Ronald McDonald House

Idag startade jag dagen, tillsammans med några fler från ‘The Lady Wings”, med att laga frukost på ‘Ronald McDonald House’ i Detroit. Här bor familjer som har barn som är inlagda på sjukhusen runt om här. Ett ställe för anhöriga att få sova i eget rum, med dusch och toalett och där dom får frukost och hemlagad middag varje dag. En del stannar några nätter, andra kanske i flera månader. Dom ber om en donation på $10/natt för dom som har råd, men dom nekar aldrig någon på grund av ekonomin.

Vi fick en rundvandring i huset, och jag blev himla imponerad av hur fint det var och förstår hur mycket detta hus betyder för alla drabbade familjer. Samtidigt får man ju en knut i magen när man får en påminnelse hur skört livet är och hur fort det kan ändras. Pratade med en pappa som visade bilder på sin son, som föddes tre månader för tidigt. Första gången dom fick hålla sin son var han 1,5 månad, nu är han tre månader och kämpar fortfarande för sitt liv. Pappan berättade att han haft ett riktigt bra jobb innan, men nu förlorat både jobbet och lägenheten, och om några dagar skulle även hans telefon stängas av. Förstå stressen att inte veta hur detta ska sluta och dessutom med skyhöga skulder efter alla sjukhusräkningar. Blir så ledsen och arg på systemet här. Det är bara för sorgligt. Det är en ynnest att alla i Sverige får vård och inte behöver bekymra sig om enorma sjukhusräkningar, även om vi har mycket som kan bli ännu bättre. Men att nån ska bli hemlös på grund av sjukhusräkningar existerar trots allt inte i Sverige.

Klicka här för mer info om Ronald McDonald, eller om du vill skänka pengar eller är intresserad av volontär-jobb. Bilden med förrådet på alla leksaker går tex till julklappar. Känner att jag måste ta med mina pojkar och köpa leksaker till dom sjuka barnen och deras syskon. Allt måste va nytt här pga av barnens dåliga immunförsvar.


I started this morning, among some other Lady wings, to make breakfast at Ronald McDonald House in Detroit. For you who don’t already know, this is a house where families of hospitalized kids can stay. A place where they get their own room and bathroom. Also where they get breakfast and home cooked dinner. Some families might stay for a few nights, other for months. They ask for a donation of $10/night if you can afford that, but they won’t turn anyone away.
We got a tour of the house, and I was happy and surprised to see how nice it was and understand how much this house means to all the families. At the same time I felt sad and got a reminder of how fast your life can take a turn.
I was talking to a dad, his son was premature, born three months early. They got to hold him for the first time when he was 1,5 month old. He’s now three months and is still fighting for his life. The dad told me he had a great job as a supervisor at a company, but now he had lost his job and apartment, and his phone will be shut down in a few days, all this due to all the high medical bills. It kills my heart everytime I hear a story like this. I get so angry at the system here, it’s just sad. This would never happen in Sweden, where you don’t pay for hospital visits. Kids are all for free and there is not any big fees for adults either. Tax money covers all that. No-one would end up being homeless because of medical bills.

For more info about Ronald McDonald House click here, or if you want to donate or sign up for a volunteer job. The picture with all the toys, are all donated and will go to Xmas gifts for the sick kids and their siblings. They can only take new stuff due to the sick kids low immune systems. I will for sure take my boys shopping for a donation. 







About last night’s charity event


Here we are, some of the Lady Wings, ready to shop and spend some dollars for a good cause. Win, win!! Jennifer Granger, to the right of me, was one of the hostess, new in town and the brain behind this event, well done!


Goodie bag and champagne, yes please!


And yummy strawberries.

1G6A0448 (1)

One of the models (love the whole outfit!) and Pekka Heino (if you are Swedish or Finnish you know… lookalike!)

We were invited to a fashion show at Saks Fifth Avenue, and it was a lot of fun. 10% of all our shopping went to Humble Design, the amazing company that furnishers three houses a week for mostly women and veterans that are transitioning from a homeless life. Last time the Lady Wings helped this company, we did a little bit more work and dirt, remember?

Kram//Xx Cissi


Charity day/ Välgörenhetsdag


Yesterday the ‘Lady Wings’ helped  Humble Design to put together a home for a Detroit family in need. Luke Glendening and Darren Helm from the Redwings stopped by to help and hand over a check to this incredible organization. For more info or if you want to donate money or furniture/stuff click here.  After lots of cleaning and hard but fun work we turned an empty house into this ↓


To see the joy when the mom and her three kids came home, priceless!! And to know this family now has a place to live with their own beds and toys etc… that makes me so happy! It’s so important to give back to the community!

Side note. Eddie-Bo was reading on my t-shirt when I came home -Lady Wings!! He thought that name was so funny and kept laughing thinking of a game between Lady Wings and Lady Oilers etc… my sport nerd!

Kram//Xx Cissi


Charity work

Oh man, due to bad planning, yesterday was a really busy, little bit stressful, but in the end a very rewarding day!

I started the day with a PT session at the gym, followed by a quick shower, speed cleaned out the boys closets, off to a conference meeting at Eddie-Bo’s school (utvecklingssamtal), then to Kroger to fill up the whole car with diapers, wipes, formula etc (blöjor, våtservetter, mjölkersättning mm), at that time I cut my thumb on a diaper box… that didn’t want to stop bleeding. With napkins wrapped around my thumb, I ate lunch in the car on my way downtown for some charity work, and I spent the whole afternoon at Alternatives For Girls. It’s a shelter for women and kids in need. (So that’s why I did that shopping and cleaned out my boys closets, for donations. I should have prepared that another day… oh well)

We organized their closet, puh… so much stuff and so messy. But we did our very best!

Yesterday’s squad from ‘The Lady Wings’.

The most rewarding part of the visit this time, was to spend time with the girls at their after school program. We helped with homework and I was reading this important story with a sweet 8 year old. No pictures were allowed, for many different reasons. Of course for privacy and some moms and children might be hiding… so many tragic stories.

Not the best neighborhood in Detroit, but definitely not the worst either! An ambulance and fire truck just passed me with sirens on!

When I got back home, I had two minutes to chug a cup of coffee and a snack, before it was time to take Eddie-Bo to a practice! Later when the kids were in bed, I crashed in my bed watching some relaxing and totally meaningless tv show. It might have been The real housewives of Beverly Hills… Contrasts of the day to say the least!

Charity morning and party coming up

Wallpaper// John Bauer from .They have many cool pictures that you can order on canvas or any size wallpaper!



This area on our second floor, has been full of donation stuff all week. I’ve been like a maniac sorting out all closets, storage and bathroom cabinets. And this morning me, Rachel and Colleen, my “Redwings wifey buddies”, dropped off lots of stuff that we’ve been collecting for Alternatives for girls. It’s a shelter for girls between 15-21 years old in downtown Detroit, where the girls and their children can stay and get help in many ways. As soon we dropped off our donations, one woman asked if we had diapers size 4 and clothes for for a baby and a three year old, and we had that! She took the stuff right away and went up to one of the girls. We also had bought lots of feminine and hygiene products.

I’m happy my house is organized and even more happy to help these poor girls in need!!

A visit to a park with my boys is next on today’s schedule and later tonight we are going out to celebrate our awesome friend Marc, it’s birthday!! And I love birthdays!!

Happy Friday my friends!!


What a night!!!

My look last night at St. Jude Detroit Gala 2016. This dress knows how to have fun! I decided to donate money instead of buying a new dress for this event. Applause for me, thank you!





Ok, over to pictures from my phone. A night with many fun surprises!

Before we took off for the event, I ended up playing this instrument under a Jewish ritual. That was a first for me!

Live auction in action, so much fun! Wow this lady could talk fast!!!!

This charity event that was held at Henry Ford museum, raised about $340 000/over 3million SEK in 3h!!! All money went to St Jude Children’s Research hospital, where they treat and defeat childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. When you get treated their you will never receive a medical bill. A mom held a very nice speech that went straight to my heart.

At the event you could donate money thru buying raffle tickets, silent auction or live auction.

And guess who went crazy when this came up!! Four tickets to The Voice in LA. Yes, me and Emma!! We raised our hands over and over again…

IMG_3994.jpg… and we WON at $8000!!! Hello Adam & Blake ♥ ;) As you see in the picture above, this price was priceless, haha!!
Amazing to get something fun and awesome and at the same time give money for a great cause. Win win!!

IMG_4007 (1).jpg
Sorry for blurry pics, but after the event this party bus took us to…

…an Octoberfest. Totally party crashers :) I still don’t know who the home owners were, but thank you for a free drink and delicious food! I was trying to find them after I saw a family photo, but without any luck :)

What a night. As I said, full of surprises!