The new kitchen is almost done



We are slowly moving in to the main house. It’s not styled, not all done, still very empty, but we are getting there! I’m beyond happy about our new kitchen! (And I feel it deserves better pictures, but I was in a rush).

What a productive day. Started with a meeting with our contractor. After that I went into town (Linkoping) by myself, and in two hours I bought pots, pans, coffee maker, knifes and other things you can’t live without in a kitchen! I found showers for a bathroom and a faucet for the laundry, I picked up carpet samples, did some speed shopping at my favorite interior design store Esq, and picked out tile for a bathroom. I knew what I was looking for, and it happened to be right inside the door. That decision took me about 10 seconds, haha, they told me that was a record :)

In the afternoon we left our new house and drove to our other house in Smaland. It feels so nice and relaxing to be here where everything is done! The kids were also happy to see their toys and Eddie-Bo ran from the car to the sports court and started to play street hockey!

While the kids played my amazing mother in law came over, and gave me reflexology, how nice?! And it was well needed for my achy feet, I haven’t been still since… Miami I think :)

The kitchen before & after


The house is finally all done!!

I’m so happy about that, but I’m mad at the weather. I was planning to take photos yesterday, but it was so dark. And today it’s even worse and rainy!! But I did my best.

1G6A2205 (1).jpg





And this is pictures from before:


The wall is now gone between the kitchen and the old dining room. That made the kitchen much bigger plus I made a mud hall (groventre) instead of keeping the dining room.


More to come!!

The house will be on the market tomorrow!



The new kitchen


From my renovation house and the new kitchen! It’s so close to be all done. Can’t wait to get the hood, stove and fridge/freezer installed and to get rid of all mess and dust!!


The tile is up!! My first plan was to do white herringbone (fiskbensmönster), but decided to save some money on that and ended up with this instead, that I also think looks really good!


Cabinets and handles// Ikea   Countertop// Zodiac quarts, color London Sky (kvartskomposit) I can really recommend quarts if you are redoing your kitchen. Not sensitive at all, compare to real marble, that stains and scratches so easy.


The details, LOVE!!! Here I splurged some money though ;) These are the pieces I had to wait for so long, but it was worth the wait, I’m so happy with the result. Love costume made pieces!


More pictures to come in a few days when it’s completed!!


Renovation update

New in my kitchen!!!  Brass hood// Fjäråskupan   Range hood// Ilve  and lime paint on the wall. Can’t remember what color I finally picked, have to check that out.


Two Lampe Gras will be installed on each side of the hood, if they ever show up. I ordered them in May. Come on!!

Oh, I ♥ my kitchen in Sweden. The renovation is going so slow, but it’s at least turning out good. I mean, I’ve picked everything so it’s not like a surprise what’s happening :) But it’s of course fun to see how everything comes together. (I need to call tomorrow, I’m not happy about the seems in the backslash though…)
Knobs and/or handles will be the very last thing I pick. At first I was sure I wanted brass, but maybe it will be too much of that since the hood, faucet and parts of the range hood already are brass. We’ll see.

Thank you Lina for sending pictures to me!!



Slow motion renovation…

Our “small” kitchen :) It’s about 70 kvm/ 750 sq ft.


Cabinets from Falerums kök, fab!


I’m a marble lover, but it’s so sensitive. Our marble in the Us kitchen is full of matte stains, that’s why I decided to go with Silestone for this kitchen, which is scratch and stain resistant.


The backsplash got installed our last day in Sweden. A dark and blurry iPhone picture, better than nothing! I almost pooped my pants when I in the middle of the night walked from the guesthouse to the main house to see the result, hahaha. Outdoor lights will come up for sure next summer!!


I took these pictures right before we left Sweden. Not much happened over the summer and I need to call tomorrow to see if they’ve made any progress. Still waiting for the beams, range hood and stove to be installed. I picked out a nice lime paint (kalkfärg), that I’m really excited about. My last decision for the kitchen will be the knobs or handles. My first plan was to go with brass, but I’m not sure about that anymore. Our range hood (fläkt) is all brass so it might be too much. We’ll see!

You know what? I’m house hunting again. More about that tomorrow!

Before and after





I’m super happy how the guesthouse turned out. I first had another layout for the kitchen, but my contractor thought we should save some $$ here, so we decided to keep stove and sink at the same place as before. The kitchen is still not 100% done though. I need to buy two bar stools and a shelf or two, to install between the windows. The knobs are finally up but I don’t have any picture of that. Dear Lina “my assistant” (my brother’s girlfriend) please send me pictures :) I also know the painter came right after we left to finish up.



Renovation update


My brother and his Lina sent me a few pictures from our new kitchen (from Falerumskök). Oh I’m in love!! I wish I could push a button and just be there for a few minutes to see everything in person.
But it’s only two more weeks until we’ll be there. I’m so excited!!