Oliver’s 4th Birthday



Can’t believe this amazing little man is 4 years old! Happiest boy I know and always full of energy :) All gifts were -Wow! No way! Haha, so excited for everything in his life!!


After the gifts, he saw this bouncy house we had rented for the day. Another -No way!!





Chef John from Joe Louis grilled tasty ribs, chicken and burgers/sliders. Yum.

1G6A9140 (1)

Blaze cake from The Home Bakery in Rochester, I just did the decoration on the top :) Oliver was in heaven, even though he was confused, there was no candle to blow out… Oops. I forgot to add that :)


Messy table, but lots of yummy sweets!





All kids were swimming and used the bouncy house all day/evening long!

1G6A9214 (1)

We were about 20 adults and 16 kids and we all had so much fun. We started 2pm and the last people left at 11pm! Note to self. Don’t come home from a vacation 9 in the evening the night before a big party, hehe. It was a little bit stressful, but everything turned out so good!! And most important, Oliver had a wonderful 4th birthday!! We love you Oliver, you are awesome!!

Eddie-Bo’s Superhero Party


Thank you Home Bakery in Rochester for making an amazing cake!


I can’t take any credit for the cake, but I wrapped and painted the superhero’s buildings, planned and bought everything for the party :)


A very happy and excited Eddie-Bo!!


A Captain America shield!




A flying Oliver, in a Captain America cape that he wore up till bedtime!



Yesterday we celebrated Eddie-Bo (6 years old tomorrow!), this time at the kids club at Lifetime, the gym we belong to. Mr James, that took care of all the 24 kids, is amazing!! They did a music and art class, and ended with a fun obstacle course (hinderbana) and bouncy house, before pizza and cake! Great success!!

Kram//Xx Cissi

A few pictures from my birthday

Eddie-Bo woke up first of all and ran into our bedroom and gave me this card he had picked out and written all by himself ♥ After that Johan and the boys made me breakfast and gave me all these lovely presents!! Thank you!!

My friend Evelina and her family came over for cake, which Johan and the boys baked the night before when I went to the movies. Eddie-Bo said I was not allowed to make my own cake :)

Ended the night with a fab dinner with these lovely people at 220 in Birmingham.

I had a Mexican mule or three, my favorite drink. Cheers!



I also had a coffee date with my neighbor Denise in the morning. I really had a great day. Thank you all for making my day so special, I’m like a kid when it comes to my birthday, hehe, love it. And, ADELE and BEYONCE tickets were some of my amazing gifts I got. I’m a spoiled little b..tch :)

Birthday girl…

…or woman, lady??!! Well, hello there my friends!!

Oh yeah, once again I’ve been celebrating my birthday. I mean today was actually my real birthday :) I was working in the morning and after that some friends came over for fika (coffee and sweets) and some home made pizza!

DSC_0563 (1)
Cutest, sweetest Liv came with balloons dressed in ballerina skirt!! Totally made my day!!




DSC_0545One of my favorite cakes. I always use this recipe. Love to bake!


This pizza… me and my friends call it The Pizza!

Instead of a tomato sauce, you mix artichoke hearts, olive oil and garlic. Recipe here. Yum!


And I got more lovely gifts :)
Now it’s bedtime for this spoiled and older blogger! It’s tough to celebrate this much ;)

Thank you all for all birthday wishes!!

Xx Cissi