More cement and maybe a firepit


There is still so much work to do on the outside, but here is the new cement stairs!


We’ve decided to do the circled wall in black stucco. I think it will be a good contrast to the stairs and also very matchy with the windows. And I hope that will happen soon!!


And what would you do with this area? From the beginning there was a beautiful big tree surrounded with some greens. Unfortunately we had to dig that up to repair the wall and to drain the land (dränera). It’s so sad that we are destroying garden… but one day it will be nice again, promise!
I think we’ll make a sitting area with a round fire pit in the middle… where we can throw some logs on and grill hot dogs and marshmallows. How cozy, both on a winter or summer day! But this will be a project for next year.

The cement stair


We have a cement stair!


It’s still really empty, but i enjoy every step we are taking further away from the mess! We are planning to add a balcony over the entrance with two raw steal pillars and a black iron railing, wall scones/lights are still missing, and some more outdoor furnitures. Also planters and more greens will make a huge difference.




Cement stair and a busy day


Once again, pictures from our Swedish renovation house (not selling this one!). The house is old and has many different levels which is cool. I’m a cement lover, so I decided to do this stair (or it’s actually two stairs, one longer and one shorter with a landing in between) in cement. As you can see, it’s not really done yet, the painter has some more work to do.

Before: Some vinyl or plastic mat. I do like the old railing though!


We aslo exposed the brick from the chimney!


IMG_0031The plan is to match the paint in between the steps so that will look like cement too!

I’m laying in bed exhausted after a very busy, productive, but fun day! I dropped off Oliver at school, cleaned my renovation house (in Usa, I’ve so many houses, even confusing to me sometimes, haha) for three hours, picked up Oliver, had lunch, back to the house to clean another hour while Oliver played with my phone. My cleaning ladies were suppose to be there but cancelled, and I had to clean up because my floor guys came in the afternoon to finish the final coat. The house looks so good!! And of course I forgot my camera…
Coffee break at home and I got my energy back, so while the kids had fun and played, I did laundry and cleaned the kitchen and mud hall… went grocery shopping and started to prepare dinner, then had a lovely in house massage, that was a well needed break :) Quick shower before Jana and Marc with all kids came over for bbq (yes in the freezing weather…) At the same time my step dad arrived from Sweden! So before bedtime I aslo cleaned out the guest bedroom and put new sheets in!! Puh… what a day!! Love productive days though, and dinner with friends is the best!!

Kram//Xx Cissi