The porch is decorated






The porch – decorated by me and the boys. Ok, mostly by me… but they are into this!! And today they got to pick out their costumes. Halloween, it’s lots of fun, especially when you have kids.

Talking about fun. This blog → DamnGirlGetYourShitTogether  makes me laugh a lot and at the same giving me some great tips and info! She’s a girl from Detroit, an amazing writer (I wish I had that in me!) and damn funny!! Check it out!

Kram//Xx Cissi

About Halloween

Last night’s party was a blast!!  I’ve been laughing so much today thinking back of all funny, great costumes! If I went for a sexy outfit? Of course.

So we are Mark and Dave, they are Redwings private parking guys.
They have been wearing these ugly suits for way too many winters and we are always making fun of them :) They are the best guys, always make me laugh! Plus they fuel up my car when needed, love it!!
So we went early to the team party and we stayed outside and welcomed everybody and showed them were to park. I think everybody at first really thought it was real Mark and Dave working. And yes, we won The Best Couple!!

Real Dave! I wish I had one picture of Mark,  he and Johan has the same colored beard, he really looked like him!


And today we’ve been Trick or Treating with the kids!





Me, today as a hungover cat :) Meow, or in Swedish, Mjau!

The boys are now sleeping in these ghost pjs (from Hanna Andersson). They were exhausted and fell asleep so fast after todays all fun!

Finally bedtime for me too, good night!!






Halloween coming up! I haven’t decorated so much in the house, but I thought it was fun to hang some skeletons and a cool card the boys got in the ceiling light! And the boys think the skull paper plates are super cool!
We have a Halloween party on Sunday night and we need to come up with costume ideas, like now! Please hit me with ideas. I mean it’s for me and hubby. The kids are doing Trick or Treat on Monday night, which is the real Halloween!

I’m so tired today. It’s been a busy schedule lately, plus I’ve been sleeping terrible… that new mattress, can’t stand it!! I’m looking forward to crash in the sofa soon and then I’ll check into the guest room I think :) Zzz…

Halloween fun has started


Halloween decoration, check! A light version compared to some other houses in the neighborhood. Love when people go all in!!






1G6A5485 (1).jpg
The owl Ovelette (not omelette that autocorrection suggested :) ) and the gekko Greg from the kids show Pj Masks. We had fun in the Halloween store picking out costumes and also got scared from all creepy stuff in there. For real, I’m so easy to scare. Check out my instagram @cissifranzen.

Group photo at Detroit Zoo Boo, not the easiest :) Eddie-Bo and Oliver’s best friends Lucas and Beau, are the catboy Connor from the same show. Great minds think alike! And Eddie-Bo, tight European style it is, haha.

Oliver ♥ Elle

This was our first Halloween celebration of the year. More to come, Halloween Birthday party, in school, Halloween team party for us and of course Trick or Treat on the real Halloween October 31st!

Kram// Xx