Details and new movies

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På Franzen Residence Hotel får man alltid färska blommor på rummet :) Tycker det är så roligt att göra fint i gästrummen när vi får besök.

Det är fredag och ikväll blir det fredagsmys med bio och middag ute. Ska faktiskt se A star is Born igen! Med nytt gäng dock. Idag är det annars filmpremiär för Bohemian Rhapsody, som handlar om Queen och Fred Mercury, och Boy Erased med bla Nicole Kidman, som handlar om en prästpojke som sätts i terapi för att han är gay. Baserat på en verklig historia dessutom. Ja, dom vill jag se en annan dag! Extra mysigt med bio på hösten!

Always fresh flowers at Franzen Residence Hotel :) I always like to make it nice for our guests.

It’s Friday and I’m planning to go to the movies and eat out tonight. I’m actually gonna see A star is Born again. With new company tho. Other movies that came out today are ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, a celebration to Queen and Freddy Mercury, and ‘Boy Erased’ with Nicole Kidman, about a priest’s son who’s put in therapy because he’s gay. Based on a true story. I will save those movies for another day. So cozy to go to the movies in the fall!



New rug



New lovely vintage rug – from DIS Inredning. Another thing I bought in Stockholm!

Next to add to the guest room, is a super cool and old headboard and frame, in raw steel, that we had before we moved to the States. Den som spar han har! I think the mix of the raw steel, dark blue walls, the old wood box, the velvet bedspread and other fabrics will be a great mix!
Side story, when I told Johan we need to pick that headboard up from our storage (in his home town in a house Uncle Mats owns)… he told me – Uncle Mats sold that house long time ago… but all stuff was still there, gotta love small towns :)

Time to enjoy the lovely winter weather! We are back to schools and routines and I kind of like that, even though it’s always fun having the kids home!

Kram//Xx Cissi

Finally we have a bedroom!



This will be our future guest room, but while our master bedroom is still under construction, we’ll be using this room!


Old favorite sheets from Mille Notti. I miss our American king size pillows though… everything is bigger in America :) Need to check that out.


Found this floor light at Ikea (ARÖD). The one and only light so far in here :)


Also from Ikea, TURBO clothing rack and and SKUBB organizer. A great tip if you don’t have time or lots of money to spend on a closet. The organizer might not be a beauty, but I really really like the rack! I put another two racks in the closet behind the door.



Velvet bedspread from Linum.

Such a relief to get a bed and all our clothes organized!! I don’t have a cleaning lady here yet, (anyone that needs a job?!) so I will keep it simple, since it’s still so much to do in the house. A headboard, a green plant, pictures, mirror and a chair or some kind of nightstand will be added later on!

And today was the first day I got a few minutes over to take some pictures, yeah!!

Kram//Xx Cissi


Guest rooms ready for check in

New Planter// Target

And new velvet pillow case// Ikea



1G6A8332.jpgPictures from one of our guest rooms.

I have to admit it’s also my second bedroom. Can’t stand our new mattress we got a couple of months ago… Eddie-Bo sleeps in here a lot too :) And sometimes Oliver comes to visit as well!
But today our friend Mikael Samuelsson, with his son, dad and father in law will check into our guest rooms. Will be fun to see them all and catch up!!

I’ve been in a cleaning mood today. Got the guest rooms cleaned and ready, been doing tons of laundry and vacuum cleaned almost the whole house…it takes a while :) But I actually like cleaning and I love listening to pod casts at the same time!

Next, bake a cake! We Swedes like our fika :)

Birthday & my brother is here!

Today (December 23rd) me and the kids were singing Happy Birthday to hubby/daddy!!

Asked the other day what he wanted for his birthday -Scones! So, I baked that for breakfast!

After that I’ve spent hours and hours in the kitchen today. Lots of food to prepare for our Xmas smorgardsbord. Johan made the meatballs, and I’ve made Janssons frestelse (like a au gratin), salmon, ham, Santa’s rice pudding, birthday cake, dessert for tomorrow, lunch… and dinner, no that we picked up from a restaurant!!

In the afternoon my brother Victor and his Lina arrived!! And they checked in to our guest room in the basement.



Love having them here ♥

Now it’s midnight and I’m laying in bed totally exhausted!! Of course there were a few more gifts to wrap right before bedtime :) but now I’m ready for our big day tomorrow!! Can’t wait to see the kids excitement when they wake up!! We’ll be having a cozy and slow (I mean I hope so!) morning in pajamas, opening most our gifts then, and eat Xmas breakfast, before our guest are joining us in the afternoon. Santa will also come to see us, that’s tradition for Swedes.

Merry Xmas// God Jul!! Cissi

Guest suite


Dear Annika (my mother in law), the guest suite is ready for you!

I decided to move the Buddha picture from the kitchen to the guest room.
But the question is -Where is the hammer??

I booked my flight ticket to Sweden yesterday.  I’ll leave tomorrow night for a few days. I’m really excited but I know I will miss my boys. Annika and Hugo (Johan’s brother) are coming in Thursday to help out with the kids!

Got to go. It’s very quiet in the house and that’s normally not a good thing. You never know what Oliver is up to :)

Xx Cissi

Guest room ready for check in


Tonight, finally our really good friends Joakim, Lisa and their 5 month old Nellie are checking in at Franzen residence :)
They will stay here, actually I have no idea for how long, but until they get their rental house ready.
Oh, I’ve missed them so much. Can’t wait to see them!



I  L O V E this ceiling light.
I ordered it online and I remember it took me by surprise when it came all the way from Egypt :)


This is one of our two guest rooms. And believe me, we always have lots of guests. So nice!!
Now off to a meeting at the Darlington St renovation.

Xx Cissi