News in the hallway


Blev så glad när jag öppnade dörren i lördags och dom nya gardinerna var på plats! Tyger och Ting i Linköping har gjort jobbet, tack för hjälpen! Här i hallen valde jag ett grövre grått tyg för att täcka alla jackor, skor och korgar . Även om jag har ganska bra ordning på det så blir ju detta ändå mer estetiskt och ombonat.

It was a smiley me who opened up the door here last Saturday and I saw the new drapes were installed. Here in the hallway I choose a thicker grey fabric, to cover coats, shoes and baskets etc. I’m pretty good to keep it organized but this makes it’s a warmer feeling and more calming for the eye!


Liiite typiskt att denna snygga spegel kom levererad dagen efter jag åkte. Den ska stå eller sättas upp på väggen här nedanför betongtrappen.

The day after I left this mirror got delivered ↓ and it’s suppose to be on the floor or the wall right there ↑


Från Nordal.


Detaljbild på golvet som är Kolmårdsmarmor.

Detail pic of the floor – a Swedish marble called ‘Kolmårds marble’.

Kram// Xx Cissi



Bathroom before and after

Before, not really my style :)


We decided to use a smaller window and add a shower in here.

After: (I forgot my good camera in the Småland house… oh well…)


Cabinet// Falerumskök   Cement top// Made of Jens our builder   Sink// Villeroy&Boch  Marble floor// Kolmårdsmarmor  Hexagon tile// Megakakel i Linköping   Light// LampeGras  Faucet// Tapwell   Handles// BusterAndPunch Mirror// hmm could be from Esq in Linköping…





It’s not a big bathroom, so these glass doors works great. The shower is from Tapwell. The drain (from Unidrain) is missing a piece of the marble, it will almost be invisible when that piece is installed.



Details! I use a Mateus coffee cup as a vase. I love the bubble design, but it feels like the bubbles are poking your lip when you are drinking from it :). The towel is an old favorite from Missoni. Hooks from ‘Granit’ I think, and the zebra is from Jonathan Adler.


Two of the walls are painted with lime paint/kalkfärg -Jotun vallmofrö (NCS S4502-Y), a warm greige color. The walls are also sealed because it’s a bathroom.



Couldn’t be happier about the result!! And did you see the lovely view from here on my Instagram @cissifranzen?

One thing I like to do when I design and plan, is to repeat some colors, and details in more then one room. For example this bathroom and the kitchen has the same paint colors, handles, faucet and even the wall light is the same. And the green marble floor we also have in the foyer. I think it gives a calm feeling, and also it helps a lot when you pick out all the new stuff. That’s not the easiest, there is so much beautiful things to choose from!!


New bathroom floor


I was just watching the Presidential Debate, that didn’t make me excited but this floor sure does!  Hillary is far from perfect, but Trump is scaring me, both as a human and a former hairdresser :)

Enough about politics and back to my new bathroom floor. My brother and Lina just sent me this picture.
This specific green marble is Kolmårdsmarmor, (comes from the Swedish city Kolmården, not far away from our house). Part of the hallway floor already had this marble when we bought the house, so I decided to match the hallway and the bathroom. Lina’s words -The most beautiful floor I ever seen, the picture doesn’t even make it justice!

This floor with two walls of grey lime paint (kalkfärg) and two with greige hexagon tile, oh man, can’t wait!


Bathroom picks

BI071 mässing.jpg51129_d24ca58b99bc833445f9ee9569a939b1.jpgUnknown-20.jpeg



TVM7200 Mässing.jpgth.jpg


Brass shower and faucet// Tapwell    Zink// macro design   Green marble tile for the floor// Kolmårdmarmor   Grey hexagon tile for the walls// Megakakel  Cement countertop// Just asked my contractor to make one for me :)

Oh my. This bathroom is gonna be fab! All these beautiful things are for the bathroom in the main house.

Now time for an episode of Billions!
Xx Cissi