Guesthouse kitchen


Almost done, only a shelf or two are missing!


When we stayed in the guesthouse in the beginning of the summer, I was using this black rolling cart a lot. The kitchen table is really small, so it was perfect to load up for example the breakfast. A morning tip from me!

I see in this picture there is still some blue plastic under the hood, oh well that’s better compared having the plastic inside the oven when you use it for the very first time. If that happened last summer? Oh yes!!

1G6A0180 (1).jpg

An upgrade from last year, knobs from BeslagDesign! Work and look much better than tape :)




I’m alive!


New glasses in the guesthouse – from Ikea. I have more pictures from Sweden to show you!

Hello!! Did you miss me? :) It’s just been a lot lately. Packing up all bags, parties, saying good bye to friends and family, renovation meetings and traveling. The boys and I flew back to Detroit yesterday. They were excellent and I feel so proud of them!! (puh… you never know when you have to wake them up 4.15 in the morning, two flights, with a connection in Amsterdam, total travel time 13h and coming back here with 6h time difference…). Feels good to be back, but always a little bittersweet! Hubby will come here on Saturday. That was my idea, he needed to be there for the renovation. Plus, I miss to miss him ;)


Cozy night at the loft


This picture was taken two years ago, but it looks the same today. Eddie-Bo and I slept on the little loft in our guesthouse last night. The kids love to climb on the ladder to get up here, a cozy place! And yes I bonked my head once :)

Today we went back to our renovation house. I just felt when I opened the door that I can’t wait to get it all done. I’m so sick of all building dust, no fun! I hope to wake up in a better mood.

A slow night with Netflix is now waiting!

Summer feelings

1G6A0061 (1)

This place is special to me. It’s our very first house that we built about ten year ago. (You only see the guesthouse in the picture). The last days I’ve been gardening a lot, which I love. It’s so green and beautiful, love this time of the year.

Yesterday I brought the kids to their cousin August’s last day of school (skolavslutning!) for 1st-6th grade, it was in a church and they were all singing so good. It brought back sweet memories from my childhood. That feeling on that day, knowing you had the whole summer off, was the best!!




Full house


Guest house

My text conversation with my brother’s girlfriend Lina (that I love) -Long time no see (4days ago…), how are you? Me-good! Full house, Joakim, Lisa, Monster and Emelie and all the kids, mom and Melker and Pirri were here today. Lina-Tomorrow? Me- Will have fika with grandma, Hasse and Bea with family in the morning, plus Jörgen and Kirre are sleeping here tonight, then into town to run some errands, then meet up with Mia and Gustav, nothing planned for the evening, so come over! Lina- Omg your schedule guys!!! We will come, and Victor wants to start planning the deck for the guesthouse! Me-Perfect!!

Yep that’s our summer schedule almost every day, haha. But we love it and we want to catch up with everyone!

Me, Lisa and Emelie, ok, not the best picture of us, but we are the best combo!!


I’m so lucky to have so many amazing friends!!! Two of them, Lisa and Emelie, oh my, love them so much. The two years they lived in Detroit, we pretty much hung out all the time, like one big happy family! They came into my life when I was pregnant with Oliver, and the last three months of the pregnancy I couldn’t walk at all, because of awful back pain (I broke my sacrum, sciatica nerv, two herniated discs plus hip and pelvic pain…) and Eddie-Bo was only 2 years old. Lisa and Emelie came over every day to help me with cooking food, grocery shopping and to play with Eddie-Bo and keep me happy and sane! Forever thankful for that!!


Jonas the “Monster” just signed for Linköping HC, the hockeyteam in my hometown. And Joakim is playing for Örebro, not too far away from us. I’m so happy we are close on the map again!!


Lucy, Nellie and Oliver, three cutie pies!!


Awe, Eddie-Bo with baby Hugo, that share the same birthday!


When everyone left after a fun day, we played some ‘Fia med knuff’. Cousin Melker is having a sleepover here tonight, so cosy. Cousin love!!

It’s 1 in the middle of the night… Terrible jetlag and now full moon, wtf…haha… plus I’m waiting for my older brother to call me. I gonna pick them up from a wedding close by. Sleep will happen another time!

I have so much to show you from the house, but I’ve been too busy. Hopefully I get some pictures taken tomorrow.

Kram//Xx Cissi



Hello from our guesthouse


There has been no time to sit down with the computer! I’ve been busy with renovation meetings, organizing, shopping for the new house, hanging with friends and of course being with the kids!

Our amazing friends Lisa and Joakim are visiting at the moment, so nice to finally catch up!!

Kram//Xx Cissi

Sunday funday


From our guesthouse in Sweden
Chairs & table// IKEA
Oil lamp// Karlskrona Lampfabrik   Tray// Rangthon   Small vase// Found at a flea market   Big vase// Bought at Esq


Yesterday was a slow day, but today I’m back on track. We started the morning with a bike ride to the farmers market and than to a birthday party in Booth park. Now we are on our way to Harsen Island to keep celebrate cute Beau that is turning 3!! Never been to Harsen Island, so I’m excited and it will be perfect to spend a few hours at the beach with amazing friends. And the weather is great!

Xx Cissi

Some favorites



IMG_4243.jpgPictures from our new Swedish guesthouse.

Waffle linen robe and matching grey towels from Granit.
The chair is from Ikea’s limited edition Viktigt, that sold out within hours in Sweden. I ended up buying mine in the States and shipping them home, that’s how much I love these chairs :)

A peek from the guesthouse


Zig zag sheets// From Esq in Linköping   Striped pillow case// Mille Notti 
Cement table// Jysk   Vase// Esq   Candle stick// Tove Adman (a favorite I’ve had for many years)  Wall color// Beckers Sundborn (NCS3810-R97B, NCS same in all countries)  Carpet// XL Bygg, don’t know what brand or color though…


It’s Friday night and I’ve been having a slow day. Me and the kids went to the gym. I dropped off the kids at their Kids club, they love being there. My plan to do a work out turned in to a 90 minute massage instead at the spa. J had a cancellation so I guess that it was meant to be. I always go to J or Mark, both are great! It was well needed and I felt I was worth that.
After the gym we spent a few hours by our pool with some friends.

More pictures from Sweden will come. I feel that the blog didn’t get so much love during the summer as I planned. Also I didn’t get as much done as I planned either. Well well…

Have a great weekend!



Guesthouse progress




Right now! I sent my mom to take some photos :)IMG_1319.JPG
All old yellow wood color will be painted in bright white. New floors will be installed as well. It’s vinyl floor right now. I’ve ordered a light grey carpet for the two bedrooms upstairs and a wood floor for the living room and kitchen.

IMG_1309.jpgBedroom 1. Painted in Beckers Sundborn
NCS3810-R97B. NCS is the same in all countries, thumbs up for that!


Bedroom 2. Painted in Beckers Mossa
NCS 4106-G49Y

Also bedroom 2. The pictures are a little bit dark. But it’s a “dirty green/grey” tone. Can’t wait to see it in real!!

Livingroom. Painted in Beckers Havstulpan.
NCS S2000 N

IMG_1324-3.JPGOld kitchen is out and new Ikea kitchen will be installed in a few weeks.

And that’s what I’m gonna plan right now. Ikea’s kitchen planner program is easy to work with as long as you remember your user name and password. I totally screwed that up on my previous reno… so typical me! Haha. You learn by your mistakes, right?!

Xx Cissi