Charity day with Humble Design

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I took a screenshot from their website, for more info or if you want to make a donation click here.
I’m so impressed by Humble Design!! They have helped over 1000 families since the start 2009. They are doing about three homes a week. Amazing!! They also just filmed a reality show over the summer called ‘Welcome Home’. Airs on Sunday’s at 10am on TheCW. I need to start watching that show!

Jag tog en screenshot från deras hemsida, vill du läsa mer eller vill donera klicka här.
Jag försöker översätta -‘Vi är Humble design, en ideell förening som hjälper familjer som varit hemlösa och som kommer från härbärgen och som nu har ett hem, med möbler och inredningsservice. Vi förvandlar deras tomma hem till värdiga, rena och ombonade hem. Vi bygger inte bara upp ett hem, utan bygger också upp hopp.’

Jag är så himla imponerad av Humble Design!! Dom har sedan starten 2009 hjälpt över 1000 familjer. Dom gör vanligtvis tre hus per vecka. Helt otroligt! Dom har också precis filmat en reality show som heter ‘Welcome Home’, som visas söndagar kl 10 på TheWC. Det måste jag börja se!

Det var här, på en av Detroits ruffa gator, jag och några till från Lady Wings hjälpte Humble Design. Som jag berättade igår, gjorde vi fint till en pappa och hans 6-åriga dotter. Mamman gick bort i cancer för tre år sedan, och dom sista sex månaderna har dom bott på ett härbärge. Ni kan tänka er att se lyckan i deras ansikten när dom kom hem. Innan vi dök upp, hade dom endast två luftmadrasser och lite kläder…

On a rough street in Detroit. So this is where part of the Lady Wings helped Humble Design, to furnish a home for a dad and his six year old daughter yesterday. The mom passed away from cancer three years ago. And the last six month they have stayed in a shelter. To see their happy faces when they came home and opened the door, that’s an incredible feeling! Before we showed up they only had two air mattresses and some clothes…

Devon ,Christy och jag tog hand om Rohavens rum. Jag hade svårt att lämna när vi var klara och valde att stanna en stund för att leka med denna glada lilla söta tjej. Devon gjorde en intervju sen kom hon och lekte en stund också. Jag gav också bort mina matchbiljetter till Redwings-matchen som gick på kvällen. Hoppas det gav ännu lite extra glädje till deras mycket speciella dag!

Devon, Christy and I took care of Rohaven’s room. I had a hard time leaving when we were done and I ended up staying for a bit to play with this cute little excited girl. Devon did an interview and then she came to join us. I also ended up giving away my tickets for the Redwings game that night. So I hope that added some extra joy to their very special day!

Thank you Robert and Rohaven for letting me be part of this and I wish you all the best in your new home and a brighter future ♥

If you click here you’ll see a post about from when we helped another family!



Detroit street art


A must see in downtown Detroit!! You will find all these amazing murals in the Eastern Market area. It’s a project called Murals in the Market. Enjoy!













Winter in Detroit


Winter feelings deluxe in downtown Detroit!



My brother and nephew at Townhouse ♥



The GM building and Marriott. That’s the hotel we stayed at for five weeks when we first came to Detroit over twelve years ago. Back then you couldn’t walk outside here at all. It was a rough start for me, I didn’t know anyone and Johan was gone most of the time.


It’s wonderful to see how Detroit has change the last years. And for a Xmas lover as me this was perfect!

Next time I need to bring my boys. They are both sick and had to stay home. Poor things, and especially bad timing when their cousin is visiting!

Townhouse Detroit

500 Woodward Ave. Detroit, MI 48226

Yeah for Townhouse Detroit. Great atmosphere, food and design.
This is one of many newer restaurants in downtown Detroit. Love to see the change of this city.








So this is where me, my friends Jana and Marc went last night.

The food was delicious until me and Jana took our very last piece of sushi. We were about to DIE, literally. It had a piece of ghost chili on it, which we didn’t know… We had nothing else to eat after that, our mouths, lips, throats were on FIRE. We panicked and chugged water and ate some strangers fries (that was the only food close to us) gross I know, but seriously… worst feeling ever. It hurt for hours!! Haha!! I wish we had that incidence on video. I had to google ghost chili, and I can just agree. It says:

Heat  Exceptionally hot