Info Swedish master bedroom


Känslan att gå på denna gosiga mjuka heltäckningsmatta är very nice!! Från Ö-golv i Linköping – Heter Safir Färg Grå 149.

That feeling to walk around on this soft carpet is very nice! From Ö-Golv in Linköping – Safir Color Grå/Grey 149.

1G6A8430 2.jpg

Fönstren är specialbeställda från Preconal. Så nöjd med dom nu när alla är på plats. Men leveranstiderna hölls verkligen inte och just dessa fönster kom först med fel mått på spröjsen. Kommunikationen var också under all kritik. Men just nu struntar jag i det och fullkomligt älskar resultatet!!

Garderoberna är platsbyggda av Falerumkök. Färgen jag valde är Beckers Tjäle, en mjuk beige färg, och handtagen kommer från Buster and Punch.

Det sammanfattar svaren på några frågor jag fått in!

The windows are custom made from Preconal. Super happy with the result, but they were back ordered a few times. These windows first came with wrong mullion measurements and they didnt get back on emails or phonecalls. But I don’t care about that right now when they are all installed and are looking fab! 

The closets are custom made from Falerumkök. I picked the color Beckers Tjäle, a soft beige color, and the hardware are from Buster and Punch.

That covered some of the questions I got!


Master bathroom part 2


Hello from Birmingham, our town 30 min outside Detroit, Usa. It feels good to be back and I’m looking forward to routines again. I have none of that during the summer, same every year, hehe. But here comes more pictures from our master bathroom in Sweden as promised!



These lovely faucets are from Brizo, that I bought in the Usa… Not to recommend AT ALL. Shame on me for shipping those overseas plus it was a pricey custom tax (alltså tullavgift)… but sometimes you loose your sense when you fall in love :)


I’ll repeat some info:
Cabinets are custom made//Falerumkök and same with the double sink//BetongDesign   Handles//Buster and Punch.

LOVE all that. But I think I’ll change the lights (from Ifö) I used the same ones in another bathroom and it turned out perfect, but I think they are too small for this big mirror. Also, not super happy with the color choice, too minty, I might paint that to a beige color to match the raw concrete walls in the bedroom. But I’ll wait till I have new lights, that might change the tone for the better. These are actually the only things in the whole house I’m not 100% happy with. And I think thats ok, since I’ve planned most of the house from Usa :)


Hello double showers. The shower heads are from// Tapwell. I decided to use same tile that looks like wood, on the floor and the shower wall. From Megakakel i Linköping. Instead of a regular drain I used -Unidrain. How nice?!

The steps go up to our bedroom. Not sure if you can see, but instead of a door we used a frosted sliding door (that also matches the shower door) from Rapps glas. So either you see the steps or the toilet. That was a lot of info, too much?!! Hope you’ll like it!

Also peeps. I think I will start writing in Swedish too?! So both in Swedish and English. What do you think?

Happy Friday!!!!


Our new laundry room


My last days in Sweden was really busy and I realized on the airplane that I forgot to take photos of our new laundry room. Since Johan was still there, I hired him to do the job!


He didn’t clean and made it perfect blog friendly though ;) Lots of building dust and dirt, and this was before the electrician was there to do his job. But anyway I’m so happy about the result!! Shelfs, a rod and lights are still left to install.


Beautiful custom cabinets – Falerumkök (Painted in Beckers Tjäle) Handels- Buster and punch (same as in the kitchen) Faucet – Tapwell  Tile – from Megakakel Linköping (klinker alltså, fast det ser ut som trä).

I’m addicted to Game of Thrones. Time for two (maybe three) more episodes before bedtime!

Madly in love


Kitchen// Falerumkök   Hood// Fjäråskupan    Range Hood//Ilve   Window// Preconal  Handles// Buster&Punch   Fridge & Freezer// Gaggenau   Floor// Dinesen    Countertop// Silestone  Faucet// Tapwell   Ceiling lights// PR Home (LjusExperten Linköping)   Wall lights// LampeGras (Artelleriet)   Bar stools// Giron (DisInredning)


Hello!! I’m sitting here in our new kitchen and I’m so in love. I couldn’t be more happy about the result. There is still some things that need to get fixed, a few handles are missing, a beam in the ceiling needs to get stained, and something is wrong with the new fridge… so right now we are having an old and ugly temporary one (not seen in the pictures, and it’s not blog friendly at all, haha).

We’ve been having friends over for the few last days, so we’ve been using and enjoying the kitchen a lot!