Family room -Before & After



The family room in my renovation house is so cozy, my favorite room except for the kitchen. Lots of new fresh paint, the floors (like everywhere) got sandblasted and stained and new black hardware.  I also got rid of the wood blinds to get a more modern look and also to let the light in!

Wall color// SW7669  I see on the pictures the grey looks a little green tone, but it’s not. All white// Bright white. The chimney is painted in bright white as well, but with some special paint made for fireplaces.

Before picture:


I liked their custom made rug, I decided to keep that one!

Have a wonderful weekend!!




Renovation update


Powder room, almost done! The electrician has some more work to do.


The crown molding for the kitchen, along with two other pieces we’ve been waiting for a long time, are finally here. They are spray painted and color matched with the cabinets. That company was cleary not the fastest on the planet… however I’m happy we now can finish the kitchen. Will show you the kitchen later this week.


Love the foyer. It’s almost completed. A little more painting left to do.


Basement carpet and laundry vinyl floor, all done!


I’m reusing some cabinets from the old kitchen in the laundry room to save a few $$. I think it will look really good whenever the walls are painted and the counter top is installed.



My lovely painters, please COME BACK ASAP!!


What color?? First I was thinking white walls, but since I’m selling the house, I think a lighter grey is a safer choice…



The yard is messy again after last week’s storm. Easy to fix! Just a phone call away, haha :)

Time to keep working! I’m planning to stage the house whenever is done, so I need to figure that out.

Kram// Xx Cissi






Renovation update


Yesterday, these guys woke me up and said -We are coming to install the railing. And I thought ‘Wow on a Saturday’!! Then i realized it was Thursday :)


Love! Will show you some before and after pictures soon.


The floor, taadaa!! Only the shoe molding (liten list) is missing here.


The living room.


From the kitchen.


Love the ceiling!


The family room, or at the moment my contractor’s office and lunch room! Next week it’s time for me to paint the chimney! This room got painted long time ago. I remember I said white shelfs please, but I changed my mind and called back an hour later and said grey! But it was too late, they work fast my painting crew!! But it still bugs me a little, even if it looks  good!

Ok, let’s go down to the basement!


Drywalls in the new laundry room, check!

1G6A0299 (1).jpg

And I guess they are drywalling here, right now! It was a weird layout here from the beginning. Hard to see in the picture, but we knocked down a door and a closet, moved the door to the bathroom and made a whole new laundry room where a storage room was.

And behind me is…


… this room, that is waiting for paint and a cozy carpet. And a clean up!

I’m ready for a new project





My house on Darlington street.  The plan to sell this house after the renovation was done didn’t go as planned. The water leak I had to take care of, cost more money than we first thought and three month turned into eight, not just because of the leak though. When I didn’t get a high enough offer, I decided to rent it out instead. And that makes me a Landlord :) And it turned out to be a good business!

Tomorrow I’ll put an offer on a new house to flip. We’ll see how it goes, you never know.

But I do know that we are going on a weekend trip tomorrow and that I need to pack up the bags and get ready. Stay tuned!