Kiss, tequila and house showing


Hej mina kära följare. Puh idag är jag trött kan jag lova, inte konstigt dock. Igår blev det både museum och Kiss-konsert. Sååå himla bra var det!! Och att få dela den upplevelsen med vår vän Tomas som tycker Kiss är världens bästa band, det va fränt. Jag hade feeling hela kvällen och fick i mig ett gäng tequila-drinkar. Sån kul kväll. Inte lika kul idag, då jag städat och fixat varje vrå inför en privat husvisning. Det blev gjort iaf och nu är det så fint överallt. Älskar det!!

Hello my sweet followers. Puh, today I’m really tired. Totally worth it tho, since yesterday was fun with museum, followed by Kiss concert. The concert was sooo good. And to experience that with our friend Tomas that thinks Kiss is the best band in the world, was so awesome. I had feeling all night and had a few tequila drinks :) A really fun night! Not as fun today tho, when I had to clean and get the house ready for a private showing. But I did it and now the whole house in on point! Love it!






Där fick ni bilder på matrummet i en massa olika vinklar!

Nu har jag myst med barnen och ska ta ännu en kopp kaffe. Ikväll ska jag ta med svärfar och möta upp Tomas och Sofia som redan är downtown. Jim en vän från Linköping är oxå här med son och far, så dom ska jag också möta upp. Vi ska alla titta på kvällens Redwings-match. Full rulle här som ni hör :)
Kram Cissi

Our dining room in all different angles!

I just had some cozy time with the kiddos and now I’m ready for another cup of coffee. Tonight I’m bringing my father in law, Tomas and Sofia to the Redwings game. I also have another friend in Detroit from Linkoping, Sweden that I will meet up with. Busy busy as you can hear :)
Xx Cissi

Candles everywhere


Hi! Can’t get enough of candles this time of the year! This is from our dining room.



We have so much snow. Yesterday the schools were closed a ‘snow day’, and we ended up having a great family day. We started the day at the gym, the kids love their kids club, so while they had fun I was working out with my PT. After that we skated for an hour plus  went sledding, so much fun but man we were all tired after that and my muscles are so sore today!!

My mission for today is to finish up all Xmas shopping. I order most stuff online, but tonight I have a date with Jana including dinner and shopping at the mall!

Happy weekend to you all ♥

Time to plan a dinner night


My view from the office! In between paperwork I’m thinking that we are not using our dining room enough. Time to plan a fun dinner night! Who’s in?

Oliver and I just took a walk in the sunny weather, the birds were singing and I got a little spring feeling! And tomorrow it’s suppose to be 60F/16C, how nice!!! I’ve to admit one of my cleaning ladies, that just left, probably think I’m so weird. I thought she said 16F/-9C, and I responded – yuck!! Big difference between 60 and 16, haha :)

Happy weekend!!!
Kram//Xx Cissi

Our dining room at Xmas Eve





Our dining room right before our guests arrived on Xmas Eve. A candle in that hurricane above (from Restoration Hardware) is missing and also the schnapps glass were in the dishwasher at this moment, to get rid of a year’s dust :) Love my new grey table cloth (from Hemtex), thank you Lina and Victor!!

Hello from the air!! A perfect time to finally get some work done and also say hello to you, love wifi on the flights! We are on the way to Salt Lake City, final destination is Aspen, Colorado. I’m looking forward to ski and have fun with my family.

See you in Aspen!


Xmas feelings



I seriously can’t wait to start decorate for Xmas, my favorite holiday of the year. I just got this green plant and it gave me Xmas feelings!

Johan took Eddie-Bo to his early game this morning, so me and Oliver stayed home and had a cozy morning together. After that we went for brunch and I’m still stuffed.
Now, I’m taking the boys to the Redwings game. And later tonight we have our team Halloween party. Who has a party 10pm on a Sunday night, haha!! It will be so much fun but I’m already tired thinking about it. And tomorrow… Zzz…




Maybe eat dinner in the dining room tonight?!

It’s sunny and I’m full of energy. I’m so excited for next week. A trip is coming up, also just got tickets for Rihanna and my awesome and crazy friend Glitzy  is coming to visit next Friday. Never a dull moment when she’s around, can’t wait!
If you ask Johan, we are a little “too much” when we get together :) but I know he loves us!

But first I’m gonna enjoy this weekend and decorate for Easter. I need to buy some new flowers and also see if I’ll find these lovely pillows i showed you the other day.

Have a great weekend my friends!!

Xx Cissi

Christmas eve

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve!!






We were all happy to see Santa.


Well, except for Nellie!
Santa Baby (very blurry…)


I’ve been saying for a long time that I think it’s hard to get great photos  at night time. Santa made my wish come true about a new camera and Lisa and Joakim gave me a photo session with a great photographer!! Yeah!

Lazy, cozy pajamas Christmas Day morning so far. But now it’s time to get ready and cook some food. Today we are gonna celebrate American Christmas in Marc and Jana’s house!

Xx Cissi

It’s all about Xmas

H E L L O  S A T U R D A Y

Lisa, Joakim and their sweet Nellie are coming over soon for a cozy Christmas day. We will eat saffron buns, drinking Swedish glögg and also make some yummy chocolate fudge. Later today we are going to our neighbor’s Xmas party. Yes, the neighbor in the white amazing house. I will show you some pictures tomorrow. Santa is coming to the party so the kids are really excited.


Our dining room is ready for the holidays!




Lovely, lovely Saturday.
I have a feeling today’s gonna be a good day!

Have a fabulous weekend friends!

Xx Cissi

For Sale!!

Yes, finally my renovation house is on the market, list price $599 000.

F O R  S A L E

3724 North Darlington Rd, 48301 Bloomfield twp, MI







Kitchen & Dining room



DSC_1636 (2)DSC_1716DSC_1714

Living room



Master bedroom




Master bathroom




Common bathroom



Bedroom 1


Bedroom 2





DSC_1754 (1)

I’m so in love with this house :)

December is the worst month to list a house… it’s just to cross my fingers and hope for the best :) It’s been lots of fun and I’m super happy with the result of the house. It’s just been taking way to long time to get it done. Three months turned into seven. And time is money. I have learned a lot from this project and will bring my experience with me to my next project!

If you are interested in the house click here.

Xx Cissi

Sunday Funday

H E L L O   S U N D A Y

Lovely slow morning in the house. We have been watching Curious George (again), eating a late breakfast and than our friend Lisa came by with these gorgeous flowers, thank you!! I put them in our dining room and I realized that I haven’t showed you that room yet, so here we go!

Kale, one of my favorites!
How many candles can you have in a room?? I say, many!



Love these!! From Skultuna (Swedish design). Great X-mas gift from uncle Mats and aunt Ingrid :) There are so many more things I want from Skultuna. I’ll show you another day.

Now when the fall is here I like to use the the dining room. It’s very cozy to sit here eating dinner. Tonight I’ll make a yummy fish soup. But first I’m heading over to my renovation house to do more painting.

Enjoy your Sunday friends!!

Xx Cissi