Fresh flowers and I’m tired


Beautiful flowers from Blooming Design in Linköping, love that place.


One bouquet for the table and the other one I put on the kitchen island. I also bought a new tall tree for that corner, but I realize I couldn’t get it in the car :) so need to figure that out (dad I might need your help!). They have 50% off of all green plants this week, just saying…




Except for this quick flower shopping trip by myself and after that a nice ice cream trip with the kiddos, we have been fighting most of the day. Gaaaaaa they drove me nuts today. I hope for a more normal and peaceful day tomorrow. Now Netflix and candy for this tired moma :)

Kram//Xx Cissi

Always fresh flowers



More pics from our Swedish home. On the big kitchen island a beautiful crispy bouquet from BloomingDesign in Linköping, my new favorite flower shop in my home town!

The boys woke up 4am this morning so this day is a long one, not easy with the time difference! Eddie-Bo had an away game in the morning otherwise we have just been home. Right now they are in the bath tub, with a red bath bomb… I’m afraid my two blondies will end up with pick hair!!

Kram//Xx Cissi