Relaxing evening






Ännu en varm septemberdag här i Birmingham. Hela 25C nu på kvällen, himla skönt men jag längtar efter lite kallare och friskare höstdagar nu. Längtar efter höstkläder. Min favoritårstid när det kommer till just kläder. Hursom så passade jag på att njuta här en stund ikväll medan kidsen och hubby spelade pingis i källaren. Perfekt avslut på en riktigt bra söndag. Först match för både Oliver och Eddie-Bo, sen stannade vi för lunch på Mexx på hemvägen, där vi åt smarrig guacamole och fajitas. Efter det en lugn och skön dag hemma med mest bad och lek. Ok, lite bråk hann grabbarna med också, men annars var det verkligen en härlig dag!

Another warm September day here in Birmingham. About 78F this evening, so nice but I’m looking forward to a bit colder and crispy air now. I’m looking forward to fall clothes, layers, my absolutely favorite time of the year when it comes to clothes. Anyhow, while the kids and hubby played pingpong in the basement I enjoyed some time here by the fire pit. 
A perfect ending of a great Sunday. First games for both Oliver and Eddie-Bo. We stopped for lunch at Mexx on the way back, where we ate yummy guacamole and fajitas. After that we went home for swimming and play. Ok, there were also a few fights between the boys, but otherwise a lovely day!

About yesterday



My favorite Elle. She always makes me laugh.  Yesterday I took her out for a girl’s lunch date.


The summer is really here and I enjoy every minute of it. We had a nice family day yesterday, we took our Bronco out for a ride, the kids love that old cool car, we stopped for ice cream, had lunch at Townhouse (I had two lunch dates :) ) and then spent the afternoon  and night by our pool with friends. Wonderful summer day!!

It’s Mother’s day in Sweden today, så ha en fin Mors dag idag alla härliga mammor!!!
Mom, I miss you a little extra today, but I’ll see you very soon! Can’t wait.

Sunday Funday


Like many other Sunday mornings, we had brunch with friends. Or, not really morning, especially if you ask my husband… well, he was very “hangry” (hungry+angry) before he got his food. My new word of the day. We were all very full and happy when we left :)


After the brunch we had a fun pool party at our house. I really love having people over all the time. The weather was wonderful, sunny and around 33C/91F, so we were all swimming for hours. Even at 10pm it was 27C, so I decided to take a night dip.


Me, Johan, Joakim and Lisa ended the night by the fire pit.

This was a perfect Sunday. Night night!

Xx Cissi