New bathroom floor


I was just watching the Presidential Debate, that didn’t make me excited but this floor sure does!  Hillary is far from perfect, but Trump is scaring me, both as a human and a former hairdresser :)

Enough about politics and back to my new bathroom floor. My brother and Lina just sent me this picture.
This specific green marble is Kolmårdsmarmor, (comes from the Swedish city Kolmården, not far away from our house). Part of the hallway floor already had this marble when we bought the house, so I decided to match the hallway and the bathroom. Lina’s words -The most beautiful floor I ever seen, the picture doesn’t even make it justice!

This floor with two walls of grey lime paint (kalkfärg) and two with greige hexagon tile, oh man, can’t wait!


Darlington St update


And a special welcome to all my new followers, how fun!!

For those of you who don’t already know, I’m flipping a house and hopefully it will be complete October 1st.

Some shutters, gutters and lights are still missing. And the yard needs a clean up and some love before the ‘For Sale’ sign is up!
The backyard
Tons of  IKEA boxes :) All these boxes were assembled today. Yay!
The floors. Amazing. This is after one coat of stain (bets).
Soon to be the kitchen :)
Buffing in making, before the second coat of stain was added.

That was a little update on my renovation.

I will, when it’s complete, show before and after pictures!

Xx Cissi