Time for questions


Det är några av er som mejlat och frågat om denna väggfärg. Och det kan jag tala om för er att den är från Jotun Lady Minerals -kulör Vallmofrö 1877. Det är en kalkfärg, där målaren först rollade ett lager, och målade andra lagret med pensel. Där kan man alltså bestämma lite hur man vill ha mönstret. Det är en matt superfin beige färg. Vi valde oxå att avsluta med sealer, för ett bättre skydd mot fläckar.

Har du nån fråga?? Tänkte det kan va dax för det, jag är lite snål med info ibland :) så fråga på nu!! Antingen här under comments, på mejlen cissi@franzenresidence.com eller på min instagram @cissifranzen

I’ve got some emails wondering about this wall color. It’s from Jotun Lady Minerals -Color Vallmofrö 1877. It’s a beautiful matte beige color. The painter used a roller for the first coat and a brush for the second coat. And at last we used a sealer for better stain resistance.

Do you have any questions about anything?? Feel free to ask whatever here under comments, or email me at cissi@franzenresidence.com, or at my instagram @cissifranzen

Bathroom before and after

Before, not really my style :)


We decided to use a smaller window and add a shower in here.

After: (I forgot my good camera in the Småland house… oh well…)


Cabinet// Falerumskök   Cement top// Made of Jens our builder   Sink// Villeroy&Boch  Marble floor// Kolmårdsmarmor  Hexagon tile// Megakakel i Linköping   Light// LampeGras  Faucet// Tapwell   Handles// BusterAndPunch Mirror// hmm could be from Esq in Linköping…





It’s not a big bathroom, so these glass doors works great. The shower is from Tapwell. The drain (from Unidrain) is missing a piece of the marble, it will almost be invisible when that piece is installed.



Details! I use a Mateus coffee cup as a vase. I love the bubble design, but it feels like the bubbles are poking your lip when you are drinking from it :). The towel is an old favorite from Missoni. Hooks from ‘Granit’ I think, and the zebra is from Jonathan Adler.


Two of the walls are painted with lime paint/kalkfärg -Jotun vallmofrö (NCS S4502-Y), a warm greige color. The walls are also sealed because it’s a bathroom.



Couldn’t be happier about the result!! And did you see the lovely view from here on my Instagram @cissifranzen?

One thing I like to do when I design and plan, is to repeat some colors, and details in more then one room. For example this bathroom and the kitchen has the same paint colors, handles, faucet and even the wall light is the same. And the green marble floor we also have in the foyer. I think it gives a calm feeling, and also it helps a lot when you pick out all the new stuff. That’s not the easiest, there is so much beautiful things to choose from!!


About the renovation


Unknown-18.jpegNext summer the house will be white stucco with black windows!Our bedrooms

Unknown-7.jpegJotun Sjögräs

Unknown-6.jpegJotun Minty breeze

Unknown-8.jpegJotun Deco blue.


The floor color will be more like this soon :)
And new black beautiful windows will be installed after the summer


In less than a month we are going home to Sweden and I can’t wait to see the house in real. It seems like phase one of the renovation is kind of on time, which includes the inside of the guesthouse, three bedrooms, kitchen, living room and one bathroom in the main house.