My boys and a Bad mom

xmas 2018

The Bro’s som Eddie-Bo nyss uppdaterade deras Netflix-namn med, haha.

The Bro’s that Eddie-Bo just updated their Netflix name to, haha.

xmas 2018 o

xmas 2018 e

Photos by Andrea Peardon that I used for our holiday cards. My cute boys ♥♥

Nu är dom äntligen friska!! Jo först var det ju mysigt att ha dom hemma, men ju mer dom piggnade till ju mer rastlösa och bråkiga blev dom, haha. Ja igår va ingen kul dag, tjafs och så. Vi gjorde bla slime, tänkte det kan va kul, men nej det var för kladdigt, min banankaka ‘was disgusting’, ville inte spela spel osv. Så jag kände mig mest tjurig. Och så gjorde jag nåt riktigt dumt. Alla mår bra dock. Skriver det innan.
Precis innan vi började göra slime – var Eddie-Bo snabb med att hälla upp lim och vatten i två bunkar, tänkte att detta är inte bra att hälla ur i diskhon, så jag hällde över ‘limvattnet’ i ett nästan tomt mjölkpaket, och ställde det i diskhon… vi gjorde slime och efter det åkte jag iväg en sväng. När jag kom hem hade Johan och Oliver gjort MacCheese. Och jag inser att vi inte hade nån mer mjölk hemma. Karln har alltså gjort MacCheese på limvattnet (liiite mjölk var det ju i iaf…) och dom hade ätit. WTF!! Panik. Men inga magsmärtor ändå. Puh. Varför slängde jag inte mjölkpaketet direkt?!!

På natten innan blev Oliver supersjuk, fick 41.6C feber, stackarn, så läskigt, men han drack massa vatten och äpple juice många gånger under natten. Jag hade kalla handdukar på han, och febern gick ner med febernedsättande. Men jag borde kanske åkt in med han insåg jag på morgonen… Ja, igår var dagen jag kände mig som en riktig Bad Mom.

Now they are feeling good again!! From the beginning it was nice having them home, but yesterday they felt better and they were restless, bored and were not happy, gaa. Yesterday was no fun. Too much fighting. We decided to make slime, but that was too slimy, my banana cake was disgusting, they didn’t want to play games. Yep and I just felt grumpy over the situation. I also did something very stupid. Everyone is ok tho. Just want to say that first.
So before we made the slime Eddie-Bo was fast mixing up glue and water in two bowls, and I thought this can’t be good pouring out in the sink. So I put in an almost empty milk container and put it in the sink. When we were done with the slime I took off for a bit. When I got back Johan and Oliver had made MacCheese. And I realized we didn’t have any milk at home. Hubby cooked MacCheese on the ‘glue water’ (it was a liiiiitle bit of milk in there at least) and they were done eating. WTF!! Panic mode!! But there were no belly aches. Puh. I mean why didn’t I toss the milk container away??!

Also the night before Oliver’s fever got up till 106.9F. Poor thing, he was so sick. He drank lots of fluid during the night, I had cold towels on him, and the fever reliever helped. But in the morning I realized I should have had taken him to a hospital… So yesterday I felt like a really Bad Mom. 

They won!!!!!!!!!!


Here they are – 2011 Bloomfield BladesTHE CHAMPIONS of the Grinder Tournament 2018!!!!!! Omg I’m so happy and proud!!


The team played soooo freaking good!!


That happy cute face! Omg, I’m so proud of our Eddie-Bo. He scored 14 goals and a bunch of assists in five games. One assist in the final game, was so beautiful I started to cry. I was sure he was gonna shoot on the goal after he went thru a few players, but decided to pass to his teammate that had an open net. He’s been incredible in all the games. He even got to play defense for the first time in a few periods and did that so good as well. I just love watching him play. Proudest mom on earth!!


Before the final game Eddie-Bo told his team that he’s having a Cup Party in his house if we win! That made me proud too, he has my party genes :) So said and done.  The whole team ended up celebrating at our house, and the team kept playing hockey for four more hours at the sports court and most siblings were swimming. Fun!

Now I’m saying good night after an amazing weekend!!

Eddie-Bo at the opening night


Eddie-Bo one lucky little guy, got to play in the intermission last night at the Redwing’s  opening night at the Little Caesar Arena!!



Oliver in the stands cheering for his brother.


Luke the goalie was interviewed, so cute!


Oliver always on the go, here on the way to our new big family room!


I kept the boys home with me today, since it got really late last night. Cozy special day with my favorite boys!

Happy weekend!!


Family weekend



These two ♥♥ At the moment having so much fun together and are mostly happy and easy peasy (will probably change tomorrow because I just said that… hehe!). I think we all are enjoying being busy and being back to routines.


Swim and smoothie after their Flag football premiere. 1,5 h on the field in the crazy heat. I loaded up with golf umbrella, cooler filled with lots of fluid, ice cubes, spray bottle with water, and wet cold towels. It was like a spa under the umbrella :) But it was sooo hot!!


A quick smoothie is always a good idea! This one made of almond milk, banana, strawberries, some ice, and for extra vitamin boost -the powder from two capsules of JuicePlus.

I just posted some random pictures from the weekend on my Instagram @cissifranzen. You can call me Sporty Spice, well I have been doing none sport myself… just been watching :)

Kram//Xx Cissi

Happy Memorial Day



Good morning! Outside breakfast smoothie with my bedheads (morgonrufs)! We woke up to a clear blue sky, stayed in bed for a long time since there is no school today, due to the holiday.  So nice! Oliver stayed in pajamas till 11am. Eddie-Bo needs to get dressed as soon he goes up from bed, pajamas are for babies… ok!!

Today’s smoothie is a mix of, milk (normally use almond milk), beet juice, strawberries, pineapple, blueberries, raspberries, the powder from a Juice plus capsule, and a little bit of agave syrup. Yum!! And all organic of course… :)

Happy Memorial Day peeps! We’ll spend the day at a country club, with pool and family fun activities!

Oliver’s 4th Birthday



Can’t believe this amazing little man is 4 years old! Happiest boy I know and always full of energy :) All gifts were -Wow! No way! Haha, so excited for everything in his life!!


After the gifts, he saw this bouncy house we had rented for the day. Another -No way!!





Chef John from Joe Louis grilled tasty ribs, chicken and burgers/sliders. Yum.

1G6A9140 (1)

Blaze cake from The Home Bakery in Rochester, I just did the decoration on the top :) Oliver was in heaven, even though he was confused, there was no candle to blow out… Oops. I forgot to add that :)


Messy table, but lots of yummy sweets!





All kids were swimming and used the bouncy house all day/evening long!

1G6A9214 (1)

We were about 20 adults and 16 kids and we all had so much fun. We started 2pm and the last people left at 11pm! Note to self. Don’t come home from a vacation 9 in the evening the night before a big party, hehe. It was a little bit stressful, but everything turned out so good!! And most important, Oliver had a wonderful 4th birthday!! We love you Oliver, you are awesome!!

Pool, new chaises & stim electrodes


Hello from us and this amazing weather, love it!! Oliver can’t get enough of the pool. He’s more under than over the surface :)

The two black chaises are new from CB2, and are on sale at the moment! I’ve four of the white ones on the other side of the pool, that I bought many years ago. They are comfy, easy to move, I like the design plus no worries about taking cushions in and out :)



Five seconds before this photo was taken, they were so cute together. They were laughing and Eddie-Bo in base layer and goalie mask (waiting for his hockey practice to start). But something happened here while I was grabbing the camera, haha.

Oliver’s Tuesdays are busy! Speech school, followed by speech therapy at another school, plus a brain treatment with stimulation electrodes, that will help the signals get organized faster. For new followers, he has verbal apraxia, basically means the signals from the brain to his muscles around his mouth, are not working as they should. He’s slowly getting better and better though. And they say he’ll talk great one day. Can’t wait!


A sucker (klubba) and netflix for 45 minutes, nothing to complain about! Johan is doing this treatment for his brain as well, without a sucker :) and instead of netflix he’s doing brain work out on the computer.

Pj and reading books are next for a tired Oliver! He’s still a busy little kid, but he loves going to bed, just to kiss him good night and leave him in his room, me like!

Kram//Xx Cissi


New favorite pajamas



Eddie-Bo and Oliver, always in matching pyjamas!




Easter bunny came with super cute pajamas from Swedish Åhlens. Love the colors and pattern, also extra plus for organic cotton!

It’s a warm sunny day here, ok not crazy warm, but around 68F/20C and our backyard is fenced in and it heats up really good in the sun. The kids are swimming in our pool at the moment, and I’m working as a pool guard. Some friends are coming over soon to join us, a good Sunday!

Have a great day!

Farewell to The Joe

1G6A1772 (1)

My boys ♥ Tonight is gonna be a very special moment for us. Eddie-Bo and his team are gonna play a 3 minute game in the first intermission at the Redwings game!!! Eddie-Bo literally grew up in this arena, he took his first steps in the family room with a stick in his hand, and Redwings has always been great to the kids and letting them hang out with the team practice days and after games. He knew all the players names and numbers and sang the national anthem song (both American and the Canadian) by the age of two. He LOVES hockey!!! So for us, we couldn’t asked for a better ending at the Joe!! I get teary eyes just thinking about Eddie-Bo entering the ice tonight!!

1G6A1823 (1)

1G6A1790 (1)

1G6A1780 (1)

I think I can say I grew up here too :) I was 24 years old when we moved to Detroit, and I have spent many many hours here. I loved watching Johan play, and I still like coming here, even it’s not the same anymore.


Our amazing babysitter Lisa! It was her birthday wish to get a tour of Joe Louis!! Her birthday was in February… so yesterday we decided it was time to go before the Joe is gone!!

1G6A1790 (1)





Two more games to play, tonight and tomorrow, and after that we’ll say Farewell to The Joe!! Thanks for all the great memories!!!


Dreaming of summer


Oliver and Eddie-Bo ♥  from last year at our summer house in Småland, Sweden. Time flies and March is already (almost) over!






This is where we’ve spent most of our summers for the last ten years. And I’m looking forward to another amazing summer with family and friends and hopefully great weather. To be honest, you never know with Sweden… but when it’s good, it’s sooooo good!

I’m thinking of renting out this place for a couple of weeks. Is airbnb the way to go, or what?! Need to look into the options. We’ll still spend time here but we’ll also be at our new place outside Linköping, that will be magical when the renovation is done! An update on that will come another day.


Now time for me and Oliver to go outside and play in this beautiful spring weather.

Kram// Xx Cissi