A day to remember

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Maybe not because this shiny ottoman got moved up from the lower level, but because we are going to see ED SHEERAN tonight!!! I’m so freaking excited. I’m a big fan!



I’m full of energy and I’m dancing around singing out loud to his music at home at the moment :)

Kram//Xx Cissi

My temporary lounge


After the kids were in bed tonight I enjoyed some me time right here! Well needed after a weekend with full house!

On the shopping list for our living room -sofa and tv. But for right now I took what we had and made it to a lounge area. The rug, table and the chair to the right belong to the guest house. The grey chair to the right used to be my grandma’s, so that piece feels extra special to me. With some paint and new fabric it looks like new! The two ones to the left are from Newport, that I ordered last summer… and now when unpacked them I realized they’ve sent one in wrong color… another dark grey is on the way!

I’m so in love with this house. Can’t wait until everything is done though!! Waiting is not my thing… hehe… I’ve to show you the exterior soon, then you’ll understand what I’m talking about!

The bed is calling. Wait. Eddie-Bo’s bed is calling. Nope, we still don’t have a big one for me and hubby :) Our to do list is looooong!

In Småland



This is my favorite spot in our summer house in Småland! The kids are now in bed, hubby is watching football, Americans call it soccer :) and I finally have time to sit down and relax with some magazines and a glass of white wine (and blogging!).


Sofa// Ikea  Table// CaneLine (outdoor table)  Blanket// Missoni  Chairs, Big Ottoman, Picture, Lights// all from DIS Inredning  Small Ottomans// from NK  Stair// Snickarlaget




And two minutes later… really?!! The kids were almost ready for bed (I thought!!) were watching Pippi Långstrump when I was cleaning up and took some blog pictures… then they showed up like a storm. Blog vs Reality!! Haha!

Soon- sauna time!

We are back home

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Home sweet home! And extra sweet because my mom and her Janne are here!! Haven’t seen them since August. They arrived last night to our empty house, so today I just felt i wanted to go home asap.

My lazy relaxing week switched to busy busy as soon as we got home. I unpacked the bags, did some laundry, started to decorate with ballons and banner and also started to bake around 11pm, so typical me!! But, May 13th is Oliver’s birthday and I’m looking forward to sing in the morning for our amazing 4 year old boy!

Night night, time to get some good sleep (that stupid full moon has really been messing with me the last two nights!)

New week


Hello Monday and a new exciting week!
I thought I posted this picture from our living room yesterday, I guess I forgot to press publish… The weekend has been so good! Saturday night turned into a spontaneous wine/drink night at our house with lots of great friends and we listened to old favorite songs, super fun! And yesterday I took the kids to the early Redwings game and had a nice family day.

I just got home from a work out and next stop is my renovation house. I’m actually gonna be a handy woman today and assemble some stuff. The painters are there at the moment and my contractor is working on the kitchen. The house is close to be all done. Can’t wait!! Hopefully we can put up the ‘For Sale’ sign in two weeks!!

Enjoy your day!!

Cozy Sunday morning



The green branches just started to give up, but I’ve been having them for over three months, thumbs up for that!


Morning coffee in my favorite corner, a good start of the day! (Cup from West Elm and side table from Arhaus).

A slow, cozy, pajama Sunday morning in our house, at least for me and Oliver! Eddie-Bo is of course playing hockey! Today is his last practice of the regular season, before spring hockey starts. And I think we are done with early mornings… well not sure, but I hope so :) It’s unbelievable how much he loves hockey. Yesterday he had a game and a tryout, and right after that we went straight to The Joe to watch the end of the Redwings game. And at bedtime he was so sad because I didn’t let him play hockey in the basement!! He woke up with a smile and sad -I can’t believe I have another hockey game today :)

I hope you are having a great Sunday!
Kram// Xx Cissi

A chill Saturday


Hello from a sunny but freezing Birmingham! Pictures taken from my favorite corner, where I’m chilling and listening to a podcast at the moment, which I normally do while I’m cleaning, doing laundry or driving… so since I’m just sitting here, I thought it was a good idea to snap some pictures of my still clean and organized house! Give the kiddos a few more hours and it will be messy again :)



And this is the ceiling. I need someone tall, really tall, or someone with a really tall ladder to help me change the light bulbs! I had a guy coming here and he said -Wow! My ladder is not that high… Well, I told you over the phone it’s 19 feet/5.8m… oh well!!


At nighttime these lights from Moooi, give such nice shadows on the walls. There is also a hidden light string in the crown molding. A good tip if you are building or remodeling, is to hide the curtain rod, a la hotel style. And dimmer on all lights is a must to get a cozy feeling! This ceiling was a fun design project for me when we built the house.


We started the morning with hockey, yes, like every Saturday and Sunday mornings :) And after that we’ve just been home playing and chilling!

Kram//Xx Cissi


My dream living room

I was inspired by Arhaus to share my dream living room… and this is what I came up with!


Velvet sofa, velvet chair, daybed, round coffee tables and pillows//Arhaus  Rug//Layered  Lights & side table//TomDixon   Mirror//Unison     Pictures//SaatchiArt   Throw//HMhome  Candle//JonathanAdler  Candle stick//Newport   Marble box//HouseDoctor

I think the sofa is the most important furniture in a living room, and this blue velvet sofa is to die for!! Peaceful and soft calm colors, mixed with polished crome and brass. And I always love to use some black details in my design to get some depth, like the mirror, picture and the legs on the side table here. A good tip when you put materials together, mix hard and soft materials, and add some wood to get a little ‘earthy’ tone for a warmer feeling, even if I like here, picked colder blue and green tones. Mix round and square shapes and have fun :) Coffee table books are always a good idea and a green plant is a must!! The bigger the better!! Same rule for the rug! This shiny viscose rug from Swedish Layered (that I have in my real living room and would pick again) puts the whole room together and makes the sofa pop!


It’s Friday!



My Swedish ‘Gloria’ candle holder from Klong left Sweden for Usa. When Lina and Victor asked before Xmas what I wanted from Sweden -‘Please bring my Gloria and Swedish candy’  :) The Gloria is  very popular at home. It comes in silver too and in three sizes (I think). A silver one will probably move in here too…


Hello my sweet followers! I hope you are enjoying your day. I’m on my way to a field trip with Eddie-Bo’s class. Oliver is with us too, so everybody is happy. Eddie-Bo just said what a great Friday, he also has hockey practice tonight. I mean field trip and hockey on the same day, woop woop!!

Cheers and have a great weekend!!
Kram// Xx Cissi

Favorite spot

Chair//Ikea    Blanket// Restoration Hardware   Green velvet pillow// West Elm   Side table// Arhaus   Vase// Target   Light// CB2   Picture// Italmoda   Rug// Layered

After I got rid of the Xmas tree I moved around some stuff and this is now my favorite spot in the house! I’m in love with my new green pillow that I bought when I was Xmas shopping. You always have to mix gifts for others with some gifts for myself :)





We just got back home from Eddie-Bo’s hockey game. Lina wants to go to the mall, so I guess I’ll join her, but first I’ll make some waffles. Later tonight we’ll crash in the sofa watching Golden Globes, always fun!

Have a wonderful Sunday my friends!!

Kram//Xx Cissi