Our backyard


Our lovely backyard that we use a lot! This time of the year is just magical. Well except for when we got home from the tournament the hot tub and pool was full of mulch (bark) due to the heavy rain earlier that day. But mostly we can relax, play and entertain out here!


Peaceful evening at our house.


I think I enjoy this even more right now, since I now most of our Swedish garden will be a mess this summer. But we will figure it out and plan what needs to be done.

And I love to see all beautiful summer pictures from Sweden, the weather has been warm and nice in May! Please keep it that way all summer!!

Now time for a little family adventure. Will tell you more another day!
Kram//Xx Cissi


Hello October


1G6A0010 (1).jpg



Welcome October! What a beautiful fall day. My plan for today was to do some garden work and buy some new outdoor flowers and pumpkins, but I’m not feeling well, just a cold but it stole all my energy! I’m loading up with ginger shots and hopefully I’ll be back on track tomorrow!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Enjoying our garden


Fresh pictures from our backyard! It’s still green and the hydrangeas are crazy big. The mornings are colder but normally it heats up during the day. Fall is around the corner for sure. Can’t believe September is already here, but I think I’m starting to get ready for it. I have to say I love all four seasons!


1G6A0345 (1)


A glass of wine (or two), lighted candles and Game of Thrones will fill my Saturday night after the kids are in bed. Cozy!


Summer feelings

1G6A0061 (1)

This place is special to me. It’s our very first house that we built about ten year ago. (You only see the guesthouse in the picture). The last days I’ve been gardening a lot, which I love. It’s so green and beautiful, love this time of the year.

Yesterday I brought the kids to their cousin August’s last day of school (skolavslutning!) for 1st-6th grade, it was in a church and they were all singing so good. It brought back sweet memories from my childhood. That feeling on that day, knowing you had the whole summer off, was the best!!




New week

1G6A4916 (1).jpg


How beautiful are my hydrangeas?! Love!

Hello Monday and a new exciting week. Hopefully :) My offer on the house got excepted, and I’ve an inspection set up for tomorrow. If nothing weird shows up it looks like I have a new project in my hands!!

We are back home after a short but great weekend trip to Boulder, CO.

Kram//Xx Cissi


Baby shower

H E L L O   S A T U R D A Y

Today I went to a fun Baby shower for five weeks old Baby Hunter (love the name). It was so much fun. I met lots of friends I haven’t seen in a very long time.

These two Canadian girls, love you!! Mom Julie with the star of the party, Hunter, me and Rachel. The funniest sisters I know. They took really good care of me when I first moved here and we’ve had so much fun together (read hard partying). Now sadly they are both living in Canada, but their parents are still here so I get to see them every now and then.
Baby shower means a shower of gifts :)

I asked the host Robin, if I could take some photos to show you. She said yes :)
Their pool area is amazing!!


Beautiful fire pit.


Beautiful house with amazing landscaping. And you know what, Robin’s husband Jim owns a landscaping company, who btw did our backyard! I only brought my zoom less lens so I had to go all the way back to the neighbor’s lot, and I still couldn’t fit the whole house in the picture :)


So neat and perfect.

Xx Cissi