Family room -Before & After



The family room in my renovation house is so cozy, my favorite room except for the kitchen. Lots of new fresh paint, the floors (like everywhere) got sandblasted and stained and new black hardware.  I also got rid of the wood blinds to get a more modern look and also to let the light in!

Wall color// SW7669  I see on the pictures the grey looks a little green tone, but it’s not. All white// Bright white. The chimney is painted in bright white as well, but with some special paint made for fireplaces.

Before picture:


I liked their custom made rug, I decided to keep that one!

Have a wonderful weekend!!




PJ morning

H A P P Y    T H A N K S G I V I N G



Cornbread in the making. 


We just had a cozy slow morning in the house, me wearing pajamas until noon :) As you see we’ve been making cornbread and meatballs. I also made a frozen cheesecake last night. We are bringing the food to Marc and Jana’s house where we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving.

Cheers my friends.
Hope you will have a great day!

Xx Cissi


H E L L O   S A T U R D A Y

Here’s my lovely velvet couches I was talking about yesterday. The tufted ottoman is also a favorite that I bought in Toronto a couple of years ago. I still think a few blue pillows and a new cosy rug would be nice down here. My plan was to turn on the fire place, but the batteries were out in the remote control. Batteries added to my shopping list :) I wish there was just a button to use… I mean how many remote controls do you need in a house??




I hope you are having a great Saturday friends!

Xx Cissi

Labor Day

G O O D   E V E N I N G

To all my American and Canadian followers, I hope you had a great holiday!
Labor Day is a public holiday in the US, always celebrated on the first Monday in September. Many other countries celebrate International Workers’ Day on May 1 as their holiday dedicated to labor.

However, all Americans say this is the last day of summer. I say, it’s summer as long it’s hot outside :)

Our friends, Marc and Jana invited us to their country club. Another fun day for our families. Thank you!!

I’m at the moment sitting in the sofa with my laptop planning for our future kitchen in Sweden. Makes me so happy. Another thing that makes me really happy, is that tomorrow we’ll start to assemble all the kitchen cabinets for my Darlington St renovation. Woohoo. Also, the hardwood floors are finally stained. I’m so excited to go over there tomorrow to see the result. Of course i’ll show you too!

It smells so good from these beautiful roses.


See you tomorrow

Xx Cissi

My favorite area

Hello Monday!

I have a bittersweet Monday feeling today… It’s our last day in our summer house, so we are trying to pack up all bags and organize everything, which always takes more time than I think. I need to book our flight tickets T O D A Y (should have done that earlier…) Our plan is to fly on F R I D A Y. Yes, I mean Friday. In four days. Puh… I’m great at planning as you can tell :)
The last days will be filled with lots of planning for our new house renovation and to hang out more with my side of the family who live closer by. And also a party tomorrow and I’ll try to squeeze in some lunch dates with friends.
Too much fun too little time!!

Instead of showing the chaos going on, let me present to you my favorite area in the house!

Fresh flowers from the garden.






Xx Cissi