Fresh flowers and I’m tired


Beautiful flowers from Blooming Design in Linköping, love that place.


One bouquet for the table and the other one I put on the kitchen island. I also bought a new tall tree for that corner, but I realize I couldn’t get it in the car :) so need to figure that out (dad I might need your help!). They have 50% off of all green plants this week, just saying…




Except for this quick flower shopping trip by myself and after that a nice ice cream trip with the kiddos, we have been fighting most of the day. Gaaaaaa they drove me nuts today. I hope for a more normal and peaceful day tomorrow. Now Netflix and candy for this tired moma :)

Kram//Xx Cissi

Weekend plans




Normally every Friday morning the kids and I walk or bike to Eddie-Bo’s school and I drop them off at 8.44am. Oliver sees one of his speech therapist their Friday mornings. And yes, the first bell rings 8.44 and the second one 8.49 :) After that the doors close and you have to go thru the office and the students get a tardy (förseningsanmärkning)!. That happened ones for Eddie-Bo and he didn’t like that AT ALL… so after that he wants to leave early. Perfect!

But today is not a normal Friday. Eddie-Bo has another hockey tournament coming up. We are now on our way to Sarnia in Canada, it’s about two hours from our house. He’s very excited and not sad at all to trade a school day for hockey :) Their first game starts at lunch time today.

I hope you’ll have a wonderful weekend!! I will!

Not so lazy day after all


Hello from the kitchen island, that I use a lot! I kind of miss a big bouquet of fresh flowers here, but I cut off a piece of my big monstera, better than nothing!


If you are building or renovating and thinking of marble or silestone/quarts (kvartskomposit) I would go with the later option. We have real marble and it’s very sensitive, you can see a lot of matte stains.


Since we had no plans today, we decided to join Emma and Henrik for a trip to Greenfield Village, and today it was a ‘Day out with Thomas the train’. So a train ride, a ride in an old T Ford, fun playground and more filled our day. I thought we were done after that but Eddie-Bo really wanted to go to Henry Ford Museum as well, that is at the same place, so we did. He especially wanted to see the old kitchens, furnitures and airplanes again :)

Now we are back home and I’m so tired!! No energy to cook dinner so I’ll use UberEats, if you don’t know what that is – it’s an app where you can order dinner from different restaurants and they deliver to your door. The app is connected to your card, so you don’t even have to get your wallet, just order the food! Love all services you can get :)

Morning coffee



Hello from Sweden in the middle of the night #jetlagged! My plan was to post this in the morning, but I’ve been so busy with the kids, getting installed, a building meeting, friends and family that came, wrapping gifts etc. So nice to be here though and the flight went perfect. I’m so proud of the boys, that are so used to travel, but still, you never know!

Well it’s now 1am and time to make an attempt to fall asleep (6h time different if someone wonders).

Good night!

Friday sparkly kitchen


Hello there! Raise your hand if you like to clean like me!! Sorry but for real, I think it’s relaxing and very satisfying. At least when I can listen to music and the kids are either not at home or are playing and are happy, like right now :) That can change fast though!


Everyone is home today, Oliver just had speech therapy in the morning, Eddie-Bo is feverish and has lots of pain in his knee, he’s limping and can’t bend it so well. I took him to our friend and chiropractor Marc, that explained feverish kids can get like a virus on the joints, that is painful. You always learn something new every day! Eddie-Bo got a treatment and got taped like a pro athlete. Hubby is exhausted and is napping at the moment… can his head just get healthy soon!!! That was today’s update on the family.

1G6A1998 (1)-2

If you’ve seen my previous post, this black candle holder also got a makeover with the spray paint. And thumbs up for my blooming amaryllis – in a pot from Target and the bowl is from West Elm.


This is the spray paint I used, bought it at Home Depot for less then $4. Next on my spray list is a big vase.


Time for me to prepare afternoon snack and then play some board games with the boys. Later our babysitter is coming, and I hope hubby feels better so he can join for dinner with some friends!

Happy weekend!!

Fresh flowers


1G6A0887 (1)



Beautiful fresh flowers from Fleur Detroit, my favorite flower shop in this area. The black candle is also from there. I have to see if they come in more colors… It’s time to get rid of all Halloween decorations and now I’m starting to dream about Xmas… most wonderful time of the year!!

Pumpkin season

1G6A0392 (1)

The pumpkin season is here and these green ones are my favorites! Yesterday I took the boys to a Bowers farm, where they cold pick there own pumpkins. Pictures to come!

I’ve been baking today and I’m now waiting for my Swedish girls to drop in for fika time!

Kram//Xx Cissi


Guesthouse kitchen


Almost done, only a shelf or two are missing!


When we stayed in the guesthouse in the beginning of the summer, I was using this black rolling cart a lot. The kitchen table is really small, so it was perfect to load up for example the breakfast. A morning tip from me!

I see in this picture there is still some blue plastic under the hood, oh well that’s better compared having the plastic inside the oven when you use it for the very first time. If that happened last summer? Oh yes!!

1G6A0180 (1).jpg

An upgrade from last year, knobs from BeslagDesign! Work and look much better than tape :)




All by myself

1G6A0058 (1).jpg

For the very first time I’m alone in our house. (All my boys went camping including cousin Melker!) I’m sitting here in the kitchen listening to Ed Sheeran and just enjoying some me time. After all light summer nights I think the darker August evenings are so cozy.  Soon another two of Eddie-Bo and Oliver’s cousins are arriving. And I have to admit I’m happy to not sleep alone in the house… The music all of the sudden stopped and I heard some noise… I’m not normally afraid of being alone, but I had a mouse in the house the other the night that scared the sh.t out of me, haha!


Back in Småland





A quick hello from the kitchen in Småland. On the shelfs lots of favorites from Mateus that I started to collect about six years ago. And this is my first kitchen I designed ten years ago, still love it!