From Eddie-Bo’s new room


If you have $15, a screwdriver and need a smaller shelf – take a trip to Ikea! No it’s not the most sturdy piece of furniture I’ve seen, but I really like it!


Old favorite globe from Target, and the sign that says ‘Here lives a hockey pro’ is stolen from hubby’s closet.


Metall letter from The Land of Nod.


Baskets are always a good idea, I’ve had these for a long time. And a peek from the new bed that finally arrived while all guests were here. So now when we got home from our trip, was the first night for Eddie-Bo to sleep in it! Baskets and bed – also from The Land of Nod. Looking at the picture… I might paint the legs black… and I see some things are left from the tag :)


And why not put Jimmy Howard in the window. More sport things for the walls is on Eddie-Bo’s wish list, and more lights are on my list!

Kram//Xx Cissi

I’m alive!


New glasses in the guesthouse – from Ikea. I have more pictures from Sweden to show you!

Hello!! Did you miss me? :) It’s just been a lot lately. Packing up all bags, parties, saying good bye to friends and family, renovation meetings and traveling. The boys and I flew back to Detroit yesterday. They were excellent and I feel so proud of them!! (puh… you never know when you have to wake them up 4.15 in the morning, two flights, with a connection in Amsterdam, total travel time 13h and coming back here with 6h time difference…). Feels good to be back, but always a little bittersweet! Hubby will come here on Saturday. That was my idea, he needed to be there for the renovation. Plus, I miss to miss him ;)


Finally we have a bedroom!



This will be our future guest room, but while our master bedroom is still under construction, we’ll be using this room!


Old favorite sheets from Mille Notti. I miss our American king size pillows though… everything is bigger in America :) Need to check that out.


Found this floor light at Ikea (ARÖD). The one and only light so far in here :)


Also from Ikea, TURBO clothing rack and and SKUBB organizer. A great tip if you don’t have time or lots of money to spend on a closet. The organizer might not be a beauty, but I really really like the rack! I put another two racks in the closet behind the door.



Velvet bedspread from Linum.

Such a relief to get a bed and all our clothes organized!! I don’t have a cleaning lady here yet, (anyone that needs a job?!) so I will keep it simple, since it’s still so much to do in the house. A headboard, a green plant, pictures, mirror and a chair or some kind of nightstand will be added later on!

And today was the first day I got a few minutes over to take some pictures, yeah!!

Kram//Xx Cissi


The new kitchen


From my renovation house and the new kitchen! It’s so close to be all done. Can’t wait to get the hood, stove and fridge/freezer installed and to get rid of all mess and dust!!


The tile is up!! My first plan was to do white herringbone (fiskbensmönster), but decided to save some money on that and ended up with this instead, that I also think looks really good!


Cabinets and handles// Ikea   Countertop// Zodiac quarts, color London Sky (kvartskomposit) I can really recommend quarts if you are redoing your kitchen. Not sensitive at all, compare to real marble, that stains and scratches so easy.


The details, LOVE!!! Here I splurged some money though ;) These are the pieces I had to wait for so long, but it was worth the wait, I’m so happy with the result. Love costume made pieces!


More pictures to come in a few days when it’s completed!!


Ikea lover


Oh my, I just totally love this shelf (Faltersbo) from Ikea!! I wanted to use it for my renovation house, but it didn’t fit size wise. But, it will be perfect for my Swedish guesthouse! (Lina assistant, löp och köp!)

I wish I had some fresh pictures of the guesthouse, without fingerprints on the fridge and with the knobs installed :) However, don’t you think the Falsterbo shelf would be perfect on the wall to the left?!


And maybe one between the windows…


Also, on my shopping list for this house -Barstools! Btw, the chairs above are also favorites from a Ikea. I sent my dad to get these for me, it was a limited edition, but poor thing came like 15 minutes too late, they sold out like in an hour and I was so sad… but I ended up buying them in Detroit and sent them home, haha, crazy!


I really like that we did a ‘waterfall’ countertop here, even though we could have done a full depth instead of a more narrow. I planned this kitchen last year from the States. Not always the easiest to have the Atlantic in between, hehe!

More Ikea love. I bought these two shelfs (Vittsjö) today:



My car is at the moment full of stuff from today’s trip to Ikea. Perfect for the staging!

Now, from Swedish Ikea to a Swedish reality show, Parnevik’s! (Jesper Parnevik, the golfer, has a reality show and their family is just AMAZING!!) Always makes me smile!

Kram// Xx Cissi

Vintage rug


IMG_4266 (1).jpg
Vintage rug// Ikea


I didn’t know Ikea had vintage rugs, me like! Talking about Ikea, I need to take my Canadian friend Julie there that has never been, crazy right?!

Johan took Eddie-Bo to his hockey early in the morning while I stayed home and cuddled with sick Oliver. Poor little boy, hope he’ll be better tomorrow and definitely Tuesday when he starts pre school. Eddie-Bo starts tomorrow. A long summer holiday has come to an end and I think we’re all ready for school to start.

Good night!




Sunday funday


From our guesthouse in Sweden
Chairs & table// IKEA
Oil lamp// Karlskrona Lampfabrik   Tray// Rangthon   Small vase// Found at a flea market   Big vase// Bought at Esq


Yesterday was a slow day, but today I’m back on track. We started the morning with a bike ride to the farmers market and than to a birthday party in Booth park. Now we are on our way to Harsen Island to keep celebrate cute Beau that is turning 3!! Never been to Harsen Island, so I’m excited and it will be perfect to spend a few hours at the beach with amazing friends. And the weather is great!

Xx Cissi

Some favorites



IMG_4243.jpgPictures from our new Swedish guesthouse.

Waffle linen robe and matching grey towels from Granit.
The chair is from Ikea’s limited edition Viktigt, that sold out within hours in Sweden. I ended up buying mine in the States and shipping them home, that’s how much I love these chairs :)

I need furniture

tant_johanna_soffa1-1024x682.jpgLe grand air sofa. Me like.

20163_cols04a_01_PH132627.jpgBedsofa from Ikea. Will be perfect for our guesthouse.

melimeli.pngTo die for. Love everything about it. New from Melimeli.


I really need to start shopping. Now. Once the renovation is done, I want to start decorate. And that will be really hard if I don’t have any furniture :). And we need everything!!

Sorry for lack of updates the last days. We are visiting my dad at the moment and we’ve been catching up with some friends and family. Also been having a few meetings about the renovation. Today, me and my friend Mia took our kids to Leo’s lekland, a big indoor play land, so much fun!

Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday!

Ikea news

Viktigt// New collection from Ikea.

In store in May. Just saw this new collection on Ikea‘s website. Me like!

Now back to what I was suppose to do. Order the Ikea kitchen for our guesthouse. Hopefully it’s in stock, you never know.