The kiddos new rooms


Här kommer mer bilder från nya huset, idag från barnens rum! Jag har ju inte sett det i verkligheten men genom bilderna känner jag mig så nöjd med färgvalen som är dova och lugna. Även supernöjd med dom platsbyggda garderoberna som jag designat och Falerumkök har byggt!

Detta kommer bli Olivers rum! Färgkod – JOTUN 5249 Linblå (har samma i lekrummet en våning ner).

More pictures from the new house, today from the kiddos new rooms. I’ve not seen it in real life, but thru the pictures I’m super happy with the colors, that are calm and peaceful. Also love the wardrobe I designed and Falerumkök have made.

This will be Oliver’s room! Color from JOTUN 5249 Linblå (I have the same in the playroom on the first floor)


Och detta är Eddie-Bos rum! Färgkod – JOTUN 6352 Evening Green
Garderoberna – S7000N

Tänk när dom svarta gjutjärns-handtagen är på plats också… och täckpappret är borta så man ser golvet… åh.
Jag har valt att måla in alla golvsocklar och dörrfoder i hela huset i väggfärgerna, en trend jag verkligen gillar! Tänk att det finns så mycket fint. Älskar fortfarande riktigt vita golvsocklar och dörrfoder också, som ger en ljus och krispig look.

And this is Eddie-Bo’s room! Color – JOTUN 6352 Evening Green
Wardrobe – S7000N

Looking forward to see the black iron handles installed… and to see the floor under there… oh yeah.
I’ve choosen to paint the baseboards in the whole house the same color as the walls, a trend I really like. There are so many things I like tho. I still love bright white baseboards that give a bright and crispy look!

Oliver’s room


Här bor Oliver! Han älskar lego och dinosaurier mest, så det dominerar i hans rum. Eddie-Bo har skrivit sin autograf på hans säng, tjusigt :) Gillar att det är lekfullt här inne men ändå med lite dämpade färger.

Here lives Oliver! He loves lego and dinosaurs the most, so that’s dominates his room. Eddie-Bo has wrote his autograf on his bed, nice :) I like that is playful in here, but with some softer colors.


Wall sticker//   Picture// Some store in downtown Detroit   Bed, frame & pillows – Ikea


Rug, lower playtable & animal heads // Restoration Hardware   Desk & Chairs// Crate and Kids



Duvet cover- påslakan//

Hoppas ni gillar! KRAM

Hope you like it! HUGS


A sport nerd’s room


Här bor Eddie-Bo Franzen 7 år gammal (blir åtta i februari, hjälp!). Han älskar sport, att läsa, räkna och lära sig en massa nytt. Så rummet speglar hans intressen till fullo och han älskar att hänga här inne. Barnen bytte rum i våras och dom är båda så nöjda. Jag med!

Here lives Eddie-Bo Franzen 7 years old (turns 8 in February, what!) He loves sports, to read, math and to learn new stuff. So his room reflects all his interests and he loves to hang out there. The kids changed rooms in the spring and they are both happy with that. And me too!




Hans pappa var länge hans störst idol, men nu är det Dylan Larkin som gäller, och hans egna  nummerbyte i år från 93 till 25 är efter Darren McCarty. Han kan det mesta om hockey och älskar att titta på hockey på youtube, gamla som nya klipp!

His dad was his biggest idol for a long time, but now it’s Dylan Larkin, and his own number change this season from 93 to 25 is after Darren McCarty. He knows a lot about hockey and he loves watching clips on youtube, old and new ones!





Nya böcker och egen väckarklocka från tomten!

New books and his own alarm clock from Santa!


Nya hockeylakan stod på hans önskelista och då blev ju jag som inredningstokig lite extra glad ↓

He also had new hockey sheets on his wish list and that made his ‘interior design lover mom’ very happy ↓


Det är söndag och vi chillar för fullt, så välbehövligt. Eddie-Bo är sjuk tyvärr i feber och missade sin match idag. Men Oliver spelade imorse. Annars tvättar jag lakan och handdukar för fullt, och det känns som det aldrig tar slut!

It’s Sunday and we are just chilling today, so well needed! Eddie-Bo is sick with fever and missed his hockey game today. But Oliver played his game in the morning. Otherwise I’m just washing tons of sheets and towels, and it seems to never end!

Kram//Xx Cissi

From Eddie-Bo’s new room


If you have $15, a screwdriver and need a smaller shelf – take a trip to Ikea! No it’s not the most sturdy piece of furniture I’ve seen, but I really like it!


Old favorite globe from Target, and the sign that says ‘Here lives a hockey pro’ is stolen from hubby’s closet.


Metall letter from The Land of Nod.


Baskets are always a good idea, I’ve had these for a long time. And a peek from the new bed that finally arrived while all guests were here. So now when we got home from our trip, was the first night for Eddie-Bo to sleep in it! Baskets and bed – also from The Land of Nod. Looking at the picture… I might paint the legs black… and I see some things are left from the tag :)


And why not put Jimmy Howard in the window. More sport things for the walls is on Eddie-Bo’s wish list, and more lights are on my list!

Kram//Xx Cissi

Details from Oliver’s room


1G6A0110 (1)

Big blue velvet pillow from Dirty Linen – It was love at the first sight when I found it last summer!


Mirror and the cute cat – from Newport.


Oliver’s favorite, the solar system- I found this one at Esq in Linköping. Google and you’ll find many retailers. Picture – Mrs Mighetto.


Another cute picture from Mrs Mighetto. Fyi, they launch brand new prints today!


Table// Ikea   Rug// Åhlens   Ottoman// EM

That was some pictures from Oliver’s Swedish room.

I wish you a fantastic weekend! We (read Eddie-Bo) have lots of hockey on our schedule, but in between all practices we will enjoy the amazing warm weather. It’s suppose to be around 80F/28C!! How nice!!

Sport crazy Eddie-Bo


Eddie-Bo said -I don’t want toys in my new room, just sport things! So, he was thrilled when I asked him if he wanted to have his dad’s hockey things, like his very first Tre Kronor jersey and Stanley Cup picture…

Vintage lockers// bought from my friend Glitzy.     Blue velvet ottomans//  EM


He also asked if the desk could be in front of the window, which was a perfect idea if you ask me! The designer in him must come from me, hehe.


Desk, basket and table light// Ikea  Chair// Capiatá DisInredning

1G6A0229 (1)

Concrete side table// Jysk   Box// Åhlens   Gold helmet// from when Johan won the World Championship!

The picture is of Johan at 7 years old (wearing Redwings gloves!) with his dad.


Eddie-Bo is dreaming of winning the Stanley Cup one day and he’s probably his dad’s biggest fan!!

Still things that need to get done in here. All pictures are waiting to be hung and on the shopping list are a bed frame and a shelf.  Blinds and drapes are ordered!


Night time in Eddie-Bo’s room

Bunk bed, table & chairs// IKEA    Rug, curtains, play table// Restoration Hardware   Basket// Land and Nod   String light// Target



Finally I found the battery charger for my camera :) While Eddie-Bo was reading some books I cleaned up his room and took a few pictures. I love the string light that is hanging on the curtain rod, it gives a perfect cozy light in the evenings now when it’s getting darker outside. And the pumpkin light is a little cute!

The boys are now asleep and they were tired after today’s school and playdate, that included swimming! It’s been 77F/25C today, lovely!

I’ll check in later with some photos from last night when I went to Red Wings home opener game!

Oliver’s room



Kids hanger from Hang on Hangers.
Aunt Nina found this bed on a flea market for 4$!! And grandpa was kind to paint it.

We are on a very spontaneous road trip, that we planned late last night. Johan’s sister with family are coming too. Today we’ll visit Johan’s dad and tomorrow we are all going to Barnens gård (The children’s farm), a great place for families. They have a waterpark, animals, playground, tons of bouncy houses and more.

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Playroom in the basement

1G6A1999.jpgBasket// Target

I saw this basket a couple of month ago. Last night while we were playing in the basement I realized it would be perfect for our wood blocks (which is a gigantic jenga, but we use it most of the time to build tracks and houses), so I took a quick trip to Target.



It’s impossible to buy one thing when you go there… I also found these boxes, wood letters and animals. The stars and string lights I bought long time ago, from Target as well, but they are still in store.


Play tent (away team’s locker room if you ask Eddie-Bo) // Restoration hardware   Hopscotch rug, chair, play table, toy boxes //Land of Nod
Fire truck and Gas station// Restoration hardware
Playhouse// Land of Nod


I got rid of some broken toys and put some other toys in a box, a good idea to keep some toys out of sight and then the kids get excited to see them coming back!

Gotta go, Pilates coming up and then I need to continue to plan for the renovation!
Xx Cissi


 H E L L O  S A T U R D A Y

New in/ Hopscotch rug from CB2.

Sneak peak from Oliver’s room.




We started the morning with Eddie-Bo’s hockey practice, followed by meeting with the counter top guy at my renovation house. After that we’ve just been chilling at home. Sushi and a trip to the Joe is on tonight’s schedule.

I hope you are having a great Saturday!

Xx Cissi