Pool, new chaises & stim electrodes


Hello from us and this amazing weather, love it!! Oliver can’t get enough of the pool. He’s more under than over the surface :)

The two black chaises are new from CB2, and are on sale at the moment! I’ve four of the white ones on the other side of the pool, that I bought many years ago. They are comfy, easy to move, I like the design plus no worries about taking cushions in and out :)



Five seconds before this photo was taken, they were so cute together. They were laughing and Eddie-Bo in base layer and goalie mask (waiting for his hockey practice to start). But something happened here while I was grabbing the camera, haha.

Oliver’s Tuesdays are busy! Speech school, followed by speech therapy at another school, plus a brain treatment with stimulation electrodes, that will help the signals get organized faster. For new followers, he has verbal apraxia, basically means the signals from the brain to his muscles around his mouth, are not working as they should. He’s slowly getting better and better though. And they say he’ll talk great one day. Can’t wait!


A sucker (klubba) and netflix for 45 minutes, nothing to complain about! Johan is doing this treatment for his brain as well, without a sucker :) and instead of netflix he’s doing brain work out on the computer.

Pj and reading books are next for a tired Oliver! He’s still a busy little kid, but he loves going to bed, just to kiss him good night and leave him in his room, me like!

Kram//Xx Cissi


Side table love



Side table from CB2, me like! A new one got delivered yesterday, and I already have three outside by the pool area, that I’ve had for many years. The green plant is from Ikea, and so is the planter if I remember right… found it in the garage :)

Time to get dressed after a cozy morning with just Oliver. Johan and Eddie-Bo left for Miami early in the morning and I’m a little bit jealous, but it was my decision to stay home! I have a long to do list, first thing that need to be checked is the planning of Eddie-Bo’s birthday party that is coming up in a few days. Can’t believe his turning 6 years old!!

Enjoy your day! Cissi

Rainy day

Grey candles CB2
Rug// Layered  Pillows// CB2   Blanket// Missoni

After many sunny days I’m more than ok with a rainy day. I’m at the moment having some cozy time with Eddie-Bo in front of the fireplace and candles. We are watching a show and eating homemade chocolate balls while Oliver is at speech therapy. I love spending some one on one time with the kids.

I did pilates in the morning and had a meeting with the bank, and got some other work done. Productive day and still lots of time with the kids, me like!

And later today we have our massage therapist coming to our house, nope I’m not complaining about this day!