment looking for some cool pictures for that area… and I also might have mentioned to hubby that I want a new wall color. You should have seen his face, he didn’t agree to that at all, hehe. Well well, I still like the grey walls, but…
And behind that door is my walk in closet that is in need of a spring clean up asap!

Time for a shower and then we are heading out for a family lunch and maybe go to the movies!

Kram// Xx Cissi

Happy Saturday





Hello! Last night we went to a beautiful wedding and we had so much fun. That I got three hours of sleep was not as fun. Eddie-Bo woke up around 5 and never went back to sleep and that has NEVER happened before. Why today of all days :)? I’m at the moment sipping on a coffee and hope that will help me to wake up :) No big plans for today, but I think we’ll take a bike ride into town to get some smoothies. We recently bought a bike trailer, perfect for Oliver and Eddie-Bo loves to ride his bike.

Have a great weekend!!

A peek from the guesthouse


Zig zag sheets// From Esq in Linköping   Striped pillow case// Mille Notti 
Cement table// Jysk   Vase// Esq   Candle stick// Tove Adman (a favorite I’ve had for many years)  Wall color// Beckers Sundborn (NCS3810-R97B, NCS same in all countries)  Carpet// XL Bygg, don’t know what brand or color though…


It’s Friday night and I’ve been having a slow day. Me and the kids went to the gym. I dropped off the kids at their Kids club, they love being there. My plan to do a work out turned in to a 90 minute massage instead at the spa. J had a cancellation so I guess that it was meant to be. I always go to J or Mark, both are great! It was well needed and I felt I was worth that.
After the gym we spent a few hours by our pool with some friends.

More pictures from Sweden will come. I feel that the blog didn’t get so much love during the summer as I planned. Also I didn’t get as much done as I planned either. Well well…

Have a great weekend!



Renovation update

Before (Bedroom 1)

And after.


Before (Bedroom 2)

And after. The new black windows will be installed sometimes in the fall.

The renovation in the main house is going so slow and our plan to move in there before we go back to the States, well, that is not happening :(
But today the floor guy finally showed up and stained (golven är lutade) the bedroom floors. I’m not sure if he’s all done, it might be one more coat with a sealer. I’m very happy with the result, I think the mix of the wall colors and the floor color are calm and peaceful!


Our bedroom

1G6A4106.jpgHeadboard// made by me & Johan  Linen and Bed skirt// Mille Notti Bedspread// Mimou  Nightstand// Björn Johansson (about fourteen years old) Mirror// made by and old friend Joakim Eriksson, also long time ago, but still a favorite.



I love our small cozy bedroom. I think it’s the same size as my walk in closet in our american home ;)

Work in the garden is next on today’s schedule. I also need to do some kind of workout. I never have any routines in Sweden, maybe I need a meeting with myself to plan my workout better. In the states I can always bring the kids to the gym, and they love being at the kids club. But no kids clubs here, but the kids have an awesome grandma close. If you read this please feel free to come over!